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Mothers and Babies Experience the Pigeon Happy Cycle

The famous adage, “Mothers know best,” is still very much alive today and also synonymous to another saying, “Mothers want best.”

When I still had my corporate job a couple of years ago, I swore to myself that despite having that usual office shift, I won’t give up breastfeeding Noa. My life then was a series of non-stop milk expressing every 2-3 hours in a small and not frequently used conference room in my workplace. After expressing, I needed to go up to our pantry where the fridge is located, sometimes even bumping into our British Managing Director at the elevator with my stored expressed breastmilk in hand.


I expressed for 9 whole months that started when Noa was 3 months old to sustain breastfeeding while working away from home. After that, I decided to breastfeed directly and “full time,” thus quit my job. 🙂

I am just really blessed that N did not encounter a common problem among breastfeeding babies such as nipple confusion.

Nipple Confusion occurs once our baby starts to shift from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or vice versa. This results to the child rejecting the breast in favor of the bottle, or the other way around.


My fellow mom bloggers attending the Pigeon Happy Cycle Table Discussion. It was one fun and informative meet-up over lunch at Kimukatsu, Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

I can totally relate to the working away from home moms who are wanting to breastfeed but have no strong or limited access to support. I almost gave up breastfeeding when my 2-month maternity leave ended. But since I got enough support from my husband (despite his distance) and a few mommy friends from the breastfeeding community, I successfully made it through breastfeeding Noa until she was 2 1/2 years old.

Just recently, I was invited by Pigeon, one of the well-known childcare brands at their very intimate Mom Bloggers Round Table Discussion at Kimukatsu Japanese Restaurant in Edsa Shangri-la Plaza Mall. We talked about what it is like for a mom and her baby to have a Pigeon Happy Cycle.

What is Pigeon Happy Cycle?

Through Pigeon’s line-up of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can now experience what the brand calls the “Happy Cycle.”


“Babies are truly bundles of joy, and Pigeon enhances this beautiful experience through the Happy Cycle,” says Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines.

Through Pigeon’s line-up of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can now experience what the brand calls the “Happy Cycle.”

“Taking care of your baby starts when you give him one of his most basic needs: your breast milk,” begins Yao Co Say. And Pigeon, she says, makes this moment a remarkably convenient and comfortable experience through easy-to-use products that are designed to meet the “happiness quotient” of both mom and baby.


The Different Stages of Pigeon Happy Cycle
  1. EXPRESS MILK — the act of taking milk from your breast naturally is the first step to the Pigeon Happy Cycle. “From the moment you breastfeed your baby, Pigeon is already there to support you and make the process more comfortable,” points out Yao Co Say. Indeed, Pigeon breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories allow you to extract your milk securely and with ease.

pigeon-silent electric-breast-pump

Silent Electric Breast Pump (BPA-free)

  • The Silent Electric Breast Pump uses a silent motor that allows you to express milk without disturbing your sleeping baby.
  • The soft, round edges of the Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM provide an airtight seal over the entire areola, allowing for steady expression of milk with only a light suckling sensation.
  • The Adjustable Suction Strength Dial with a five-pressure level settings and a Suction Cycle Speed Controller for regulating the speed of suction and customizing the pressure and speed, allowing you to express milk comfortably.


Manual Breast Pump (BPA-free)

  • The Sealing Air Cushion fits your breast perfectly by softly enveloping and gently stimulating it, allowing for comfortable and successful milk expression.
  • Pumping can be completely adjustable to imitate baby’s suckling pattern for a faster let-down.
  • Its One Hand System and ergonomically-designed handle makes it easy-to-use.
  • With its independent one-way milk flow path, you never worry about back flow.


Portable Electric Breast Pump (BPA-free)

  • As it is weighs only 200g, you can express milk with ease anytime, anywhere.
  • It is portable and easy to operate with just one hand.
  • Its Unique Push Lever allows complete control over the adjustable pumping cycle to imitate baby’s suckling pattern and encourage milk flow.
  • It includes a hassle-free breast milk storage component that you can simply attach to the bottle cap after expressing before storing into refrigerator or freezer.


2. STORE MILK — With Pigeon storage bags and containers, you can simply put away and store your milk so your child can still have it later on. That way, no amount of milk from you is wasted, and its nutrients and freshness are kept intact. In addition, Pigeon boasts the most complete collection of breast care accessories: breast pads, breast care gel, soft silicone nipple shield, and nipple care cream.


Breast milk Storage Bottles

  • These are designed for longer and safer storage, and convenient for breast milk storage in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Milk can be expressed directly into these bottles.

pigeon-breastmilk storage-bags

Breast milk Storage Bags (BPA-free)

  • This storage bag is already pre-sterilized with gamma ray, and has a convenient pour spout for transferring breast milk without spilling.
  • It includes a waterproof “write-on” tab for mothers to label the bags, plus a unique double zipper seal for extra security.
  • For ease of use, the storage bags are self-standing and milk can also be thawed easily by storing them flat in the freezer.


3. FEED — Because it’s a unique experience, a bonding moment between mothers and their newborns, “Feeding is always an experience I personally cherish,” shares Yao Co Say, herself a mother of 2.

Developed more than 50 years of research and study, Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS Technology enhances every mother and baby’s feeding experience through the PERISTALTIC PLUS NIPPLE that helps your baby avoid nipple confusion, which occurs once your baby starts to shift from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or vice versa.


160 ml/240 ml PP or Polypropylene Bottle (BPA-free)

  • It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion.
  • It allows for safe sterilization through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.


160 ml/240 ml PPSU or Polyphenylsulfone Bottle (BPA-free)

  • It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion.
  • It has a high degree of heat resistance and is very durable, making it safe to sterilize even through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.


4. CLEANSE & STERILIZE— the last but equally important step in the Happy Cycle. “Because babies have yet to strengthen their immune systems, they are more prone to disease or discomfort that may be caused by germs and bacteria,” says Yao Co Say.


Liquid Cleanser

  • This 100% food grade, antibacterial cleanser kills 99.99% of bacteria, but is gentle to the skin.
  • It is safe for cleaning baby bottle nipples and other feeding accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables.


Electric Steam Sterilizer

  • Using Japanese technology, this product sterilizes bottles in just 6 minutes, killing harmful bacteria effectively.
  • Safety standard-tested, durable in design, and not using chemicals, this sterilizer can accommodate 5 to 6 bottles, and shuts off automatically when done.
  • It’s detachable from the heater for easy cleaning, and includes a large, convenient accessory tray.


“Moms today definitely have a lot on their plate — they are skilled multi-taskers who juggle different life priorities,” observes Yao Co Say. “But ask many and they will say that motherhood is really the best and most rewarding job of all. Pigeon’s Happy Cycle aims to be their companion throughout this life-changing journey.”

I am so glad that I was able to familiarize myself more with the many wonderful products Pigeon has to offer. What I have tried so far with their items are the baby wipes, bottle brush, and their complete Pigeon Sakura Skincare Line for Babies. So far I am very satisfied with their products’ quality and competitive price.


Thank you Pigeon for sharing with me how important the Happy Cycle is in taking good care of our children.

For more information on Pigeon products, call 441 1717 or customer hotline 990-5437.You may also visit the website at, or the Pigeon Facebook page at



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



I will buy pigeon bottles for my baby because they say they have a soft nipples


Jen Gangan

It’s really warms the heart when you read sacrifices of moms for their child/children. Kudos to Pigeon for helping all Moms with their excellent products:)



My baby uses their bottles too and he liked the nipple so much. =)
I salute you Mommy Glaiza for your successful breast feeding experience. I hope I had the same support you had before.



Hi Jen! Thanks for sharing your Happy Cycle moment with Pigeon. Truthfully, I have not tried their bottles yet but since I got this opportunity to learn about it during the discussion, I think they have a competitive product and it’s best when used with breastmilk if we can. Don’t feel sad if you think you’ve had that little access to support during your time. In case you’ll have another child soon, we can get in touch and I can be one of the members of your support system. I can also introduce you to a community who will really encourage you to keep going. Thanks for dropping by and I love reading your thoughts. 🙂



I think Pigeon is one of the most trusted brands here in the Philippines. I know I used several of their products when my kids were small including the electric breast pump. 🙂



How was your experience using their electric breastpump? Can you share it with us, Jhanis? 🙂


Mary Joy

we love pigeon brand! yan gamit ko na bottles ni baby. My sister is planning to buy an electric pump din. I’ll check nga din yan.
thanks! =)



Hi Mary Joy! If you need help and got questions regarding Pigeon, feel free to contact them at the numbers I posted at the last paragraph of my post. Tell me how it goes, ok? 🙂 Best regards to your sister as well, I’d love to see her here in MM too just like you.


sherry ann gole cruz

pigeons products are so nice for babies,i had used it on my daughter before.



Hi Sherry Ann! Wow another Pigeon Happy Mama. What product/s have you tried before? 🙂


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