Spending Holidays 2013 at Club Balai Isabel

Happy 2014 everyone! I’m back from my short blogging break since I needed to spend some QT with my family. Today, my husband left again to work and it coincides with N’s 30th month, too.


I had a pretty relaxed Holidays 2013, just the way I wanted it. I wrapped a few presents for important people, and spent most of the Christmastime with my family. We tried a different approach to celebrating Christmas by having a staycation at the beautifulΒ Club Balai IsabelΒ in Talisay, Batangas.


I loved our 3 days stay here because my daughter had fun using their facilities especially the pool. We left for Batangas on December 24th, immediately after watching Disney On Ice Treasure Trove.Β 


Oh, Hello there, Taal Volcano! I’ve never been this close.

We arrived in Club Balai Isabel past 8PM so I didn’t quite appreciate the place yet. All I admired was, when I peeked at our bedside window in the morning, Taal Volcano greeted me in an instant.


Gorgeous view of Taal Volcano from our bedside window at Club Balai Isabel


Club Balai Isabel is a very peaceful place to be in. The staff members are warm and welcoming, and our staycation house are perfect for me and my family.


A Room at Club Balai Isabel looks like this

We got 2 villas for the fam bam. Each villas has 3 queen-sized beds that could accommodate 6 people comfortably.



Check-in Area at Club Balai Isabel


This is the facility that my daughter enjoyed the most because of their kiddie pool — Kape Kumintang Pool.


I think there are 3 pools at Club Balai Isabel, 2 of which are here in Kape Kumintang, and the other (infinity pool) one is located near the restaurant.



See that? Yes, I let her go and chase her ball in the pool. This pool is I think 2 feet deep.


Mommy’s busy taking photos (but I’m ready to jump in anytime in case she needs me.)


N enjoyed playing with her uncle and auntie. πŸ™‚


There is also a playground near the Kape Kumintang Pool that the kids could enjoy.


You can go for a bike or a stroll and you will not regret the view.


There’s a church inside Club Balai Isabel in case you wanna get married here. I will say it again, yes, this is INSIDE Club Balai Isabel.


Here’s the other pool next to the Terrazza Cafe in Club Balai Isabel. This infinity pool is overlooking Taal Volcano. It is best to swim here late in the afternoon, early morning, or a night swim because it’s tremendously hot from 10am onwards.


Club Balai Isabel at sunset. I just loved watching the sun set here. It’s very calming to the soul.


In case you want to go on vacation here, let me know if you’ve got any questions and I’d gladly answer them. I give our family vacation at Club Balai Isabel a rating ofΒ 9/10 stars.

To learn more about Club Balai Isabel, please visit their official website:Β http://www.balaiisabel.com/


  1. Guia Duban says:

    Hi Sis! We’re booked next week at Club Balai Isabel. Is it ok to bring food & are there nearby restaurants in the area?

    • Glaiza // moomymusings.com says:

      Hi Guia! Yes you can bring food. We even brought Rice cooker when we were there because we stayed for about 3 days. πŸ™‚ As for the resto, medyo malayo na eh, since nasa paanan na siya halos near Taal Lake so you need to go up again to the city/town, even Tagaytay.

  2. Owen E. says:

    Hi. My family and I are planning to go to Balai Isabel. May I ask why you don’t have pictures in the lake? Is it not advisable to swim in the lake? Is the water clear? These infos will really help me decide if we will go there. Thank you very much!

    • Glaiza | Moomy Musings says:

      Hi Marvel Mom! As far as I know, Club Balai Isabel is not dependent on the number of people who are checking in just as long as you get a room or villa accommodation from them. For example, with what we had last December, it can fit up to 6 persons for I think about P14,000+ a night.

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