Flick Pick of the Week: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man has been one of Β my ultimate date movies with my husband. Unfortunately, when it opened last April 30th here in Manila, I had to go alone since he is deployed. Yes, you read it right, I went out on a date with Peter Parker right on its first day of showing.

I admit that my expectations on this sequel of The Amazing Spider-Man series is soaring high for weeks now. The Spider-Man fans around the world won’t get disappointed though with its special effects, for they will really take your breath away.


The movie still stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, with his love interest, Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. The main antagonists in this movie are Electro, amazingly played by Jamie Foxx, and Peter’s best friend-turned-nemesis, Harry Osborn. (For me, I think James Franco still plays best this role). When I saw this plot unfold, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, back at their Smallville days.

The movie is very entertaining, but since it is also action-packed, some scenes must require adult supervision when watching with your children.

I also have to say that even if this movie is great and entertaining, I had a little problem with how it spun complex story plots, which made the movie quite anΒ overkill. Over the two The Amazing Spider-Man movies, I still prefer the first installation over the sequel.

Is your peso worth spending for The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Nothing explosive or spectacular in terms of story aside from Gwen Stacy dying in this movie, nevertheless, a must-watch for the avid fans of Spider-Man. You will still have a great time sitting down at the cinema seeing this.

Haha! Got you there, so sorry for the biggest spoiler! I couldn’t get over Gwen dying. I think if they will be coming up with The Amazing Spider-Man 3, would it now be about Mary Jane Watson?

What things did you enjoy about seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2?


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