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Go All Natural With Ysabel’s Daughter

It all started as an online business, and now Ysabel’s Daughter has gone up to opening a real store at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall last January 28, 2014. Ysabel’s Daughter prides itself for offering locally produced 100% all natural skin care product that is eco-friendly, chemical-free, and no preservatives. This is one skin care line that can be enjoyed not just by moms, but everyone in the family — even babies.



The creation of Ysabel’s Daughter was a project first inspired by the owner, Ms. Cristina Cruz or “Coty.” Her husband decided to start his own backyard bee colony given all the wonderful benefits of raw and unfiltered honey.  The bees in their care generated honey so premium; it inspired her to create a line of products using this wonderful ingredient.

Ysabel is an actual person.  Coty’s mother is an epitome of all our mothers who raised families in endless, selfless and enduring love.  “This is the same care that we would like to share with our patrons,” declares Coty.


Also, in her desire to give only the best for her household – she challenged herself to come up with an entire line of bath and body products the uses the finest, natural raw materials mixed into creams, soothing formulas, scrubs and luscious elixirs, giving generous portions on essential ingredients.


The Daughter: Ms. Cristina “Coty” Cruz  (center) with her mom “Ysabel” (in shawl) and her supportive family members at the opening of Ysabel’s Daughter at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.

So, if you think of Ysabel’s Daughter — you think of HONEY. Do you notice their logo up there? According to Coty when I interviewed her during the opening of her store, she explained it to me as, “It’s a bee wearing a gown.”

Aside from honey as one of the highlights of Ysabel’s Daughter skin care products, they also gather and use the finest and top-notch raw materials from different parts of the world like Jojoba Oil, Carnitine, Fine Green Luffa Shreds, Moringa, Green Tea, Walnut Scrubs, Essential Oils, L-Arginine, Olives, Lemons, Oranges, Walnut, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, CoQ10, Algae Extract and many more!

I’ve been using Ysabel’s Daughter’s Moringa Body Wash for almost a month now and it really feels good to my skin. You know every time I use it, it’s as if my body is saying, “Thank You!” for using an all-natural product. It feels good to have a clean and healthy skin even from within. It’s that kind of feeling that your skin fasted from too much chemicals present in the highly commercialized skin care products in the market that we use everyday.


Ysabel’s Daughter Moringa Body Wash with Luffa in Lemon doesn’t have that little bitter smell that comes from Malunggay because it is combined with other natural ingredients like peppermint or lemon. It also has beads that gently scrubs your skin all over, removing those unseen and unwanted dead skin cells.

“We are proud to be a Filipino-run company that can compete with what is out there in the international market.  But despite our international standards, the foundation of a Filipino family is an essential component in how we run things, as well as how we would like our customers to feel when they use what we offer – with the warmth and relaxation of home.”

Want to try Ysabel’s Daughter soon? Check out these recommended skin care products and its benefits:


Remove body dirt and grime with this refreshing body wash!  It contains MORINGA which is known for its purifying properties against skin pollution and stress, coupled with HONEY which offers astringent and antiseptic properties. This body wash is also infused with PEPPERMINT OIL to soothe and condition the skin. Best of all, it is formulated with mild surfactants, some of which are COCONUT derived, to prevent skin dryness and irritation.


Pamper yourself with this exciting body wash made with MORINGA, an active ingredient that produces healthy and vibrant skin. This body wash is further boosted with suspended WALNUT beads that work as a gentle exfoliant, and sweetened with an unforgettable ORANGE scent.


Detoxify and rejuvenate your skin with this invigorating green body wash made with MORINGA, one of the best antioxidants and anti-aging agents in the world. This perfect shower companion is also enhanced with suspended fine green LUFFA shreds, and infused with the freshness of LEMONS.


Your beauty ritual must include this wax-based scrub and cleanser that promotes thorough cleansing without drying up your skin. It contains GREEN TEA extract which has free radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory effects. And then to help your skin glow, the presence of JOJOBA OIL, HONEY, WALNUT SCRUBS and OLIVE ESSENCE completes the whole package.


Remove deep seated dirt with a scrub created with finely shredded LUFFA and ORANGE.  This specially made skin buff is topped off with ALMOND OIL, JOJOBA OIL and HONEY to beautifully moisturize your skin as it exfoliates. With regular use, your skin will become radiant and soft.


A moisture-rich body lotion that will give you toned and younger looking skin. Made with JOJOBA OIL and HONEY that nourishes the skin, deeply penetrates dryness, helps reverse the signs of aging, and also has antiseptic effects.  This also has SEAWEED EXTRACT, CAFFEINE and CARNITINE that all helps to stimulate and firm the skin, and prevent cellulite.  Notwithstanding the numerous benefits this lotion already has, its LEMON scent will leave your skin smelling fresh, clean and lively.


Defy aging with this 100% natural moisturizer that uses the best raw materials our products have become known for.  Filled with QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS and HONEY, this lotion has regenerative and age preventing properties.  It also contains the essential amino acid L-ARGININE which helps heal wounds, builds collagen and returns the skin’s elasticity and vitality.

I hope you do visit and try the skin care products of Ysabel’s Daughter especially if you are looking for a healthier skin care line alternative for yourself or the whole family. Their store is very easy to find at the Mega Fashion Hall in Megamall because they are just in front of fashion label, H&M.

About Ysabel’s Daughter


Ysabel’s Daughter produces 100% natural bath and body products.  We are the first local brand that can claim that all our products are 100% natural.  That means all the raw materials are from nature, no chemicals, no preservatives and very eco-friendly.

We Promote Wellness.

Every product of Ysabel’s Daughter is meant to help create a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that is meant to result in an overall feeling of well-being.

We are proud to be Philippine-Made.

We are proud to be a Filipino-run company that can compete with what is out there in the international market.  But despite our international standards, the foundation of a Filipino family is an essential component in how we run things, as well as how we would like our customers to feel when they use what we offer – with the warmth and relaxation of home.

We Care for our Community.

We at Ysabel’s Daughter have been supporting and contributing to causes of various foundations around the country.  We believe in setting aside a portion of our income to benefit children in need of education and placing them in schools that provide the proper schooling that they deserve.




Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


Sam Aguilar

When I’ve become a mom I always check everything for my baby’s sake


Karina Alvaera

Since I got pregnant, I have been more aware of the ingredients in the everyday items that I have been using. Questions like ” would this harm my baby?” keep running in my mind when I use/eat anything. The fact that Ysabel’s Daughter is an all natural product company plus it’s Phillipine made means that I will definitely be checking this line out. Thankls for the headsup!


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