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Explore the World Through Food at Spice Island Trader

Every once in a while, I indulge myself into a little food exploration, especially when it is something new and interesting for my palette. From the cookie butter craze to the two-bite brownies that I’ve featured here, which all I all got and bought online, I am so glad to have learned of this new specialty shop in San Juan called, Spice Island Trader.


One boring day at home last weekend, I decided to visit their store at the corner of Jose Abad Santos and Lopez Jaena Street in Greenhills. If you’re familiar with the famous Wilson Street (where Cardinal Santos Medical Center is), then Spice Island Trader is just within that area.

Spice Island Trader dubs itself as the “merchant of curious food, sourcing specialty snacks and beverages from around the world,” when I initially checked on its Facebook page. It indeed stirred my curiosity as to what unique food items could really be found in their very new store.


When I first came in the shop, I noticed that the store is well-ventilated and the racks are well-kept. I was instantly welcomed by the store’s staff. I looked around and I felt giddy to take a closer view at each of the food racks, and what it has in store for me.

The commitment of Spice Island Trader? They offer these unique food items from around the world at the lowest price! If you can find any store that has better price offer, they will match it!

The first rack that I raided was drink mixes section — coffee, chocolate, tea, and juices. I found brands such as UCC, Horlicks, Twinings, and Swiss Miss to name a few.


Nestle, Swiss Miss, Ovaltine, 1848, UCC, Horlicks


The moment I saw Country Time’s Pink Lemonade, I knew I shouldn’t go home without trying this! Perfect summer cooler!!


Malteser’s Malty Chocolate Drink is one of the fastest moving items at Spice Island Trader for only P270.

Spice Island Trader also houses different kinds of cereals like Weetos, Golden Grahams and Alpen.


They also have St. Dalfour’s fruit jams, Ghirardelli’s baking mixes and products from Betty Crocker.

If you are a health buff, they also have items that you would surely want to check out, both for kids and adults.


Interesting: Creamy Mushroom and White Wine Cooking Sauce


Zest Basil Pesto is a must-try. Just looking at it makes me drool! It reads: with brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts & pinenuts. Yum!


Caviar, Bolognese and another pesto jar from Panzani

I also spotted a bunch of kid-friendly food items at their store.


Hipp Organic 100% Baby Rice and Ella’s Kitchen Pears, Apples and Baby Rice 


If your child is a pasta lover, Little Pasta Organics with Spinach and Brocolli Pasta Sauce for Kids is something to try.


Organix Finger Foods is a rice cake snack made of organic raspberry and blueberry, made for kids.

Aside from the famous TJ Cookie Butter, have you tried this Cadbury Milk Chocolate spread? How about Ovomaltine Crunchy Chocolate spread?


As I’ve reviewed before, I still vote for Lotus Biscoff over the TJ Cookie Butter. Now I wonder how this Caramelized Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter tastes like? spice-island-trader-lotus-biscoff-caramelized-cookie-butter-smooth

Lotus Biscoff The Original Caramelized Biscuit Spread

Wanting some snacks? Pik-Nik Cheese Curls is a nice break to your usual potato strings. 🙂 There are also some other must-try flavors of Pringles if you’re a fan. I’ve already tried the Prinngles Sour Cream-Cheezums combo and it is so far my favorite. 🙂



Orville Poppycock Pecan Delight Popcorns!!

Who doesn’t like chocolates and candies????


Chocolates are surely DIVINE.


Can I take this chocolate rack home?


I am looking at Bonds’ Chocolate Limes right now, how about you?


More chocolates!!! I want to live here!


Milo Nuggets you likey?

Some other snack faves like Pocky and Bourbon Petit are here!

For those who likes to cook using the finest meat cuts, visit the Spice Island Trader freezer because I’m sure you will find something that you like.

Pair it with some healthy cooking oil, nuts and condiments.


Kirkland Almond and Walnuts


With all these unique and yummy foods that we’ve discovered, I’m sure you are now thirsty. How about some Vanilla Coke or Dr. Pepper’s?


Vanilla Coke sold for P45 at Spice Island Trader. Dr. Pepper? SOLD OUT.


Did you spot 7-up Cherry down there?

There are way more special food items that I wish I could cover, but I will just leave some portions untouched so you can go ahead and discover what Spice Island Trader has to offer. Let me just share with you what ended up in my shopping basket:


The World Through My Spice Island Trader Shopping Bag

I will surely be back to check on the other items that I’ve always been wanting to try. I wish they could also open an online store soon where they can accept orders for nationwide shipping, isn’t it?

I do hope you visit the Spice Island Trader, most especially if you’re within the neighborhood, or if you pass by the Greenhills area. Here’s their details:

Spice Island Trader


I had fun visiting their store and I felt like I already traveled the world by just checking out the racks of Spice Island Trader. What unique food items would you like for yourself? 🙂



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


James Guevara

I love your article! I never realized that some of them existed since I don’t see them in the market. haha. Thanks for sharing! Hope to read some of your other articles in the future 🙂



Hi James! I’m glad that you liked my article. 🙂 Like you, I also didn’t realize that there are products like this in the market. Sadly, only a few people can get to enjoy trying them — why? Very limited information. Please visit Spice Island Trader and I’d love to hear about your own unique food discoveries, too. 🙂


James Guevara

Hi @moomymusings 🙂 I’ve recently blogged Spice Island Trader on and in my personal blog, Thank You for inspiring me to write it. haha. I’ve mentioned you naman sa personal blog ko. 😉

If you want, you can check it out here:

Thank You! 🙂 <3



I could get lost (by choice) in the there forever! A foodie’s heaven!



Heaven indeed! So far I’ve tried the Country Time Pink Lemonade, and wow, I’m in love with it!! 🙂


Mary Joy

wow ms. glaiza, ang ganda naman dyan parang “disneyland” for me! hehe!

Ang damin nilang choices and majority hindi mo talaga makikita sa mga supermarkets lang. Like the maltesers drink. Akala ko chocolate candy lang meron nun.

Baka pag napasyal ako mapagastos ako ng marami, hehe! =)



Hi Mary Joy! Onga eh, it is really an interesting store. My trick when shopping is: set a budget limit para may discipline ka to get things that you really like. Mahirap na baka magalit ang mga mister. 😉 Seriously, please visit Spice Island Trade beecause there are lots of great and unique food finds. 🙂 By the way, I am drinking the Kirin Milk Tea now. Yum!


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