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Of Weaning & Potty Training

Today, N turns 2 years 7 months. I’ve been really enjoying spending time with her. Though there are days that I have to admit, she’s getting on my nerves. She’s pushing my patience to the limit. She’s more expressive now with what she likes, sometimes leading her to being defiant.

Some of you might already know that we just said goodbye to her Nanay J, her secondary caregiver. She needed to take care of her only grandson because her daughter-in-law’s getting back to work. This means, N’s all in my hands now aside from managing our household, doing errands for my husband, and of course, being a mommy blogger.

First Stop: Weaning


I’ve been breastfeeding N for 31 straight months now and it has been one of the things that really gives joy to my mommy heart. If God would bless us with another one, I’d surely breastfeed him also. I can really attest to the fact that breastfed babies are really healthy, strong, happy and active little ones when they become toddlers.

I know N’s starting to wean now because she barely asks me to breastfeed her;  and all she wants is to just “smell.”

Sooner or later, I know she will finally say goodbye to breastfeeding. It is a bittersweet feeling for me knowing that she’d finally be maturing and building up independence. I wanna be ready for this.

“Are you a big girl or a baby?” she’d always tell, “Big girl.”

If there’s also something about breastfeeding that I’m grateful about is that N only bit me once in our whole breastfeeding journey.

Second Stop: Potty Training


N’s making it through the day without any nappies on when we’re in the house. She’s only wearing a diaper at night to spare the both of us from having to sleep with a wet bed mattress. Another exception is that she also gets to wear a diaper when we’re on long travels for the lack of an available potty.

  • I sensed N’s readiness to potty train when I noticed that she could now remove her pajamas on her own.
  • On her clingy days, she even comes with me inside the bathroom so she copies my peeing gesture.
  • She could also now remove her own diaper and throw it in the trash bin. I gave it a try one day and intentionally did not put on her nappy.

“What did Mommy tell you about wiwi (pee)?”

Wiwi only in the bathroom.”

There are good and bad days in potty training but be very, very patient. We are trying to focus on training her to pee, and later on, maybe to poop. You also have to be a little creative and inject a little sense of humor. Mimicking the swishing sound when we pee also helps.

“When potty training, watch your baby, not the calendar.”

–Dr. William Sears,

I’m hanging out a lot on these really helpful websites that could help us in these weaning and potty training stages, and I thought of sharing these resources with you.


This silly-faced little girl makes me love motherhood to the fullest!

What did you feel when your child starts to wean? Do you have extra helpful tips for me as I potty train my lil N? ♥



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Hi Mommy. Congrats for continuing to breastfeed. Its a truly remarkable journey for both mommy and baby. Aside from health benefits, I think baby has higher EQ when breastfed. I breastfed my son for a year but I had to go to the states for work. It was a very painful experience for me because I didn’t have the time to slowly wean. I was very emotional. I was gone for 9 days and was able to keep my supply through pumping. When I got back, baby refused to nurse and was used to the bottle. My advise is for you to wean slowly and ask for support from your husband, mom, sister or any relative who you can support you and listen to you when you need them for emotional support. The pedia says the separation anxiety goes both ways during weaning—baby and mom. It helps to accept and rid feelings of guilt before weaning. I guess for you, baby showing signs of wanting to wean is good and will surely help with weaning.



Moomy Glaiza, what age should a parent stop/ refrain/ limit (i don’t know what word to use) their children from bottlefeeding? Thanks!


Glaiza | Moomy Musings

Hi Kawie! Firstly, some experts say that if you are breastfeeding, introducing feeding bottles is no longer necessary because they advocate cup feeding for the children. But if you are going to ask me, I think we should gradually train our kids to refrain from using it the sooner they have an (almost) complete set of teeth. Some experts also say that around 18 months, we should start training them to drink in sippy cups or straight from glasses. This is to protect their gums and teeth from infection and decaying.


Marinela Diaz

Hi Mommy Glai! I breastfed my son but not exclusively. My milk wasn’t that good so I had to supplement with a formula so that my baby won’t get starved. We did that until a month before his first birthday. I really wanted to breastfeed him longer, but it did not happen because I don’t have milk supply anymore. It was really sad, but of course I decided not to dwell on that matter.

Potty training? At first, I was too concerned about this. Kasi my mom told me that me and my siblings was already potty trained at 18 months and my nephew at 16 months. This led me to buy a potty last December. But my son screams and cries whenever we have him sit there. It was really disappointing. And I am already thinking that maybe my son is really far behind in terms of talking and potty skills. Na-sad talaga ako. And then I researched about potty training on the internet and came across an article that comforted me. It says that all babies are different and so are their skills and learning capabilities. So if your child is not yet showing interest about sitting on a potty, then don’t force him. And that’s what I did. My strategy here is that whenever I go to the toilet to pee or even poop, I bring along my toddler so that he’ll see that a toilet bowl is for peeing and pooping. At first, nagta-tantrums sya because I used to place him inside a big vat. Haha! And after a couple of weeks, he shows signs of interest about it. He looks intently at what I’m doing. Another strategy is that I place his potty outside the comfort room just so he’ll become accustomed seeing it. Last week I was surprised to see him sitting on his potty but with his diapers on. I know malapit na sya matuto. I just need a lot of patience.

Sorry for the long comment. Nag-enjoy lang ako sa topic. 🙂


Glaiza | Moomy Musings

Wow, that is a great tip! I have a potty at home for her, I’ll also try putting it near the toilet door. Honestly, I don’t worry about how early or late my daughter learns, I don’t want to put to much pressure on her at baka magkasakit naman, di ba? Just like what Dr. Sears said, watch our child and not the calendar. I think this principle is encompassing in all aspect of child-rearing. i’m excited for you! let me know how things go for your son.


Sally Yu

First of all, I love the cute graphics. 🙂 Second, I love the topic. I may need to worry about that soon so I hope to learn from you too. 🙂


Glaiza | Moomy Musings

Hi Sally, thank you so much for liking! 🙂 Sure,I’d gladly share more tips once we learn well on this stage. 🙂


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