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Holy Week 2014: Be Cool in Bicol

I am taking a pause from the product and service features for today on the blog. As promised, I am going to share about how my family spent Holy Week 2014.

Firstly, Palm Sunday was a very surprising day because my mom threw another dinner celebration for her birthday. Little did I know that she would be having a surprise guest that night. Yes, it was my husband. I didn’t know that he would be coming home anytime soon because we have already agreed and made several plans for coming months. It was something really unexpected but very much appreciated.


Mayon Volcano: Sometimes, clouds can be annoying.

Holy Monday: I attended the Lysol Philippines Healthy Home Bloggers Event at Stacy’s for my last event commitment before everybody goes on Lenten break. Hubby was left in charge of the little one while I was attending the event. On our way home from BGC, we discussed the possibility of going to Bicol for a quick family vacation. Again, I was not prepared because I have originally planned of just staying at home and work on my blog backlogs. Fail.

We went to my husband’s new favorite airline company on Holy Tuesday to book his return tickets back to camp. We started driving our way to Bicolandia in the afternoon.

It was a tiring 14-hours land trip to Bicol come Wednesday — not because it’s traffic or whatsoever but our car started running slow. If it was to compare to a human being, I feel like we were dragging our feet to Bicol. We arrived at about 6AM. So far, it was the longest land travel I had in one sitting , with a soundly sleeping toddler in arms.

As soon as we arrived in Bicol, we rested a little; and my husband together with his brother left to have the car fixed. Something went wrong with our car’s oil filter so they had it changed quickly. Noa and I were left at our billeting, watching TV and eating sticky rice all day. When they came back, we just slept the rest of the day away since my husband was also tired from driving.

Maundy Thursday finally improved. We drove to see the Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, and drank up Sili Shake.

There is a Php10 entrance fee per person when you visit the Cagsawa Ruins.


It’s Cool to be in Bicol! 🙂

I wish I had known that the best time to see Mayon Volcano minus the clouds at 6AM or 3PM according to one of my Bicolana blogger friends, Serene. I wish I’d have another time to redeem this epic fail moment.


The Cagsawa Ruins located in Baranggay Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay.


This used to be called the Cagsawa Church before Mayon Volcano erupted and destroyed it in 1814 also according to our almost omniscient friend, Wiki.


It was our first time seeing Mayon Volcano and the Cagsawa Ruins up-close.

We went hungry and looked for something to eat while at the Cagsawa Ruins. I actually asked my husband if we can drive all the way to Legaspi City so we could try the Sili Ice Cream there. Lo and behold, I saw this signage. Box-office lang ang peg.


Sili Shake sold at Php45.00, if with Ice Cream, add Php10.

The flavors are just your usual seasonal fruits like Mango, Buko, Guyabano, Apple, Banana, etc. What is special about this shake is that you can give your regular fruit shakes a spicy kick. You can add up a shot or two of concentrated chili extract in your drink. The must-try flavor is the Guyabano-Apple Chili Combo.

If you are not friends with chili, you can just tell the stall owner that you just like your shake in plain (but of course that would be boring).

Good Friday: It was Noa’s first time to bathe in a river. I will dub this as Noa’s Secret River.”


And Noa’s initial reaction? I am just so glad that she had a great time and not called the river, “dirty and stinky.” That was her remark when she saw a small river in one of the towns we passed by still in Bicol. Anyway, in fairness to her, the river is indeed stinky.

Can I just also say that this Noa’s Secret River is really pristine? Bathing here is for FREE. We really had an amazing time.


Need I say more?

We decided to leave Bicol on the night of Good Friday to avoid the highly expected traffic jam. I am so glad that we made that decision after learning from the TV news how terrible the traffic condition was starting Easter. It was quite a long and scary road trip for me since there were no or very little number of motorists that night.

I also would like to say sorry to our friends who live in Bicol for not being able to visit you in your homes. It was really a very spontaneous vacation plan. We will make it up to you all next time.

How and where did you spend your Holy Week? No matter if you had a staycation or a quick out-of-town escapade, what matters most is that we were able to spend it the fun and meaningful way. Any place or activity becomes special when we spend it with the ones we so dearly love.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 🙂



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


Lorie Nocasa

wow. sili shake? seriously? dami naka pila ha.. my taste buds can’t handle that.. i guess na feature na ‘to sa Jessica Sojo right?

i don’t have any relative at bicol.. pero sana maka punta din kami dyan someday.. nice scenery very relaxing..


Kirsten Allysandra San Juan

I just feel envious coz I have never been to Bicol. I wanna be cool too haha


Mars M.

Wow on the surprise guest story!!! I’m just kilig!

I’ve always wanted to go to Bicol since that’s my mom’s hometown. My sister went there a few years back and was able to just sleep on the beach in a tent, no electricity, just the moon. It was beautiful she said! The closest she’s seen the moon. 🙂

Mars M.



next time pag mas mahaba bakasyon nyo food trip tayo dito sa naga then ill bring you sa Kawa-Kawa mare..Misibis and Cagraray Eco Park is also a place to see, I’m sure Ara and your Noa will enjoy the fresh provincial air..and then of course Calaguas :))



Hi Kawie! You are one of the ones we have to say sorry to. 🙁 Anyway, next time we will surely carefully plan the visit. Hugs to you and Ara.


Ann C.

Sana someday mka punta namn ako sa Bicol province,gusto kong mkpag vacation with my family! nice trip of you mommy!


Serene Shikukeza

Glad you enjoyed the trip. Sana nagpunta kayo sa linon hill and mayon resthouse. 🙂

Mayon shows up at 6am and 3pm exact time everyday daw according to hubby. 🙂



Bitin, Serene! Next time tatandaan ko na yan. Too late ko na kasi nalaman yang advice mo. 🙂


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