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Barney’s Birthday Bash Live in Manila


My daughter and I attended Barney’s Birthday Bash last night at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

Barney-Birthday Bash-3

Barney &  Friends Live in Manila!

Barney, a purple T-rex, and his fellow dinosaur friends: Baby Bop, BJ and Riff are very popular to children ages 2-5 years old around the world through first running an American TV show on April 6, 1992, which is about 22 years ago. My daughter first learned about Barney when started watching his show aired at Jim Jam.


Barney welcomes his young  and “young once” guests at his Birthday Bash

We even saw actress and host Amy Perez with his second (?) son when we were taking the escalator going to the second floor. She was just a step or two ahead of us. When we reached the second floor, some mommies and daddies even rushed to her to request for a photo op.

We had I think just the right seat for the show — not too flat, not too far, not too high! 🙂


Noa and her silly face :p

The show promptly started at 7PM. The stage was decorated, obviously to look like a party venue, with all those balloons, gifts, and hats. It was Barney who first showed up to greet all of us. The children were very participative whenever Barney asks several questions. You would really hear them shout their answers out loud.


Barney and his friends Baby Bop, Riff and the unnamed adults (or I just didn’t catch their names. *LOL*)

After Barney’s short welcoming words, the rest of his friends came out to greet us as well. It started off with Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and the other adult cast members.


Are you ready to parteeeeee???!!


Let’s get Barney’s Birthday Bash started by some groovin’


Barney’s Stilt Walker friend drops by to greet Barney a “Happy Birthday!”


BJ renders a special song for his friend Barney. I didn’t know that BJ dreams of becoming a rock star.


BJ, Baby Bop & Riff also sang for their beloved Barney and thanks him for a wonderful friendship.


Barney joins them in singing afterwards

Barney and his friends sang their original TV show songs like, “I Love You,” as well as the popular children’s nursery rhymes like, “The Wheels On The Bus,” “Incy Wincy Spider,” and “Old McDonald.” 


Happy 22nd Birthday, Barney! You surely don’t look like 22.

In case you are wondering, Barney did not dissolve back into his original stuffed form during the finale. He just blew about 5 candles that are flashed on the giant screen while we sing him a Happy Birthday song.

You know when Barney said goodbye to us, my daughter rushed back to my husband’s nephew who was also with us and hugged him. She almost cried and she didn’t like seeing Barney go.


Thank you to Vivre Fort Entertainment, Inc. for always making my daughter smile!

You know after the show, it makes me glad because most children are with their parents, and not just yayas or nannies. It just proves that a lot of Filipino parents are very supportive to whatever their child wants just like watching Barney’s Birthday Bash. As for me, I am so glad that watching this show added another wonderful and happy childhood memory that I hope my child brings until adulthood.

And for you, I have recorded a video of Barney’s live rendition of “The Wheels On The Bus.” This is our little present for you for stopping by. I also have, “Incy Wincy Spider” and “Old McDonald” over at the Moomy Musing YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend! ♥



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


Aries Medio

its really a great show…and my kids love this show so much because one of her favorite is barney…


Precy Sabiduria

very nice show…we love barneys so much especially my kids…


Precy Sabiduria

best show …ang saya saya…next time i’ll make sure na makakapanood na kami ng mga kids ko…they love barneys so much…


Avel Sabiduria

we had so much fun here…great shows ever


Aries Medio

glad to see this show…we had so much fun..


sherry ann gole cruz

we miss the chance to watch barney,hopefully they will come back for another show!


Jonalyn Repalda

I hope my son i can bring him their someday i am sure he would love it.


Ava Sabiduria Medio

its really nice show..sure ako na nagustuhan ng lahat and everybody had so much fun…


Genelynn Gundaya

Wow, surely my little girl would love to watch this.
The kids faces showed so much FUN! 🙂


arra odeza

aw sayang naman hindi kami nakaluwas ng baby ko tiyak magugustuhan nya show ni barney 🙁 anyways thanks po for sharing this with pics pra nrn kmi nakapunta 🙂


Ann Cagalingan

I hope i can bring my kids here someday 🙂


Mary Joy Cayton

hi mommy glaiza! This is a nice blog. I was checking online kasi about some reviews for Sansflou and nakita ko ung blog mo. I’m a new blogger and just posted a few articles palang. My baby A loves barney too. And ok din sya panuorin lalo na sa age na natututo palang ang mga babies magsalita.

If you have po time, you can check my blog kaso unti palang nasusulat ko. hehe!

God bless po. =)


Sally Yu

First of all, I want to commend on your shot esp the first picture, love it. May I know what camera did you use? hehe 🙂

After reading your entire post about Barney’s Birthday Bash, I am hoping that there’s another round again maybe next time when my toddler could already appreciate them. I have been singing The Wheels on the Bus and Incy Wincy Spider to her for quite sometime already and she is actually able to respond by imitating my actions. So when I played your recorded video on The Wheels on the Bus, she knew it and immediately pointed on her nose for the horn of the bus. haha! I bet she would dance along when she’s there watching. 🙂

Thanks for this informative post! I actually am not familiar with some of the Barney characters particularly Riff. Hihi! 🙂


Jenny Alano

This is shouting FUN< FUN< FUN!


Rebel Sweetheart

Your daughter’s smile says it all. Glad to see she had fun! 🙂


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