Wanderlust Wednesday: Visiting Museo Pambata

You bet, it’s my first time visiting Museo Pambata! Thank God for becoming a mommy because finally, I got to see and experience what it’s like to learn, play and have fun like a child again.


Museo Pambata is situated along Roxas Boulevard corner Katigbak Drive in Manila City, Philippines — Photo ©Wikipedia

Museo Pambata is a children’s discovery museum with various programs in support of children’s rights and a broad range of creative and educational services for children and adults involved in children’s welfare. It was opened to the public in 1994 and founded by Estefania Aldaba-Lim, Ph.D. (1917 – March 7, 2006), the first female secretary of the Cabinet of the Philippines.

If you are planning to go to Museo Pambata one of these days, please take note that they are open on the following days:

Admission Hours:

  • 8 AM to 5 PM (Tuesdays to Saturdays)
  • 1 PM to 5 PM (Sunday)

Admission Fees:

  • Php 150 (for children and adults)
  • Museum workers and teachers – FREE
  • Manila residents with valid IDs – FREE on Tuesdays and 50% discount on other days (not applicable for group tours)

*The museum is closed on Mondays and selected official holidays.

If you’ve got more questions, you can find this information booth just right at the entrance door of the museum. This is also the booth where you need to get and pay for your entrance tickets.

Kalikasan Exhibit

Want to teach your children about taking good care of Mother Nature? The Kalikasan Exhibit exactly does that! The children can learn more about the environment in Museo Pambata’s simulated rain forest and coastal area!

Giant Ants Attack!!!

Bahay Kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari…”

You and your children can also visit a real herbal garden where you can learn more about plants and their different helpful uses in medicine, cooking, etc.

Botika Barrio showcases the different medicinal plant names and its uses.

N enjoyed this slide at the Kalikasan Exhibit. It is located just right across the Bahay Kubo and Botika Barrio.

Old Manila Exhibit

The Old Manila Exhibit takes our children a century back to Manila. This is a very good opportunity for them to learn more about our rich Filipino culture during the Spanish colonization. I also remember seeing a tranvia and N boarding a galleon (ship).

A miniature cathedral

A truly Filipino transportation — King of the Road, Jeepney

In case you needed to have quick restroom breaks, there are ample of restrooms at Museo Pambata. They’re both looking / smelling fresh and clean. I just didn’t notice any diaper changing tables in the restroom that we used. I remember we changed N’s nappy on a standing position. I hope they place one in each restrooms in case they don’t have it yet.

See how cute this male / female restroom signage is?

My Body Works Exhibit

My Body Works Exhibit is located at the 2/F of Museo Pambata. This huge human head with her widely opened mouth would surely greet you right at the entrance door. It is so big that N was too afraid of actually coming near her. I remember her running back to me when we reached this part of the museum.

My Body Works exhibit showcases the different body organs and tackles their role in a fun, child-appropriate way. This is one exhibit that I enjoyed as an adult.

Have you ever wondered why goose bumps are called such?  Visit Museo Pambata to learn why with your kids!

It’s not Halloween yet! Just learning about the Skeletal System

Seriously, do we know how to answer this question?

I Love My Planet Earth

One main attraction to Museo Pambata’s I Love My Planet Earth exhibit is this: MOON ROCK. This is where I took my time looking around an actual moon rock. It was so fascinating to see from all angles! I suggest you check this out when you visit Museo Pambata.

We  did not spend much time in this section of the museum because there were a lot of students doing an educational trip. We moved on to the next exhibit called Career Options.

Career Options

This exhibit could help our children decide and answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Career Options also has costumes that the kids could use in a little role-playing. If they grow tired of role-playing, they can sit back and do some coloring activities (for free).

Museo Pambata Pasalubong Shop

We took a little break from all the fun and learning, and we noticed Museo Pambata’s Souvenir Shop, also on the 2/F. Aside from selling snacks, they also offer books, t-shirts, wooden and plush toys, stationery supplies, and a lot more!

Pamilihang Bayan

As soon as we finished our time at the souvenir shop, it’s now time to visit one of the most fun spots at the Museo PambataPamilihang Bayan.

Pamilihang Bayan or Community / Public Market is a very nice avenue for our children to learn a lot about our neighborhood shops.

It is also a good opportunity for them to learn about entrepreneurship or to hone their budgeting skills. I also noticed a fire station, a carinderia, fruit stand, meat shop, barber shop, and so on!

Aklatang Pambata

Aklatang Pambata is obviously the most quiet area at Museo Pambata. Kids could grab a book or two, perhaps borrow an audio book or DVDs for the techie and visual ones. My daughter opted to read a regular story book from the shelf.

Museo Pambata also hosts storytelling sessions on schedules here. Aklatang Pambata is located at the Ground Floor of Museo Pambata, and I recommend that you visit this last for a more relaxed tour cap off.

When we were at the Museo Pambata, one section is closed because there was an ongoing children’s party. So if you’re thinking of a party venue on top of your regular list, you might want to consider a MUSEO PAMBATA PARTY.

Museo Pambata is fully air-conditioned so you need not to worry about sweaty armpits as you ran after your kids. I also recommend to bring a companion if you are bringing more than 1 child for extra safety measures (to avoid missing kids and ruin your trip), and of course to reinforce learning (it would be better if an adult explain things to the child).

This is their schedule of activities for February 2014:


I hope you enjoyed this little side trip to Museo Pambata. There’s more to discover there, and I do hope this post helps you in planning your trip to Museo Pambata with your family.

Have you ever been to Museo Pambata? What exhibit do you find most interesting for you and your kids? ♥


About Museo Pambata


  • Address: Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, Manila, Philippines 1000 (right beside the U.S. Embassy)
  • Website: http://www.museopambata.org
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/museopambata
  • Telephone: (632) 523.1797 to 98, 536-0595
  • Facsimile: (632) 522.1246
  • Mobile (bookings and reservations only): 0918-382-2212
  • Email: info@museopambata.org


Museo Pambata is the first children’s interactive museum in the Philippines. Opened to the public in 1994, Museo Pambata has distinguished itself for its educational programs and its innovative “hands-on” exhibits enjoyed by children from all over the country.

Committed to provide alternative education and uphold the welfare of children, Museo Pambata has also conducted various programs and activities held in the museum, in Manila’s schools and communities and in different cities nationwide. Its educational programs and special activities are anchored on the advocacy of children’s rights, primarily on their right to education, health, recreation, and mental and physical development.


  1. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    we’ve planned a trip to museo a long time ago but we weren’t convinced enough by the pics we saw that it was that great a place to go until I saw your pics and read your blog.

    will definitely take a trip here on the same day we go to the heroes museum in intramuros. soon! 🙂

  2. Patty | MrsC says:

    I’ve never been to Museong Pambata! Buti pa my little boy, he’s visited the place twice already, during school field trips. Maybe I should schedule a field trip for myself one weekend haha! 🙂 It’s nice pala inside!

  3. Sally Yu says:

    Yey, I love this post! I love going to museums! After seeing the pictures, I can’t wait for baby to grow up and appreciate these things. 🙂 I’m actually excited sa pretend play na section, ang cute siguro nila dun. haha!

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