A Sweeter Christmas With Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

Christmas Day in any Filipino home is never complete without a cake in the table. There’s something about cakes that make each special celebration sweeter and festive, isn’t it?


This Holiday season, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has good news to share with everyone that is surely worth celebrating for. Introducing, the chocolatier Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake.

Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake, Now Chocolatier!

This Yuletide, Red Ribbon is very happy to announce that they have leveled up one of its all-time Filipino favorite premium cake, The Black Forest Cake.

Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake is now chocolatier — more chocolate shavings and chocolate filling! It is one great addition to your family’s Noche Buena that everyone in the family could truly enjoy.


Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

Red Ribbon is also making this season not just sweeter, but even more meaningful by releasing a short film entitled, “A Red Ribbon Tale: Si Emman at ang Chocolate Forest.” 


This short animated tells the story of Emman and his journey to Chocolate Forest, where he learns the one of most unforgettable lessons in his life. Please share this video with your children because I’m sure they will also learn from Emman’s story.

If you have family and friends who won’t be celebrating the Holidays with you, perk them up by sending one of Red Ribbon’s free E-cards. The Red Ribbon Holiday free E-cards are now available for download at the official Red Ribbon website: www.redribbonbakeshop.com.ph . This is a sure-fire way to let them know that you love and remember them even from miles away this Christmas.


Have a sweeter Christmas celebration with the entire family with the chocolatier Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake for only PhP550.00, available at the your nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop. We would love to have you try the new Red Ribbon Black Forest cake yourself and taste how chocolatier it really is! ♥


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