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Jollibee Kids Club Launches Happyplus Card for Kids

Yesterday was one fun day for me and N because we were invited to the grand event launch of Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Card at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.


Jollibee Kids Club members now have more reasons to be excited with being a part of the country’s biggest kids club (now at 450,000 and counting!) with the launch of the JKC-Happyplus Card — the first electronic wallet and rewards earning membership card for kids.

The Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Card Grand Launch was hosted by mom and actress Bettina Carlos.

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bettina-carlosBettina Carlos hosts Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Launch

Jollibee prepared a lot of activities for the certified Jollibee kids called the JKC Multiple Intelligence Stations. This is to give a hands-on experience of what Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) is all about. These activities were designed to encourage the kids (in a fun way) to boost their social skills, plus their skills in other areas like arts and crafts, reading, and performing arts.

Book Mark, Cool Art!

To highlight a child’s intellgence in Arts and Crafts, kids are provided with small, blank bookmarks which they can customize using colored markers, poster paints, washi tapes, and other art materials. The kids were allowed to take the bookmarks that they made as a souvenir that they use and can be proud of.

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bookmark-book-art jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bookmark-book-art-2

Crafty Cupcakes

Another station to celebrate a child’s intelligence in Arts and Crafts. Mini cupcakes were provided for kids to creatively decorate using icing, toppings and other edible food art materials. They were also given a mini JKC Happyplus logo flaglets as the final design piece to their cupcake treats. As a reward, the kids get to keep their own crafty cupcake creations.

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-crafty-cupcakes jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-cupcake-designingMy little N as she decorates her own butter cupcake

Book Read

This special area is surrounded by shelves filled with children’s books to give kids a quiet, comfy space for reading. Actor, Host and Model Mikael Daez graced the Book Read station as the children’s special storyteller for the day.

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-book-and-read jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-storytelling-mikael-daez jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-mikael-daezMikael Daez reads to the Jollibee Kids Club members at the Book Read station

There were also other Multiple Intelligence Stations like Virtual Olympics and Shake and Shimmy.

Aside from the different activities for the kids, there were also a lot of dancing, singing, and fun games for all the kids.

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-jkc-boysThe Jollibee Kids Club Boys

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-kids-gamesRace to pairing 8 toys correctly to win!

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bettina-xyriel-2Child actress Xyriel Manabat belts Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Disney Frozen’s “Let It Go.”

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bettina-xyrielBettina Carlos asks Xyriel Manabat about her favorite Jollibee food: “Chicken Joy.”

The Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Event Launch won’t be complete without Jollibee and Friends!

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-jollibee-mascotsjollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-jollibee jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-hetty jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-twirlie jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-jollibee-mascots-2

There were also some celebrity moms who joined in the fun with their families like Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon and Danica Sotto-Pingris. 

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-celebrity-momsDanica Sotto-Pingris, Christine Jacob-Sandejas and Patricia Bermudez-Hizon with their kids and Jollibee

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-bettina-carlos-2Bettina Carlos announces that kids can now line up for a photo op with Jollibee

Do you want your kids to join the Jollibee Kids Club and get their own JKC Happyplus Card? Here’s how:

jollibee-kids-club-happy-plus-launch-happyplus-cardsHappyplus Cards — One for Mommy, One for N! Thank you, Jollibee! 🙂

Jollibee Kids Club Fast Facts:

  • The Jollibee Kids Club is the biggest nationwide club for kids, with over 440,000 members.
  • The JKC promotes the development of a child’s multiple intelligence (social skills, etc.) through a variety of activities and workshops within the year.
  • Upon registration, the JKC member will receive a JKC-Happyplus card plus other fun freebies from Jollibee.

How the JKC-Happyplus Card Works

  • Each card costs Php100.00 (load not included) and is available in selected Jollibee stores for kids 12 years old and below. It instantly entitles the bearer to a 3-year membership at the Jollibee Kids Club.
  • Once loaded, the card can be used by the JKC member to pay for any Jollibee treat. Every purchase corresponds to points earned:
P50.00 food purchase = 1 point = P1.00
Jollibee Kids Meal purchase = Double points
  • Earn points for attending JKC workshop.
P50 ticket spend = 1 point = P1.00

*This card may be used for purchases in Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon.

Benefits and Freebies

JKC members instantly get freebies and discounts upon purchase of the card. The exciting list of goodies include:

  • Coupon for 1 free Vanilla Twirl
  • Php250.00 worth of discount coupons redeemable at Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon
  • A chance to win up to Php100,000 in the monthly raffle. Additional raffle entries can be earned for every reload:
Load of P100 - 200 = 1 raffle entry
Load of P300 - 400 = 5 raffle entries
Load of P500 - 900 = 10 raffle entries
Load of P1,000 = 25 raffle entries
In excess of P1,000, every P100 = 5 raffle entries

A chance to win of 5 Jollibee Kids Party worth P6,000 in the monthly raffle. Additional raffle entries can be earned for every reload (same table above applies).


Thank you Jollibee for inviting us to the Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Card Event Launch! My daughter and I had a great time! ♥

To learn more about the Jollibee Kids Club, visit



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Are three-year olds allowed to join?


Jonalyn Repalda

This is Nice, i want to get happy plus card.


Jeanne Ugay

This is great! I can earn points for every load and have a chance to win 100K… we must have that JKC-happy plus card now.


Mommy Levy

It was nice to see you again mommy Glaiza. My family had fun in this event.


Glaiza | Moomy Musings

Thanks, Levy! I also had a great time. Thanks for N’s “sword.” Next time let’s have a photo. 🙂


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