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GSK Fights to Stop Teeth Sensitivity with Sensodyne

GlaxoSmithKline finally provided Filipinos a more affordable and accessible solution to fighting teeth sensitivity or pangingilo as they launch Sensodyne in sachet for only P10.00! This is in line with the brand’s commitment to help the 9 out of 10 Filipinos who just endure the pain and embrace the lifestyle of having sensitive teeth.


“Say No to Ngilo is an advocacy campaign that was held at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel in March 27th that was participated by dentists, celebrities, consumers and Sensodyne to respond to the call of stopping pangingilo.




“The Philippines is the first country in the world where Sensodyne is introducing the sachet format. This  development is also significant because GSK is confident of the Philippines as an important emerging market, and this will definitely encourage more Filipinos to proactively manage their sensitive teeth and say no to ngilo,” says Jeoffrey Yulo, Consumer Healthcare General Manager, GSK Philippines.


Jeoffrey Yulo, Consumer Healthcare General Manager, GSK Philippines

Celebrity campaign advocate Luis Manzano knows full well the discomfort of pangingilo, being a sensitive teeth sufferer himself. “Sometimes during meetings and socializing, my enjoyment is cut short because of pangingilo. I just endure the pain so it doesn’t ruin my day or my night out,” he confesses.


Luis Manzano says no to ngilo: “When I started using Sensodyne, it made a big difference in my life! I don’t worry anymore about my sensitive teeth when I interact with people. Now I get to enjoy my favorite drinks along with everyone else and I could eat anything I want. No more pagtitiis, no more pangingilo!”

Sensodyne, from the multinational pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline, offers the Philippine market a wide-range of specifically formulated dental care products like toothpaste, toothbrush and floss. It works to relieve pain due to pangingilo and to provide clinically proven lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed. Sensodyne has also become the world’s favorite toothpaste for sensitive teeth/panginigilo of dentists around the world.


Actor and Sensodyne Campaign Advocate Luis Manzano joins Say No to Ngilo launch host Angel Jacob and Sensodyne Team for a photo-op.

Sensodyne is now available in sachets nationwide for the suggested retail price (SRP) of only Php10. For more product information, please visit



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Cy Valencia

I have very sensitive teeth and gums. My dentist recommended this and it actually works.


Jen Gangan

Wow, it’s about time that they make sachets, really:) I was wishing that they would make their product more affordable and accessible to the public, medyo pricey kasi yung nasa tube, pero thru experience, talaga namang effective ang sensodyne:)


sherry ann gole cruz

sensodyne is really effective..


Mary Joy

affordable na sensodyne and tanggal pa ngilo. Mas mae enjoy na pagkain ng malalamig like ice cream lalo ngayong summer na.


Avel Sabiduria

“say no to ngilo” its true about sensodyne its very effective…so amazing product…no worries na kahit malalamig ang kinakain..basta sensodyne the best talaga…


Aries Medio

sensodyne is really the best…i’ve been using this for 2 years now…and its very ngilo…kaya everyday happy ako…


Precy Sabiduria

Sensodyne is really the best for me..i’ve been using this for a year now and its very effective…nice product…


Ava Sabiduria Medio

a very affordable and accessible solution to ngilo problem…nice and great product…so amazing…


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