PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour Visits SM North Edsa

PLDT Home Bro kicked off its series of mall events on 9th February 2014 at the SM North Edsa, The Block. It was to officially deliver the great news that PLDT Home Bro now offers unlimited wireless internet plan bundles that Filipino families can truly enjoy, in partnership with HP Philippines.


In this tech-age, let’s admit that internet connection is already a must-have for every home. Every member of the family has good use of it — from answering daddy’s important work emails, managing mommy’s online business or searching for recipes, doing school researches for Ate, up to streaming educational YouTube videos of bunso.

However, it is also important to consider that our internet connection at home should be genuinely fast, reliable and practical, or else it is good for nothing.

PLDT Home Bro welcomes new subscribers with their 3 new irresistible bundle plans to choose from. Starting at Php499.00, your family can now enjoy unlimited wireless internet connection right at the comfort of your HOME!

The PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour began at SM North Edsa – The Block was hosted by gamemaster and actor Luis Manzano. I give two thumbs up for his hosting (and joking) skills on stage. He really kept everyone entertained with his impromptu spiels and jokes.


Mr. Luis Manzano and 24K Girls for PLDT Home Bro


Yesterday at the PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour was such a fun experience for me and my daughter. A lot of families also joined in the fun by participating in the different interactive games or having their family picture taken for free, all courtesy of PLDT Home Bro.


These bloggers friends just wanna have fun: Rowena of Animetric’s World, Earth of EarthlingGorgeous, and Camille of The Soshal Network while playing at one of the PLDT Home Bro Game Booths.


We played some games at one of their booths and we took home a USB and an umbrella for free! We also had a souvenir photo for free! It was really cool because they even printed each of us a copy! Yay!! 🙂

pldt-home-bro-panalo-mall-tour-bloggersYours Truly, Camille of The Social Network, Rowena of Animetric’s World, Earth of EarthlingGorgeous, and Rochelle of Rochelle Rivera

Oh, I forgot to mention that I enjoyed the epic Bring Me Game of Luis! He asked for 5-6 items from the audience — items like a printed family photo, house keys, wedding ring, matching outfit, and a lot more! And of course, everybody got a prize gift pack from PLDT Home Bro. Everybody walked home a WINNER!

To further raise the family fun bar, two families were chosen to play 3 different games on stage for a chance to win prizes like a 6-month free subscription at PLDT Home Bro.


Each member of the family is given a chance to play for each game category.


Game #1 for Mommies: 


The mommies need to create coin towers of P60 and P36 for 1 minute. To make the P60 tower, the mommy contestant needs to stack up 6 P10 coin while they need 3 P10 and 6 P1 coin to form the P36 tower. Whoever creates the most number of tower at the end of 1 minute, wins the challenge.


Game #2: Daddy Challenge

The daddies need to control the ball that is tied up in a rope around their waist. They have to topple the red and blue boxes in 1 minute or less. The challenge is, they need to make sure not to hit the orange box to win the game.


Game #3: Fastest Puzzle Solving For Kids

Using the printed puzzles pieces, the kids need to solve the puzzle in order to reveal the mystery picture in 1 minute. The fastest kid or the closest to finish solving the puzzle wins the challenge.


The Sta. Ana Family emerged victorious after 3 games and they were given a chance to play at the final game. They were able to correctly find the 3 different PLDT Home Bro Bundled Plans hiding behind the 15 briefcases.


The 24K Girls of the popular gameshow Filipino adaptation of Deal or No Deal!


The Sta. Ana Family is ready to play the Final Challenge. Will they bring home the 6-month free subscription to PLDT Home Bro?


Presenting the 3 New Plan Bundles of PLDT Home Bro


Congratulations to Sta. Ana Family for winning your very own 6 months PLDT Home Bro Wireless Internet subscription!

For as low as Php999, you and your family can now enjoy unlimited wireless internet connection when you subscribe to PLDT Home Bro today! But f you subscribe at any PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour events, you can even get your first month subscription half the price, making it only Php499!

Here are the other plans you can avail of:

PLDT Home Bro Plan 1069

For as low as Php36/day, you can get unlimited PLDT Home Bro Wireless Internet connection +  HP Deskjet 1000 Printer!

Read: HP Deskjet 1000 Printer Full Specs


PLDT Home Bro Plan 1799

For as low as Php60/day, you can have unlimited PLDT Home Bro Wireless Internet Connection + HP Laptop + HP Printer! Isn’t this deal amazing?


Plus, if you subscribe at any PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour venues, you will get raffle entry points and you can take home a 1-minute grocery shopping spree for your family! Other prizes include a Condura Refrigirator, TCL 32″ Flatscreen TV, CD-R King Computer Desk and Table, and PLDT Gift Packs!

The Big Switch to PLDT Home Bro

I subscribed yesterday to PLDT Home Bro’s Plan 1799. I really think that I couldn’t let this deal pass because for one, I am paying almost Php1,200.00 for my current internet subscription ALONE. Secondly, my husband and I are really planning to get another laptop very soon because we both need one for our work. Just imagine I just need to add Php600 and I already have a new HP Laptop and a matching printer!

I just paid an initial cash-out of Php1,999.00 to subscribe. Both PLDT Home Bro Plans have a 24-month lock-in period. Let’s see how this new journey with PLDT Home Bro begins from here.


I made the Big Switch to PLDT Home Bro!


Aside from getting 3 raffle tickets (I want the flatscreen TV!!!) , I also got some freebies from PLDT Home Bro like an umbrella, a powerbank, and a speaker with FM radio / MP3 player. This is a truly PANALO deal for me!

These amazing deals are more are made possible through the partnership of PLDT Home Bro and HP Philippines!


Sealing the Partnership are Ms. Ava Espanola for PLDT Home Bro and Mr. Charles Pizares for HP Philippines

Please catch the PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour at the following dates and venues:

  • SM North Edsa, The Block : February 6-9, 2014
  • SM Bicutan & SM Dasmarinas : February 11-16, 2014
  • SM Pampanga : February 18-23, 2014
  • SM Baguio & SM Cebu : March 3-9, 2014
  • SM Davao : March 17-23, 2014

pldt-home-bro-panalo-mall-tour-nuffiesThank you PLDT Home Bro for having us at the PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour! I really had a PANALO time with my fellow bloggers! ♥

If you want to join the fun, win prizes and take home freebies, please drop by at the next PLDT Home Bro Panalo Mall Tour location. Bring your whole family and discover for yourself why the strongest connections are at HOME.

We hope to see you  there! 🙂

About PLDT Home


We aspire to be the service provider of choice of every Filipino family in delivering a digitally connected experience in every household. As we humanize technology, we keep families connected in a meaningful way. By providing a compelling suite of multi-media services (voice, data, video), relationships within the family are strengthened and we are positively changing lives.

As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit, value creation allowing our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

We believe that the strongest connections for the family are at Home.

Visit our HOME at to find out more about our products and services.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Hi after applyng on that pland how many days po bago nyo nareceived yung free notebook and printer. thanks.



Hi Alvin! This subscription did not push through. I withdrew it because they failed to have the service installed in my home after 4 visits. They said it is a system issue with them. I filed a refund last March and it was only last week that I got a refund. This has been my greatest disappointment of the year.



hi! just wanna ask how many months did you for the the laptop and printer to be delivered? Is homebro’s signal ok? how about streaming? I am a pldt mydsl subs and I’m planning to switch. Pls. help me decide. thanks!


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