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Physiogel Beauty Fair Event

“Beautiful Make-up starts with beautiful skin.”

Christmas is just around the corner, and it also means that we need to attend to a few parties left and right. Obviously, if there celebrations to attend to, we need to look our best and be a little more glamorous.

(L-R) Actress Valeen Montenegro, Make-up Experts: Pong Nio, Krist Banzuelo, Carla Avancena, Em Millan, and Actress/Model/Host Nicole Andersson for Physiogel Beauty Fair 2013


Honestly speaking, I’m not a die-hard make-up fan. In fact, I only get to wear make-up on special occasions and whenever I get invited to media events that would require me to look best. With my busy schedule as a mom, wife and blogger, I am only left with a little time to just put on powder, blush and lipstick. On regular days, I just wear my ever-reliable organic tinted lip balm from Alba Botanica (which is my favorite).

When I attended Physiogel’s Beauty Fair a few days ago at the Isabella Ballroom of Makati Shangri-la, I felt really happy to find out from our country’s top make-up experts that the trend for next year is something close to my heart.

Physiogel Beauty Fair’s Dessert Buffet: Cheat Day!!!!

The ambiance that night was very cozy and relaxing, using shades of blue as the color motif. It was quite a small event, maybe about 30 of us from the media industry. We were served sumptuous and overflowing dinner by the culinary team of Makati Shangri-la.

The Physiogel Beauty Fair Event was hosted by the beautiful and bubbly, Nicole Andersson. It was my second time to meet her since she hosted the MANGO Rock It Up Event last month.

Nicole Andersson hosts Physiogel Beauty Fair 2013 Event

The Physiogel Beauty Fair Event would not be complete without having a medical expert in the person of Dr. Badet Arcilla. Dr. Arcilla shed some important light to some of our skin issues, especially its sensitivity.

Sensitive skin is characterized by subjective complaints of discomfort without predictable classical visible signs of irritation and without an immunologic response. Dry, sensitive skin is also caused by a damaged skin barrier; water tends to escape and cause dry skin.

She mentioned that there are several chemical components that people with sensitive skin should stay away from like too much fragrance and paraben. She also stressed the importance of always reading the label of the skin products that we use on ourselves and our family.

Dr. Badet Arcilla talks about taking care of sensitive skin

Having a good and healthy, glowing skin is the most basic requirement to attaining that perfect look not just for the Holidays but all year-round.

Make-up Trends for 2014

For Spring/Summer 2014, the no-makeup look will be dominant. It will all be about raw, natural beauty. Complexions will be understated, flawless, fresh, well-groomed but effortless. The pure, organic, natural beauty of the face will be celebrated. Keep everything neutral, but emphasize a radiant, glowing skin with a defined and elongated brow. The desired effect: ethereal and super natural.

Makeup for Fall/Winter 2014, meanwhile, is a sensual look that highlights cherry red lips; metallic eyes are back but with a lightened overall effect with flawless skin and a hint of gloss. It will all be about a natural flush with blush darker than your skin tone and a little pearlized shadow to add depth to the eyes; natural-looking skin with shimmery pigments; and gloss and a structured, statement brow.

Here’s a beauty insider’s tip: It’s great to use Physiogel Cleanser as a makeup remover for those with sensitive skin.

Skin Care 101: The Right Skin Care Routine

Toning is a good facial exercise: While facial exercises may sound silly, it’s important to remember that your face has muscles, and toned muscles will always look better than flabby muscles. It’s one more reason to smile more often.

Moisturize and more. If you think you’ve moisturized enough, slather on some more! Moisturize more than you think you need to. It’s best to apply while the skin is still damp so the product can help trap some of the surface moisture into your skin. And, while you’re at it, moisturize inside out by staying hydrated with lots of water.

Physiogel moisturizers from Stiefel, a GSK Company. Physiogel is equipped with the revolutionary Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology, which is formulated to resemble the natural building blocks of the skin to effectively help repair the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss.

Run-of-the-mill or conventional moisturizers may only mask skin dryness to lend it transitory moisture, which can easily be washed off by rinsing or washing. Physiogel, however, hydrates and keeps skin moisturized by mimicking the natural lipid composition of the skin for up to three days even with washing or bathing.

Physiogel is an extraordinary way to moisturize because unlike conventional moisturizers, it doesn’t get washed off when rinsed. Why? It mimics the natural lipids of the skin and locks in moisture, that’s why it is clinically proven for softer, smoother, moisturized skin that lasts longer.

Physiogel Cleanser is a gentle moisturizing cleanser, is mild and hypoallergenic.

Physiogel Cream is non-comedogenic, and it’s ideal for the face.

Physiogel Lotion is for larger body surface areas and has a lightweight feel.

Physiogel AI Cream or Lotion is the moisturizer for those with irritation, itchiness and/or redness of the skin.

This is the Physiogel advantage: Healthy, moisturized skin through repairing. With Physiogel, you can maintain beautiful, smooth, supple, and soft skin this season and beyond.

Thank you Physiogel for always remembering to invite me to your informative and fun events. I encourage everyone to go ahead and try Physiogel because I personally use their products, most especially the Physiogel Cleanser, Lotion and Cream. I’m confident that my skin is not only looking good from the outside but healthy and protected from the inside. Cheers to really beautiful, supply and healthy skin this Holidays!

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