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10 Things I Wish I Did in High School

Blame it to Josie Geller, played by Drew Barrymore of the movie Never Been Kissed last night at My Movie Channel (Channel 25 at Sky Cable) for taking me back in time. I’ve watched this movie several times already and I never get tired of it. It’s one of my favorite chick flicks when I was in High School (not so long ago, heehee!) Never-Been-Kissed-Poster

I watched this movie again last night and I’ve never felt this emo. I should say perhaps that I could relate to Josie in several ways, which made me teary-eyed towards the end of my movie viewing.

Never Been Kissed still lingers in my head until now as I prepare for lunch. I envy Josie because she had a way to redeem her tragic and traumatic high school life because of her work as a newspaper reporter. I am thankful that I also have a way to these feelings out through this little blog.

10 High School Memories Confession

  1. Party more! Haha! Yes, I’m a self-confessed geek, taong library. I wish I’d hang out more after classes than going straight home. I also wish I had even a little love life. Dumped a boy automatically even before he can ask because I thought he wasn’t serious. HAHA!
  2. I was semi-bullied through a prank in high school by some girl classmates who I thought were my friends when I was a freshman. This bunch of girls intentionally wanted me to get lost in the mall after watching a movie. Little did they know that I know that mall like the back of my hand. I never trusted them again.
  3. I wish I was invited by my all-time crush to the Senior Prom. But she had a girlfriend. Sweet! This male friend still doesn’t know until now that I had a big crush on him. Peace, hubby! 🙂 I wish I wasn’t a wallflower that night. I wish I had accepted a date. I really didn’t like attending the prom, I only attended because if I don’t, I would be marked, “ABSENT.” I don’t know where this guy is now.
  4. I was taken out as a date by the son of our librarian who’s studying in a nearby exclusive school. When I asked why in the world did mommy librarian choose me? She said, “You had more books than face powder and a hairbrush in your bag.” But after escorting her son, I never got back to or communicated with him. I wish I did so we could be friends. Until now I think I was a bad date. If you happen to be reading this, “Hi!” 🙂
  5. The worst thing I did in High School was actually to put extra ingredient in a baby powder bottle that we constantly give to our teacher when she asks some from me and a best girlfriend. Oopps, did I just say chalk dust? :p Sorry! (Let me qualify: She kept on asking baby powder from us ALL THE TIME!)
  6. I wish I took recess as a time to chat and make new friends than going to the library.  I rush to the library all the time to renew my borrowed supplementary books on Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura. I only eat at the cafeteria on lunch time.
  7. I wish I enjoyed all the booths during the School Fair (Foundation Day) rather than staying at our homeroom chatting about the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.
  8. I wish I always take the last trip of my school service to enjoy that company of my mga ka-service because we always do a food trip on Friday afternoons.
  9. I wish I ate more Beef Steak during lunch  at our cafeteria. I terribly miss it. I also wish I knew who stole my ponkan. :p
  10. I wish I had spent more time getting to know more of my classmates. Some of them, we lost along the way during high school, while some, shortly after. I’m just so happy to have found a Facebook Group now where I could get in touch with them. I’m happy to see that a lot have gotten married and started their own family.

I don’t think that I had a terrible high school life. I just wished I made it more colorful like a rainbow. I’m a geek to the core and I am not afraid to admit it.

In the coming years, my daughter will start going to school and I hope she build wonderful memories. I pray to God that I’d be there for her every step of the way. I know she’ll have her Josie Geller moments but I will do my best to assure her that she’s unique, loved and wonderfully made.

What’s your memory of high school? Join the trail if you’re a blogger  or just a muser like me  wanting to reminisce, celebrate the good, and somehow redeem bad high school memories. ♥

“…. All of you people, there is a big world out there… bigger than prom, bigger than high school and it won’t matter if you were the prom queen, the quarterback of the football team, or the biggest nerd in school. Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.” –Josie Geller



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Heng Pantia

I sincerely felt that I miss High School while I was reading this. 🙂 Well, a lot of memories in high school I could say. I miss being able to play with my boy classmates and not being tagged as “maarte” it was different before, it was cool to hang out with groups of the opposite sex, it would not be labeled as flirting. I miss having to make the entire class laugh because of my acting skills and me imitating our teachers. 🙂 I miss the term “shortened period” “compis-which actually means “confiscated” I miss all my classmates and batch mates, Oh, I wish I could go back to that point in my life even just for a day. 🙂



OH! High school never ends! 🙂
I had a wonderful HS life and my HS friends are considered part of our family. I love this post!


Patty | MrsC

I had a blast in high school. Those were some of the best days of my life! I met a lot of lifelong friends and even my husbandry in school. I went to a lot of parties, tried cheerleading, varsity sports and various other activities. Maybe one thing I wish I did back then was think twice before doing things, coz I really made a lot of booboos along the way. They were all memorable, though, so in a way, it was all worth it. 🙂


Rochelle Rivera

I really love this post 🙂 I am like omg you are good! i also love that chick flick movie- Never Been Kissed Awww I miss my high school days if only we can turn back time. I think most of us had been bullied in highschool. Hahaha!!! There was a lot of good movies back then, i wish they will make more similar chick flick movies. Hahahaha Can’t stop laughing that you put extra ingredients on the powder, i was like o No! May An-an na un malamang!


Mommy Glaiza

Hi Sister! Apir! So nice nung Never Been Kissed, di ba? Go share yours and make me laugh, too. Wow, thanks for commenting, I really appreciate you visiting here! 🙂


Rikka Redrico

I love this post! It made me think of my great and bad memories back then, haha! But, you’re right. We should let our children know how 4 years of high school can change our lives. Cheers!


Mommy Glaiza

Go blog about it Rikka. If you do, please ping back and I will check it out. Thanks for loving the post. 🙂 Cheers!


May De Jesus-Palacpac

Oh no! I’ve had an almost similar deed as #5 back in High School but a bit more mean. 🙁 That, and so many other things I regret to have done or have not done. Sigh, as Bill Gates have more or less put it, it’s not quite the same once you’ve grown up and realized what you could’ve done better.

Great idea for a post. I sure would enjoy making my own list soon. 🙂


Mommy Glaiza

I can’t wait to read your list May! It feels good to look back in our high school days. I remember a quote it says, “You grow up the day you laugh at yourself.” 🙂


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