Moomyrazzi: Cheska Garcia-Kramer

Her family’s undoubtedly one of the most followed families on social media today. Cheska Garcia-Kramer is the celebrity mom behind Team Kramer, now with about 200,000 Facebook fans, and counting.

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I’ve met and her several times already though I’ve never had the courage to come up to her for a sit-down interview. I’ve spoken to her for a little time when she and her firstborn Kendra rocked the ramp during the Petit Bateau Launch that I also attended some weeks ago.

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Mommy Subject: Cheska Garcia-Kramer
Spotted at: Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City
Event: Sangobion Mommy Luncheon

Cheska’s Top 5 Mommy Must-Haves

1. iPhone – Cheska is using a 2-year-old iPhone to document her everyday bonding activities with her family, that is now much followed and loved at the Team Kramer Facebook fan page.

2. Wallet – Cheska confessed that her red Kate Spade wallet is, “very messy because of all her resibo (receipts).” She also revealed something about her cager husband, Doug Kramer:

“When my husband puts money here, I have a tendency of not going to the ATM and withdrawing money. Every time he leaves for practice and he knows I’m going somewhere, he checks my wallet if I have money. He knows that sometimes I have no time anymore to go to the ATM so he puts money just in case. So when he sees my wallet and how messy it is, he gets all of the receipts out . He tidies up my wallet.”

3. Perfume – For all the moms who want to know what makes Cheska smelling fresh, she uses a scent by Jo Malone.

4. Bank Checkbooks – For managing her household like bills paying, etc.

5. Kendra’s Wallet – Yes, you read it right, Cheska has superstar Kendra’s wallet. When we were talking to each other, she told me that she was saving this best item for last. But why does Cheska has her daughter’s pink Dora the Explorer wallet in her bag? 

“Kendra kasi asked a lot of money from her lolo, from her Papa, and she has a tendency of keeping her money lying around, so I got her this wallet and I put all her money here. But sometimes, she’s still at an age, she puts her wallet everywhere, I always tell her, ‘let me keep your wallet,’ so if you want something, just let me know, I have your money here.”

Ambush Questions:

Beauty Secret or Advice for Moms?

“Loving yourself is a big factor. You wanna feel and look good for your children, most especially for your husband. For me, I have a high regard for myself. Don’t forget about yourself and the woman your husband fell in love with. I make an effort to dress up and look good for my husband. Love yourself and everything follows.”

Any Baby Item / Stuff Must-Have?

“Before when they were babies, pacifier. Now wala na.”

Thanks Cheska for this opportunity of knowing you through this short interview. Thanks for opening your purse and letting us discover the personal stuff that you have and actually use.

Moomy Musings with the Team Kramer matriarch, Cheska Garcia-Kramer

More so, thanks for inspiring us to treasure every single moment with our families–our husband and kids. I always enjoy going through your beautiful family’s fan page. Go, Team Kramer. May God continuously bless your marriage and your whole household! Keep inspiring us to build happy families!

What new things did you learn and realize from seeing Cheska and her purse? ♥



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Mars M.

I enjoy them, too! 🙂 Nice idea having a wallet for your child.


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I love this Moomyrazzi thing mader 🙂
You should continue on doing this


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