Spending Easter Country Fair at The Blue Leaf

Hello eveyone, how and where did you celebrate Lent with your family? I’ve been busy removing the cobwebs here on the blog since I was away for almost a week to spend time with my husband and daughter. We had a little family vacation in Bicol, visited the Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins and had Sili Shake. 🙂 It was really fun and I will tell you about it in another post.

We came back last Saturday here in Manila to avoid the traffic jam. It was a very smooth travel since we were the only ones using the road. I am so happy that we had that decision after learning from the news how terrible the traffic situation was starting Easter.

My husband already left for duty, while Noa and I made our way to The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in McKinley Hill, BGC to attend their Easter Country Fair. Thanks to all of you for inviting us!


It is Noa’s first official Easter Egg Hunting event since she was born because I am so lazy in attending Easter gatherings that are open to public because of the crowd. Last Sunday was an exception because I thought it was worth giving a shot since my daughter is a little bigger and could manage herself in a crowd of young egg hunters.

We arrived at The Blue Leaf just in time for the first scheduled set of Easter Egg Hunting at about 10AM. I really love the organizer’s idea of arranging the Egg Hunting Activity according to the child’s age. For Noa, she was included at the 1-4 years old batch. Since this age group is still a bit younger, an adult companion was allowed to escort them while hunting for those colorful eggs in the haystack.


Noa’s First Easter Egg Hunt Activity at The Blue Leaf BGC

I am really proud of her Easter Egg hunting skills since she managed to find a lot when she raided the haystack. Inside the eggs were candies, while some have a paper roll that entitles the young finder to a special prize.


Noa and her Easter Eggs

Since it was our first time joining an Easter Egg Hunting activity, I wasn’t aware that I needed to bring a basket for Noa. Good thing I had a small reusable bag in my purse that she could use.

There were other 2 sets of Easter Egg Hunting for bigger kids that shortly followed after Noa’s batch.

The onstage performances and activities were non-stop even if there was an ongoing Easter Egg Hunting being done on a separate room. Some of these acts include a juggler, magician, balloon sculpting from Jiggles the Balloon Lady, and a mini-musicale featuring Disney Princesses.


The jaw-dropping performance of a juggler.


Tita Jiggles the Balloon Lady


Snow White, Belle and Cinderella serenade the children with Disney tunes

Aside from the onstage performances, there were other things that could be enjoyed during the Easter Country Fair at The Blue Leaf. Noa tried the Kiddie Salon and the Glitter Tattoo booth.


Kiddie Salon booth had her hair styled using colored hair waxes and clips. 


Noa having a flower Glitter Tattoo on her arm

I didn’t know that she is now interested in Glitter Tattoos and she particularly requested having one that Sunday. She also chose her own design. I just hope this won’t translate into getting a real tattoo in the future! LOL.

The play areas that include a giant inflatable and slides were also a hit among the kids.



Again, I really appreciate the event not being overcrowded because the kids were surely having fun with the slides. It was a very relaxed Sunday for me too because of the numerous attendants and visible security personnel at The Blue Leaf. Not for a single moment I worried of Noa getting hurt while playing or getting lost because of a lot of people. There were about 2 or more attendants per play area guiding the children as they slide and climb.

Just outside the main event hall were the different side games that we could play like this Pachinko Game. It was the easiest game that Noa could play and she won some instant prizes.


Noa plays the Pachinko game, even carried by the attendant so I could take photos.


Noa won some food prizes from the event sponsors

You can literally stay the whole time at The Blue Leaf to escape the summer heat of Easter. The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion is really cool and relaxing.

Meals were also included when you purchase your event passes so you don’t need to go out of the venue to have lunch. I just find the food and drink a little short for my not-so-big appetite. I just wish that the food served was enough to sustain our energy accompanying the kids. Anyway, there were booths available for food purchase if you wish to have more.

Easter Country Fair at The Blue Leaf sponsors also had booths like Galinco Chips Delight for free snacking.


Chips Delight Free Products Sampling for everyone

Would I want to attend next year’s Easter Sunday event again at The Blue Leaf? Absolutely. It was less stressful for parents, not crowded and my daughter had fun. If you want to have a stress-free Easter Egg Hunting event for your family next year, I do suggest considering attending one held at The Blue Leaf. It was one of the best times of our life!

To catch event announcements like this or want to know more about The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, please visit their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theblueleaf.


  1. Cel says:

    Hi Mommy Glaiza!
    your post inspired me to let my baby join in egg hunting activity for next year.. hehehe I must say Baby Noa is such an amazing girl (the easter eggs she collected, wow!) you must be one proud mommy. ♡♡♡

  2. Jen says:

    Hi Mommy Glaiza! that was surely a fun-filled easter sunday. I saw one is SM pero my baby can’t join yet kasi he was 6 month old pa lang. Hehe. Maybe in the near future, I’ll give it a shot! =)

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