Crafty Hattie x Moomy Musings New Year Giveaway!

I’ve already told you about our family’s Holiday staycation in Club Balai Isabel a few posts back, but I haven’t discussed about what transpired during our Christmas Eve Party yet.

We had a simple yet super fun party that night. We did our usual Christmas Eve family feast, picture-taking, and a little parlor games for adults and kids alike. Of course, the night won’t be complete if we didn’t have gift-giving, which me and my daughter enjoyed with the help of Crafty Hattie.


Crafty Hattie is a specialized shop offering high quality party supplies that are biodegradable, made with excellent quality food grade paper, and food safe ink.


You can also find really nicely printed washi and clear tapes when you check out their online shop.


They also have scrapbooking materials like the Project Life Core Kits.


For our little Christmas treat for the family, I found this cool Holiday Assortment chocolate bag from Hershey’s at S&R Membership Shopping Store in BGC and I instantly thought of giving this to the fam bam during the party.


 I asked N for a little help by placing the chocolates in these small pink paper cups that Crafty Hattie sent to us a couple of weeks before Christmas.


See? A little creativity and innovation could help you make things extra special.


You know what after everyone has consumed their choco treats from me and N? We made use of this little paper cups as a snack cup for chips, chichacorn, peanuts, candy mints and even marshmallows for kids! We maximized its use the entire celebration!

 Of course, Crafty Hattie also wants to share the love to my beloved musers so we’re having a giveaway!! This is Moomy Musings’ first ever giveaway for 2014!

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You will win these goodies from Crafty Hattie!

  • This giveaway is open to all residents of the Philippines with courier-accessible shipping address.
  • The winner has 48 hours to confirm her winning by replying to the email that I will be sending.
  • Failure to respond withing 48 hours will forfeit her winning, and I reserve the right to pick another winner.


Crafty Hattie x Moomy Musings Giveaway Prizes: 2 Washi Tapes, 1 Pack Flat Paper Gift Bags, 1 Pack Paper Drinking Cups, 1 Pack Cupcake Cups

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For more information about Crafty Hattie and its products, please visit:

Good luck everyone! ♥


  1. Irishielle Guevara says:

    Days and months are fast approaching and my little girl is turning 3. I would definitely make invitations, giveaways and decorations out of the prizes your giving. Since we really love making crafts, me and my daughter will surely enjoy and have fun!

    Irishielle Guevara

  2. Marlene Yanga says:

    My daughter will turn 7 this coming March 22,what a nice idea to put the candies in the little paper cups.I will do that in her birthday.Thanks

  3. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    I’ll use the washi tapes in customizing my photo albums and my planner. As for the cupcake stuff, I’ll be using as lagayan ng chocolates and sweets so that the children will love it too!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  4. jessamer abing says:

    With the washi tapes, i will use it with planner. I love customizing everything in it. Plus I will use some of them for my customizing my pens and other stuffs. With the cupcake stuffs i will use it to host a mini cupcake party at my house 🙂

  5. Floren Camille Osido says:

    I plan to give out some chocolates to my friends as ‘thank you’/appreciation gifts this Valentine’s, so the cups will surely be a cute way to pack them. The washi will also be cute addition to anyone’s planner. 🙂

    Floren Camille Osido

  6. joy rebleza says:

    I love baking so the cupcake cups will be very useful for me and the paper bags to put them in when I give them to friends as for the washi tape will use it in decorating the scrapbook that im making for my son

    Melanie Joyce Rebleza

  7. Brenda says:

    I am new to the “crafty” world and I just recently followed Crafty Hattie on Instagram and that’s where I found your site too! And I fell in love with their washi tapes right away! One of my goal this year is to learn everything in a crafty way. It would be nice to get these nice crafty things so I can start my new hobby. My email address is

  8. rianne marjielle reyes says:

    Just in timebfor my baby’s 1st Birthday! I’m definitely going to use this probably in the same way that you did or perhaps something more creative! 🙂

  9. Aprilrose Calinog says:

    If i will win all this stuff, i will be more happier because I am a great lover of crafting and this would surely make my baby’s 1st birthday the most memorable one. Coz i will be using these beautiful Crafty Hattie paper goodies and washi tapes on her celebration..:) thanks a lot for this wonderful chance.

    April Rose Calinog

  10. dima hernandez says:

    i will bake my daughter’s favorite chocolate cupcake using the cupcake liner, and bake heart shape cookies for our simple valentines celebration here in our house. my girls will definitely enjoy that day!

    -dima hernandez

  11. Dong Andres says:

    Would give it to my daughter because she love collecting crafty things and she will make a good line of craft with all the washi tapes.

  12. Regina Lu says:

    i am planning to use this for my teaching materials since i am teaching preschoolers. 🙂 and if ever i change my mind, i’ll use it for my daughters 5th birthday 🙂

  13. kawie says:

    this is actually just in time for my father’s birthday! yes, my father.. even at an old age,.our family always celebrate his being young at heart. and one way to make his birthday extra special is to be able to use this eco-friendly party treats!

  14. Cel Fajardo says:

    My daughter loves doing craftwork at home especially design in her room.. Her dreams would become a designer someday.

    Maricel Fajardo

  15. diosyl says:

    wow! a perfect one for my little boy 🙂 He will be turning 2 this March and this will greatly help me w/ my lacking party needs.

  16. Anne Marie Napay-Dragon says:

    I’m about to give birth this coming end of March and as early as now, I’m already thinking of what I would do for my baby girl’s christening by April/May. I’ll be using these crafts materials for my planned DIY candy and sweets corner for the party. 🙂

    Anne Marie Napay – Dragon

  17. Bernadette Zareno-Balino says:

    I would be using this on Kiddie Party or Mini Christmas Party at Home. The kids will surely love the designs and enjoy the party as well with these colorful party accessories.

  18. Zoan says:

    My daughter Chicay will turn 2 years old this coming March 17 so I am planning to put these items into good use during her Bollywood themed birthday party 🙂

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