Tips on DFA New Passport Application

I just survived an afternoon at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) with N to get ourselves a passport through the DFA Passport Application System.


We had a confirmed appointment at their NCR East office located at the 5/F of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. I really am thankful that they opened a branch within the Ortigas area so we need not go to the DFA Office in ASEANA.

Let me give you some tips if you are planning on getting a passport for yourself, child, or with the rest of the family.

Most Important Tip: Get a Confirmed Online Appointment!

Decide where to apply for your passport. As of writing, there are 6 DFA locations where you can apply for a passport.

  • DFA Manila
  • DFA Galleria
  • DFA Megamall
  • DFA Alabang
  • DFA Ali Mall (Cubao)


  1. Since DFA implements a “by appointment policy” before you head to their office, you must first get an appointment at the official website of DFA.
  2. To get a passport for more than one member of your family, please visit this link: . This is to ensure that you and your family have the same appointment date and time. You can choose your preferred day and time from the available slots found on the DFA Passport Application website.
  3. Getting through this online appointment scheduling is not very difficult because you will be guided through by the website itself. Just make sure to carefully follow the steps and encode the correct information to avoid hassle.
  4. The DFA website will prompt you to print your confirmed appointment and duly accomplished passport application forms at the end of the online scheduling process.  When you see this, it means that you have successfully made an appointment at DFA.

See:  What to Expect When Applying for a Passport

On the Day of your Passport Appointment:

  1. Be sure to bring the printed copy of your confirmed appointment and application form.
  2. Bring all the original and xerox copies of the acceptable documentary requirements for your passport application.
  3. Be at your designated passport application branch at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  4. Ask the guard-on-duty for instructions and assistance where to wait or fall in line in case you arrived early.
  5. In DFA SM Megamall, no escorts are allowed inside the building. Only persons with confirmed appointment will be allowed to enter the premise.

There are 3 Mandatory Sections that you will need to go through when you apply for a passport. Since N is already 2 years old, we were not allowed to use the courtesy lane anymore. DFA SM Megamall has courtesy lane though for Senior Citizens, Persons with Disability (PWDs), Pregnant Women, and Infants.

Mommy Power Tip: I suggest if you want to make your life easier, the younger your child to apply for a passport, the better since you can avail of the express/courtesy lane.


  • From the entrance door, you will see this labeled as “Step A,” also known as the Verification stage. It is the first counter that you will encounter and in here, you need to show your printed appointment and duly accomplished passport application forms.
  • The Passporting Officer will scan the bar code found in your application form to check if you indeed have an appointment with them.
  • After successfully passing through the Verification process, you need to get a Priority Number from a DFA machine. Please don’t lose this priority number because you will need this for the whole passport application process.


  • As soon as you get your priority number, find a seat, keep an eye on that DFA screen/monitor and wait for your priority number to be called.
  • When you see your number flashed on the screen, approach the corresponding counter that will process the documents that you brought.
  • When you successfully passed Step B (Processing), you will be given an invoice and you will be directed to Step C — Cashier.

See: DFA Passport Application Documentary Requirements


In my experience, though the line is long, this is the fastest step when applying for a passport. Just hold on to your requirements, invoice and your passport application fee.

New Passport Application Fee:

  • Regular Processing (15 working days): PhP950.00
  • Express / Rush (7 working days): PhP1,200.00

For the rest of the applicable fees, please read, DFA Passport Application Fees

After paying for your application, the guard-on-duty will look for your priority number and be ready to hand it to him quickly. He will encode your priority number in the system for you to be included in the queue or waiting list for the next step — Encoding.


  • You will be directed to another waiting area for Encoding or Step D. It is the most exciting processing part because in here, your photo will be taken along with your biometric (thumbmark).
  • You have plenty of time to brush your hair, put on a little face powder so you won’t look oily in your passport photo.
  • Please be reminded that you also need to remove some pieces of jewelry like earrings and necklace.

*Courier / Delivery

This section of your DFA Passport Application is optional.

If you want to save yourself from going back to your branch, you might want to avail of their convenient Passport Delivery straight to your home for only PhP120.00 per applicant.

I availed of this and I was informed that our passports will reach us 1-2 days after DFA’s release of our passports. I noticed that they use LBC as their courier service provider.


In case of delay, we can go for Passport Delivery Follow-up. We can reach them at DFAMPC-LBC Hotline (02) 567-1111 or email them at

DFA Passport Application Additional Tips / Information:

Heads up, military families! If you or your spouse is a military personnel or a government employee, you can avail of the courtesy lane at DFA ASEANA only.

  • No need to set an online appointment because you can go straight to the DFA office located at ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue, Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City. DFA ASEANA will welcome walk-in applicants in this category in the morning.
  • When availing of the courtesy lane,  government Employees including military personnel can also tag along their immediate family members: parents, single children, and legal spouse.
  • On top of all the DFA Documentary Requirements, a government employee must present his or her government company ID to avail of this courtesy lane.

In general, our experience in applying for our passports at DFA wasn’t that bad. We started at 3:30PM and ended about 5:30PM, including the booking for passport delivery.

I only have one suggestion to make and that is, I hope DFA SM Megamall would post something about the importance of not losing the priority number somewhere near the machine for everyone to note. I observed that a lot of people are going crazy right after Step B because they couldn’t seem to find or have already lost their priority number.

I hope you find this post helpful, in case I miss something, please feel free to ask questions below, or if you’ve got a nice tip to share, you can use the comment box below to voice it out. I also hope that you learned a thing or two when you go out and apply a passport with your family! ♥

Update: We received our passport in 15 days as promised. 

For more information, please go to DFA Passport Official Website:


  1. Evander says:

    Pwede po ba kahit wala yung father ko pag nagapply ng passport? BIR Employee kasi siya . Then magdadala na lang ako ng ID niya sa BIR. iaccomodate kaya nila ako dun? Thank you!

  2. Arlene Tormis says:

    Anu gagawin kapag walang code na natangap para sa dfa appoinment?
    Hindi paba valid ang appoinment?
    Salamat sa sagot

  3. Cor says:

    Hi, Ok na po ba yung dadalhin ko na documents: Police clearance, barangay clearance, nso, tin id, police id. Tapos yung driver license ko po ay papel palang po hndi pa sya id. Thanks po!

    • Jovilyn Anuma says:

      Good pm po madam,sir,ask ko po kung paano ang gagawin ko if naibigay yung date ng appointment and time tas hindi ako nagconferm after 72 hour,pwedi pa po ba akong mag appear sa date na naibigay,oct.30 pa po yon 5pm ng monday,ano po ang pwedi kong gawin para hindi ko mamiss yong date na naibigay?aasahan ko po ang sagot salamat.

    • Jovilyn Anuma says:

      Sir/maam,i just want to know if my appointment date is still valid even i didnt conferm after appointment date is on october 30,2017,at 5pm.if not valid what will i do to continue my appointment for passport?thanks.

  4. Gab says:

    Ask lang po ako. Paano po ito kasi nagkamali po ako sa information na sinulat ko sa Place of birth. na approved napo yung appointment ko bago ko pa po makita na mali na pala yun. Pwedi pa din po ba pumunta sa appointment tutal naman po nasa NSO ko po yung tunay na place of birth?

    • Lean says:

      Check nyo po muna kung macocorrect sa dfa bago nila iprocess yung passport nyo. Mababait naman po mga taga dfa, hindi po nila babalewalain yung appointment nyo dahil lang jan. Importante complete po requirements nyo.

  5. Madel says:

    Good evening po. magtatanong lang po ako.ang appointment ko po sa DFA noong Aug 8. tapos na delay po kasi kulang and requirements ko. kailan po ba akong mag appointment ulit?

  6. maria mnlc says:

    let’s say na 3 kaming magpapa-passport, my infant son(3 mos. old), me (mother) and my mother ( senior citizen, 75), kailangan ko pa bang magsecure ng appointment or pwede akong sumabay sa kanila since mga dependents ko naman sila?

    • poppyprincess says:

      Hi! Pwede ka sumabay sa senior citizen (as long as parent mo siya) or sa minor child mo (ages 1month-7years old) as for me, sumabay ako sa 5 year old daughter ko and I didnt need the appointment.

  7. julia says:

    Hello po. Ask kopo sana if pano po iedit yung application form kasi mali po yung nainput kong place of birth and maiden middlename ng parents ko. Nasend nao sya as pdf to me and i just recently saw the error nung nadownload kona sya.. pano po kaya yun? Thank you. Any suggestion po if anu maganda gawin?

    • conrad says:

      Hi Julia This is Conrad we have the same problem (input wrong birthplace). please let me know kung meron ka nalaman how to edit our application or kung ano pwede gawin thanks)

      • aiai65 says:

        Hi Conrad ganun din yung problema ko sa form ko pwede ba yun maedit or kinorek nalang sa dfa?sana masagot mo.tnx

      • Gab says:

        Paano po pwedi kong gawin kapag naconfirmed kona po yung appointment ko. Plotted na siya nakuha kona din po PDF form na needed kapag nagphysical appearance then suddenly nakita ko mali PLACE OF BIRTH KO! Pwedi pa rin po bang pumunta kahit mali yun although meron naman po akong PSA na dala dala? Salamat po sa response

    • Julia says:

      Hi Julia! (Lol julia din name ko HAHA) Nagkamali rin ako sa birthplace kasi sa phone ako nagapply. Nakalagay dun address so malamang address nilagay ko tas nagulat na lng ako ung birthplace ko ung address ko. Nag-cause ba siya ng delay? Hopefully pwede siyang ibahin sa office ng dfa mismo. If anyone else had the same situation reply po kayo kung ano nangyari ahuhu 🙁 thank you in advance!!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Hi Tanong ko LNG PO.kanina PO nag online passport PO ako at nkpag pill up n PO ako SA online application SA passport,Ang problema PO Kase,nakalimutan ko PO Ang yahoo mail ko Yung passport.kya d ko Makita Yung application code.paano PO Yun at pwede pa PO kaya gumawa ulit ng passport.

  9. Maria Quiroz says:

    Hi. Pwede ba sa DFA Ali Mall ang postal at NSO lang daw? Honor na a nila ngayon kaht postal lang if wala government ID’s?

  10. Kamae says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po iapply ko po sana baby ko ng passport? pwede po ba ako sumabay sa kanya? Mag renew ako passport and need p po mgpa appoinment? Thanks:)

  11. jona says:

    Hi, i just want to ask kung pwede pb ipasa sa mga requiremnts yung NSO birth cert or need tlga na PSA – issued na sya? im really confused about it. thanks in advance

  12. Luisa says:

    This is a detailed info. Thank you for this, very well said. 🙂
    But I would like to ask if I can have a walk-in? Are government employees included in express lane?

  13. Decelle magbagay says:

    Hello,everyone anyone can help me how can i get my link when i loat it?coz i have a appointment this coming Novemeber 25 but it sad to say i lost my link at my appointment, so that i cannot print a copy.,guys please message me or what will i do
    Thank you so much

  14. Arvie Alentajan says:

    Is it true that DFAs do not accept walk-in applicant except elders, pregnant and below 1 year old children? Called the hotline for our renewal dahil puno na ang lahat ng slots (even in Pampanga). Thanks

  15. JM Tiempo says:


    Nabura messages ko s email lahat. Unfortunately, kasama yung DFA appointment slip ko ????. Anong pwede ko gawin nakasched ako this October and hindi ko matandaan ung date and time ????. Papano makakakuha ng another appointment slip? Thanks

  16. jeffry says:

    good day po paki help naman po ko please..icacancel ko ung passport ko ang problema nawawala ung reference number ko ..ano po ang pwedeng gawin pki tulungan po ako need na po today before 5 working days..thank u!!!!!!!

  17. bie says:

    i had my appointment scheduled last time but i wasn’t able to get my code or the reference number (because i’ve lost my connection) which was needed for the printing of application form. can i just have another appointment set?

  18. Celyn says:

    Hi ms Glaiza i just wanna ask if my sister working on a public hospital can use the courtesy lane for passport application? Thank you in advance

  19. Aubrey says:

    Pano ko po ba malalaman code ko sa passport? Kasi po need ko po siyang ipaprint kaso po hinhingi sakin yunh code ko sa appointment so I can’t open my appointment at di ko rin alam kung pano malalaman code ko para mabuksan. If ever man na may mali ako pano ko naman po siya icacancel para makarenew? Thanks for the person who will going to answer my question. Need ko po talaga yung appointment na to.

  20. Mae says:

    Hi good morning po

    Hindi po kasi ako nakapag confirm within 72 hours para dun sa appointment ko.
    nag wait po kasi ako ng email pero wala then nabasa ko sa isang comment na nasa spam folder daw po, pero nag-expire na po kasi lagpas 72 hours na po. Not exist na daw po yung application ko so nagtry po akong mag-apply ulit kaso ang sabi “application already exist” I need to cancel daw po yung unang application. hindi ko po alam kung paano magcancel please help namann po :'(

  21. aby says:

    wala pa rin ang appointment code ko how long i need to wait for tthe confirmation kasi di ko rin naman macancel need parin ng appointment code..

    • iza says:

      Ano po kaya ang hahanapin sa anak ko since parehas po kming 1st time kukuha ng passport paano po kaya un?? He is 3y/o plng po.. Paano ko po maipakita ung passport ko e 1stime ko lng din po kukuha nun .. Slamat po. Pa reply nlng po i need ur reply po.

  22. Elizardo E. Caluscos says:

    ask ko lng po kung pde pang magrenew ng passport kahit walang appointment, kc sa 2017 pa magkakaroon ng available slot kailangan ko na ngayong 2016 para makaalis papuntang abroad, salamat po.

    • Ria says:

      Pwede ka magpa assist thru travel agency so you can get an appointment asap. Mag pay ka lang additional for their processing fee. Ok na yun at least mas mabilis.

  23. lorna s. reyes says:

    ask ko lang po may comfirmed date npo ako pero hindi nag send s email ko.. nakalimutan ko po yata yung .ph s email add ko..ppaano po mareretrieve yun or macacancel..tnx po.. snsya n s sobrang pagmamadali..

  24. Dante says:

    Hi, accidentally deleted the confirmation message i got from a system-generated message. Is there any other way i can retrieve it? I have here the reference code. Thanks in advance!

  25. marbeth tagulao says:

    hello po pwede pong magtanong ?
    hindi ko po kasi makuha ung ipiprint ko na schedule dahil hindi napo gumagana ung email na nilagay ko. balak kopo sanang mag reschedule kaso hindi ko po alam kung paano?? help naman po emergency purposes po kac to i Marami pong slamat

  26. Jen says:

    necessary po ba na i-print ung first page ng 3-page download form? ung page po na may nakalagay na “Important Reminders”?? Thanks in advance!

  27. Mhic says:

    Hi! Gudpm. Pano ba kapag mali ung email address ko. Nakapagset na kasi ko ng appointment sa oct. may dapat po ba kong tawagan para mapalitan ung email address? Pls reply. Thanks in advance

    • Mac says:

      after 3 days po yata kapag hindi na confirm via email yung appointment is automatically maka cancel un. So gawa po kayo ng bagong email then fill up na po ulit kayo form/ appointment online 🙂 yung bagong email na po ang ilagay nyo sa form

  28. Clarizza says:

    Hi good day! Can i ask a question? I have an appointment this coming September.. but until now i didn’t get an email from dfa.. last week lang ako nag-fill up ng form.. and it was on July 2.. kindly help please Ms. Glaiza.. Thanks in advance!

    • gwen says:

      check your spam folder baka doon napunta, usually kasi after mo magset ng appointment and once maconfirm mo na sya it will automatically send the application form to your email, hindi na iyon aabot pa ng kinabukasan

      • andrea says:

        hi same problem din po kahapon po ako nag fill up ng form until now po wala pa din yung email from dfa. i try to fill up again kaso ayaw na kailangan pa daw po i cancel yung nauna pero wala pong dumadating na email… Thank you po in advance

        • bhevs says:

          same tau wla p din aqng narerecieve na code di kagaya dati n kpg nagfill up k automatic ung code lalabas and at the same time maipapaprint mo n

    • cass neil says:

      Same problem wala din dumadating saking email para sa code. This coming sept din ang appointment ko. Di ko mapaprint un form.

      • Gilbert says:

        Hi po. Suggestion lang you can do it again. Kasi I believe nag eexpire kagad yun. What you do is before kayu mag fill up ng appointment kailangan naka open na ang email nyo kasi ma i se send kagad sya ng system. Like what happen to my wife twice na kami nag pa schedule but no emails. Thank God this time we tried this and it work naman. I hope naka tulong me. God Bless

        • Joy says:

          Hello! Please help.
          I tried their appointment system po at nag fill-out aq. Appointment yun namin ng anak q. Wala pa ata sa kalahati yun kasi info ng anak q di q pa nga po nailagay. May sumingit na *Red notif na full na slot. Nag-do aq ng another appointment. I tried several times na po tapos lumalabas ay, APPOINTMENT ALREADY EXIST. CANCEL APPOINTMENT 1s REQUEST TO DO ANOTHER TRANSACTION. How will I cancel the existing appointment if di q po naabutan sa level na CONFIRMATION to submit. At walang maipapadalang code kasi di naman yun natapos. I tried changing may emails and checked my spam. Empty. Please advice po. Thanks!

  29. Vanessa Sison says:

    Hi, I set an appointment for my step son but the email address he gave me is now existing anymore how can I print the application form for him? Kindly advice thank you.

  30. anne ven says:

    Hello. If both my baby (20mos old) and I will get a passport at the same time, can I also avail the express lane?

  31. Charisse says:

    Do you think it’s possible to get passport without ID but with NSO, Police Clearance and Form 137? Thanks!

  32. Harlene says:

    hi can i ask what should i do to be able to receive a message from DFA, ? nagkamali kase ako ng lagay ng email address so i can not receive an appointment code, can you help me? thank you so much

  33. allan samaco says:

    hi po tanong ko lng 3 po kse anak ko plano ko kunan ng pasport kso plano ko sana eh april 5 makalipad n kami kso po ang pinaka maaga n apointment s site ng dfa eh april 28 di po ba magagawaan ng paraan yun..yung anak ko eh 3 yrs old 10 at 15 lahat minor..sana po matulungan nyo po ako salamat po

    • Anne German says:

      Hi. Ask ko lng meron pa po bang walk in application for passport? please help. Tagal pa kc next appointment ????

    • Glaiza Garcia says:

      Hi Cheryl! We were not able to avail of the courtesy lane because at the time we applied, it wasn’t available at the SM Megamall branch. I believe only ASEANA has it then.

      • Anna Baranda says:

        Hello Madam,

        Just read your blog on the net about the passport processing.
        I would like to ask po, my baby kasi is turning 2 plang..
        So we can use the courtesy lane without online appointment po?
        I wanted to renew my passport and apply a new one for my hubby.
        Can we process all of that thru the courtesy lane po?

        -Anna 🙂

      • Maryjanemagno says:

        Hi. Nag pa fill up Po ako ng passport appointment. Ang appointment ko Po ngayon August. Kaso Po mali Po Ang adress Na nakalagay Sa passport appointment ko Po. Nilagay ko Po kase yung bago nmin adress pero Iba Po Ang adress ko Sa birth certificate ko Po. Lumipat Po kase kmi ng Bahay. Paano Po ggwin ko Kung mag kaiba Ang adress 🙁 help nman Po kase appointment ko Na Po Sa August 24

  34. Maggie Quinto says:

    Hello! I would be attending an international conference on March 18 and I still don’t have a passport. I visited the passport website and the earliest appointment date I could see is April 20. What would I do? Is the LBS Telephone Passport Express reliable? Or should I call the DFA hotline? I need to really have my passport by 2nd week of March. Thank you.

  35. gina says:

    I had my passport renewed last January here in Davao. I have decided to have it delivered by LBC. My question is, the personel in LBC asked me to leave my old passport as it will be delivered to me at the same time with my new passport, did you leave yours too? or anybody who did…i’m worried coz my US visa is in my old passport…thanks

  36. Joy says:

    Hello po. May tanong po ako. Kailangan po bang kasama ko yung government employee kong dad para maavail yung sa courtesy lane kahit ako lang yung kailangan magparenew ng passport, o okay lang po na hindi ko siya kasama at magdala na lang ako ng ID niya?

    Thank you po 🙂

  37. Clarizze Dianne says:

    Hello! Do you have any idea why there are already available slots for the month of March this year but slots for January or February are not yet available? Btw, I’m referting to Online Appointment. Hope you’re still checking your blog about this matter. Thank you in advance!

    • Tian Shi says:

      Just refresh your computer from time to time, nagkakaroon ng open na slots tiyagaan lang. We got our appointment in 2 weeks time, meron din mas earlier but i prefer the later date.

  38. ge says:

    hi Glaiza, just wanna ask LNG po if ok LNG po ba magpa change ng status ka hit dpa expire ung passport? another thing po, I got married last October 25, 2015 and I applied for a passport last Decmber 10,2015 and I’m still using my single status,d po ba na quequestion king bakit d married or bakit d pelyido ng husband ko ung nilagay?

  39. Mars M. says:

    Hi, Glaiza! Of course I can always trust you and Moomy Musings to have an answer to almost whatever it is I’m researching about. Today it’s about applying for a new passport for Cara. I was told if with children 1-year-old and below, appointment is not needed and I can just walk in. I was wondering if you have info if I have to fill out application form online or no more? I’m looking but can’t find an answer. Thanks as always!

  40. Jane O says:

    Hi Ms. Glaiza. Thank you for this very helpful guide. I will be applying for my baby’s passport (she’s less than a yr old) and I understand I can take advantage of the priority lane. I’d also like to renew my passport, it’s not expired yet but I’d like to have my name changed since I already got married. Do you know if I can also apply for mine at the same time? Or will they only allow my baby’s application?

  41. Mae says:

    Hi first and foremost I would like to say you have great website and it help a lot.
    Anyways, I had my appointment I make a review the file I downloaded realising I make an error. Could you share some ideas to sort this out?
    Keep safe.

  42. Maricris says:

    Hello ms.glaiza ask ko lng po. I am preggy now need ko pa ba mag set ng appoinment for reneual passport?

    Salamat po Godbless:)

  43. Diane says:

    Hi! I have a question lang regarding the supporting documents. I have nbi clearance, kaya lang yung personal copy na lang yung nasakin kasi yung kaputol is with prc na for prc req’ts. Okay lang ba yun?

    And the thing about old documents. Medyo naguguluhan ako. It says there it should be one year prior to date of application e kakafile ko pa lang ng community tax certificate ko netong july 2015. Does it mean di ko yung pwede gamitin as supporting doc?


  44. Grace says:

    This is helpful! I have a query. Is it okay iif you go ahead of time before your passport appointment day? Will they accept you? Reply asap

  45. honey says:

    hello good eve,, nagkamali kc ako sa address ko.. nagkapalit ung blk at lot number ko.. sa appointment pwede paba pabago un dun?

  46. Josephine v.garcia says:

    hello good day ng apply aq ng passport last year d Nola tinangap Ang tin I’d ko at postal I’d Ang tinangap Lang vompan I’d ko ng AGAD ako ng 950 deliver thru LBC pero ng email s akin n pending need ng 1 p I’d since yun Lang I’d ko tin at postal Hindi n po ako mkpunta coz nsa probinsya aq now pwede ko p b mkuha yun San ako pupunta

  47. Donna mesina says:

    Hi po.. Tanong ko lang po kung pede na po ung req ko marriage cotract, old highschool, form137, ppolice clearance,nbi, birth certificate po ng baby ko.. Dalwa pkasi kami kukuha ng passport sa july11 po appointment namin.. Thanks po..

  48. Gae buendia says:

    Hi..! Just want to ask something bout my doubt. My son is 1year and 8months old.. Necessary padin po ba for me to set an appointment or pwede na po directly pumunta s khit anung branches ng dfa? Your reply will be very much appreciated po.
    Thanks in advanced.
    God bless..!

  49. phoebe cates says:

    hi po i have a question regarding sa dfa appointment po may son is 1yr. old and 2 months do i have to set an appointment or pwede na kami direct po magpunta ng dfa without appointment po? thank you po

  50. jerome gloton says:

    hi . tnong ko lng po kung pnung process gagawin ko kase kakarecieve ko lng po ng passport ko now .pero ung middle name ko kulang ng isang letter . pno po yun ? tnx po

  51. ronald says:

    hi..ask kolng po kung meron pobng kuhanan ng affidavit inside dfa aseana pra po s damage passport ko.nalaban po kc ng maid nmin e.2morrow npo kc appointment ko.tsaka need prin poba police clearance at brgy clearance khit my NBI npo ako.

  52. jj espinosa says:

    hi po ask q lng po pwd na po ba ang postal id na bago ngayun sa pagkuha ng passport .. merun napo aqng NBI clearnce at polis clearnce at form 137 at brgy clearnce at E-1 form pwd naba yn sa pagkuha ng passport yan lng po kc ang requiremnt q,,ditu thank u godbless paki,, sagot naman po pls ,, ito ang facebook acount q pm ninyu namn aq ,, parang awa napo plzz

  53. melissa pagola says:

    Yung pinsan ko po kc kumuha ng passport didiliver daw sa march 14 eh sa pagkakaalm ko 7 days lng ang rush

  54. Gloria Hernandez says:

    Good day! ask ko lang yung sa asawa ko kailangan na kailangan na niya ng makakuha ng passport. complete na siya lahat ng requirements, kailangan ng makalipad yung asawa ko urgent na siya sa jeddah bale naka-pirma na siya ng cotract! ang passport nlang ang wala. the problem is mayron siyang voters na id kaso nawala nagpa-attorney na kame, e wala na kameng isa pa na valid id, pwede po ba yung certificate of voters na lang na pina-attorney ko para makakuha na siya ng passport.. kahit wala na isang valid na id? Reply immediately..

    • Janine says:

      If you need a passport because of:

      Medical Reasons (with supporting document showing urgent need to undergo treatment)
      Incident of Death (with supporting documents or proof of urgency)
      OFW (with Job Order, working visa and ticket)
      Please call the DFA Emergency numbers: 8344424, 8344855.

  55. Elanie M. Raflores says:

    Magandang hapon .tanong ko lang Sa megamall pwedeng mag-apply ng passport first time applicant .ang Meron ako nso birth,nso marriage contract,barangay clearance,nso birth of child,tin Id with picture.into lang nga dokumento ko.paki sagot.

  56. adelaida.roehl says:

    hello po pano po kaya nanay ko mag aapply para sa passport nya .. Emergency po kc . 2 na po kc kids ko dto sa germany 18 months and 4 months old medyo hirap ako sa pag aalaga work kc aswa ko .. Mag isa lang ako need ko c nanay ko as soon as possible po e . pde kaya mag apply nanay ko ng emergency as in ung mdalian po tlga . ano kaya dpat gawin nmen or ng nanay ko ? kase po may problem sya sa Marriage contract nya e patay nman na po tatay ko ng 10 yrs hnhanap pa den kc nila MC ni nanay ko e sbi 6 or 3 months pa bgo maayos ung mali sa MC nya . kailngan ko kc po tlga nanay ko dto ano po kaya need nmen gawin? Salamat

  57. Mark says:

    Hi Ms. Glaiza i would like to know if there’s alternative way to know if my passport is ready. I lost my official reciept where we can see the tracking number that we used to update our passport. Thanks in advance.

  58. rey montenegro dahab says:

    Good morning po Maam.. Mam pwede po ba mag apply ng passport.. Kahit NSO,NBI valid FOR abroad, company ID.TIN I’d.. kailangan ko na po sana Maam ng passport pwede nyo po ba ako matulongan….

    • ann says:

      hi …. ask ko lang po is it possible na makakuha ng passport with my company ID , postal id , or kahit yung old college id pero po hindi yung pinakalast. then these documents sss e1 form, nbi clearance, barangay clearance , NSO, and TOR …… i would really appreciate any reply …. heres my email for others who knows about my quires thank you so much.

  59. Glendil says:

    I have an appointment set on Feb 2, 2015 but I noticed that I got my work address wrong. It should be Unit 1702-1703 and I mistakenly put 1702-0703 and it already reflected in my appointment form sheet. Will this be a problem? Will they correct it there?

  60. maggie mendoza says:

    Just wanna ask what if i only have bir id
    Old college id.voters id and philhealth it enough?plus police clearance nbi form137,baptismal and marriage contract…also it is only now that i have change the last name of my child….she had been legitimated so what about the id.she still have the old last name…

  61. jason sarong says:

    Ma’am good day.

    until now wala pa di pa din na delivers ung passport ko. mag apply po ako last aug. 14 sa dfa cebu.
    kasi pina lbc ko kasi taga bohol po ako,,
    tinatawagan ko ung dfa cebu walang sumasagot. . . ring lang ng ring .. . .

  62. McLoyd says:


    Ask ko lang po kung nao po iba option sa pag paparush ng Passport. I am from Baguio City. Pumunta po ako sa DFA Baguio pero ang sabi nila is hindi na available ang rush processing sa Baguio and they told me to go to Manila for rush processing. I tried to book an appointment po pero 1 week from now pa. Kailangan ko sana ung passport atleast 15 ng October. May maibibigay po ba kayong payo para po maprocess yung passport ko agad agad? Pwede akong lumawas ng Manila to have it processed in rush kung sana lang eh pwedeng bypass yung appointment system.

    THanks po.

  63. Joan says:

    Hi! I think you can help me, I was helping may Mom and Dad to get a passport, and we need rush processing atleast 7 days, cos they really need it badly, but we plan too go to the Dfa in megamall in mandaluyong, by walk in, are they gonna allowed my parents to go too dfa via walk in, applicant ? And my dad is a senior. I just wanna know what time they will open there office? I hope you can help me…

    Waiting for your rerply..

  64. Analyn says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po kung pwede napo requirements ang Old College ID, Postal ID, NSO Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance at SSS E1 form. Enough napo ba ‘to para makakuha ng passport?
    Thanks 🙂

    • junadette oponda muse says:

      hi nakakuha ka naba ng passport?ako din probs kc postal id at tin id lang ako meron.may iba ako id kaso single ak noon.i need to use my married name now?

  65. jeng says:

    Hi pwde ba magpunta sa dfa ng walk-in? Kasi i check the slots wala na sila available need ko kasi sya 2nd week of sep mag pa renew ako.

  66. edwin agulto says:

    Hi po.. kumuha po yung freind ko ng passport sa dfa pampanga…ngayon po is one month po ang processing .. ehh wala po b ung paraan pra ma i rush kailangan kailngan na po kc ng passport..sept 23 p releasing..

    Pls help po..

  67. june says:

    Hello moomymusings, thx for the infos here.. but im having trouble with my requirements, i dont know if its necessary to have atleast 1 valid picture I.D. or not.. Coz i only have:

    • NSO
    • T.O.R
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Brgy Clearance

    do you think my requirements are enough or i stil need atleast 1 valid picture id.. coz it says, 1 valid picture ID and supporting documents atleast 3 of the ff..

  68. neko says:

    Hi. We’re planning to get our 9 month old baby a passport and was thinking if we (me and hubby) can also use the courtesy lane together with baby,as a family? Para sana we’ll all have the same expiration dte. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • anna lee says:

      hi! good day.. I’m an OFW, ask ko lng sana kng puedeng mg walk-in sa DFA ASEANA? and kng may 7 days rush processing ba sa ASEANA branch? thanks a lot. hope I could have a reply from you.

  69. Jennifer tan says:

    Hi! ask ko lang sana kung hiningan kau ng notarized affidavit of support and consent to travel kc i’ll be going abroad with my baby boy aged 2 yrs old without my husband? tnx in advance

  70. erick says:

    i’m not satisfide for d realese skedule of dfa! They give me a realese date today may 21, at 2pm i come to dfa west manila at exact 2pm, but thex told me my passport is not alredy than! I pay 1,200 for the express 7 work days but my passport are not than yet! So they give me another sked of realese im so disapointed of the realesing procedure!

  71. mylene sacatani says:

    Hi! I lost my primary id which is my sss and it will take a long time once apply for new one…my apptmnt with dfa will b on d the 28t…what i only have with me is my TIN ID,POSTAL ID,PHILHEALTH ND BRGY ID… is that enough for me to apply for passport? Or is there any addtl. Rqrmnts to produce in replacement of my primary iid?

  72. Sharky says:

    Hi! Is the SM Megamall branch breastfeeding-friendly? My baby is just 5 months old and I’m concerned if I can breastfeed comfortably if my baby gets hungry. Thanks!

  73. Vickay says:

    Hello! Patanong naman po ako, what if may error sa na print ko nang form po? 123 “Celeridad st., Pasay City, Cavite” Yung cavite po yung problema. Na auto fill po kasi pag lagay ko ng email ko. Ok lang kaya yon? Bukas na pa naman appointment sched ko. Thanks!

  74. Kleir says:

    Hi! Just went to dfa alabang today and unfortunately hindi ako nakakuha…My nso birth cert was handwritten and no city of birth (midwife po kc nagpaanak sa akin)…. Sbi po sa akin mahigpit talaga pag sa alabang ka kukuha…first time kopo kc n i really need to get one AsAp for my enrollment in Australia… Ung hinihingi din po nila na update ng birthcert would cause approx 1800ph then 1 month pa bago maayos…. Need ur advice…very very frustrated napo ako…thanks…

  75. Rod says:

    kapag po ba d naapprove ung application ko nung remarks na po ung form pede na kmi khit hndi na pumila sa pagaapply ulit? tnx

    • Jerico Cruz says:

      Pde kyong bmalik bsta wg llmpas ng 1 month. Inform nyo un guard na Pending kyo then go to Pending Section.

    • GGT | says:

      Hi Nerissa! If hindi kasal ang parents, kinikilala ba ng tatay ang bata? Apelyido ba ng tatay ang gamit or apelyido pa rin ng nanay? Kung apelyido naman ng nanay ang gamit ng bata, yun pa ring general requirements ang ipapasa mo: , hanapin mo yung “For Minor Applicants (below 18 years old)”

      Basta ikaw ang kasama ng bata sa pag aapply ng passport, bullet #3, papayagan kayong kumuha ng passport kahit hindi kayo kasal. *Personal appearance of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / of mother (if minor is an illegitimate child)

      Para mas maliwanagan ka, email ka sa

    • GGT | says:

      Hi Mafil! Unless you fall into any description stated at the Courtesy Lane provision of the DFA Passport system, you still have to get a confirmed appointment at their official website if you are renewing your passport here in Metro Manila area.

  76. Akie Saraga says:

    hello 🙂 thank you for sharing your experience regarding to the passport application process 🙂 i just want to ask if how many photocopy i have to bring and what is the proper attire during mu appointment day? 🙂 thank you in advance 🙂

    • GGT | says:

      Hi Akie! You can just bring a copy for each document. With my experience, they just looked at it, and even got the original copy of our birth certificate. As for the attire, smart casual will do, which means no sando, shorts, slippers. The collared shirt policy is not observed anymore.

  77. Sandra Lim says:

    Hi! Was in DFA Megamall this morning with my daughter Sophie..our appointment was at 10 am and we finished the whole process at 10:45 am.

    Everybody was very courteous and helpful ..

    Very hopeful to receive our passport as promised..

  78. Jessica says:

    Hi! Just want to ask where you got the information that DFA Aseana is accepting walk-in applicants in the morning? I was thinking of just doing a walk-in application since the available appointment is too far already and I’m kinda in a rush to have my passport. :/

  79. AIRA MONTALES says:

    It really helps me a lot. Thanks for the Information. 🙂 Can I ask something? I filled up the application form for the new passport but I still not receive any message/confirmation message from the DFA. I filled last night March 31, 2014. What can I do?

    • Glaiza | Moomy Musings says:

      Hi Kat, we availed of the regular passport processing of 14 days. DFA delivered our passport on time as promised. If you’re not in a hurry, you can go for regular processing, but if you are, add up a little extra and you can get yours as quick as 1 week. 🙂

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