Monde Mamon-It-Yourself This Summer

When summer vacation comes, it is almost automatic for us moms to look for the best classes that can be enjoyed by our children. While there is nothing absolutely wrong in letting our children have a fruitful time while school is off through these summer classes, we sometimes wonder if there is an activity that we can enjoy as a family.

I recently discovered a great summer bonding activity that the entire family can enjoy doing through the idea of Monde Mamon. I highly suggest that you try Monde Special Mamon-It-Yourself Decorating — a fun, easy, affordable bonding activity for the whole family and experience for yourself how easy it is to Mamon-It-Yourself.


I am a big baked food lover and I admit that a lot of times, I find it difficult to eat nicely decorated pastries like cupcakes and cakes. For example, when my daughter had her first birthday, I literally closed my eyes before slicing her celebration cake. I know bakers and patissieres exert a lot of effort in decorating the pastries before having them displayed for everyone to see and taste.


For this reason, it really made me excited when I learned that my family is invited to this seemingly fun Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Event It is our first time participating in an event like this together with the families of my fellow mommies from the blogging community.


My Mommy Friends from the Blogging Community: Louise of Mommy Practicality, Rochelle of, Peachy of The Peach Kitchen, and Levy of

That very moment I arrived at the Yardstick Coffee Shop in Esteban Street, Makati City and saw how they beautifully designed the place, I knew that they spent many hours planning and preparing for this event. For me and my daughter to be there is just a wonderful opportunity to participate, learn, and enjoy whatever they have in store for us that afternoon of April 5th. It’s just too bad because my husband missed it again due to his military deployment.


I super love the Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself event theme and style! 

The event was hosted by RX93.1 radio jock and mom Delamar Arias with his son, Cooper, in tow. She said that hosting family-oriented activities such as this makes her really happy because it is close to her heart being a mom herself.


After Delamar’s short welcoming talk, the program kicked off with a keynote message from one of Monde Nissin’s PR and Media Manager, Gen Dela Peña


Ms. Gen Dela Pena of Monde as she welcomes us all to the event

Shortly after Ms. Gen’s message, all the mom bloggers were asked to come in front to learn more tips and tricks on how to Mamon-It-Yourself from Chef Mitchie Sison.


Chef Mitchie Sison, our special Mamon-It-Yourself mentor for the event

I also learned from Chef Mitchie a few recipes like the Swiss Buttercream Frosting.


Chef Mitchie makes Swiss Buttercream Frosting

She also mentioned about treating each mamon as a blank canvass (The Monde Special Mamon is a yummy one!) that we can use to make a piece of artwork. As a chef, she told us that decorating (and perhaps plating?) is one of the activities that she really enjoys in the kitchen because it unleashes the creativity in her.


Chef Mitchie uses the Swiss Buttercream Frosting to make Monde Special Mamon even yummier!

Here are some of the yummy Monde Special Mamons that Chef Mitchie decorated that afternoon. She even used Monde Special Cream Puffs as toppings.


Mamon-It-Yourself is as fun and colorful as these decorated delicious Monde Special Mamons


Just when I thought learning is over, we were introduced to another special guest who would teach us more easy peasy recipes that we can do using Monde Special Mamon. She’s popularly known as “The Spoiled Mummy” in the cyber world because of her mouth-watering food posts and recipes for the family.


The Spoiled Mummy: Grace Barbers-Baja

Grace taught us a couple of ideas on how to make our Monde Special Mamon one yummy and healthy bar higher. She also revealed her recipe for “The Spoiled Mamon.”


Grace demonstrates the Banana-Peanut Butter using Monde Special Mamon recipe


Grace’s Set of “Spoiled Mamon” using Monde Special Mamon

While all the moms were busy listening to the live demos of Chef Mitchie and Grace, our children were all busy doing some arts and crafts… and cooking up a little surprise.


After Chef Mitchie and Grace finished passing on to us their skills and experiences in decorating and coming up with yummy mamon recipes, it’s now our turn to translate what we’ve learned from them. We were given various mamon toppings, frostings, kitchen tools, and art materials that we can use to decorate our 12-pack Monde Special Mamon.


My daughter couldn’t contain herself and she’s trying to sneak in to get and eat some of the ingredients that we were provided for.


Looking at my daughter’s face, I know she’s having a fun time at the Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Event. And for that, I am truly grateful. (But still, look at her small hand trying to sneak in again.)

After that one messy but fun hour decorating our Monde Special Mamon, Noa and I came up with this:


Our Mamon-It-Yourself Inspiration is all about using the toppings that me and my daughter love like chocolates, candies, wafer sticks, cookies, and ripe mangoes.


This is one of our favorites: The yummy summer Monde Mamon

Before parting ways, one of the best parts was yet to come. It literally made me teary-eyed as the little surprise was revealed to us in the form of a video. Check this out!

We were also given a Monde Special Mamon that was “secretly” decorated by our own children. I felt like that day was already Mother’s Day.


Our Mamon-It-Yourself decorating journey did not end that day at Yardstick. Aside from the time well-spent with our family, kitchen learnings and fun discoveries, we took home a Mamon-It-Yourself Kit from Monde.


Mamon-It-Yourself with your family this summer with Monde Special Mamon

This Mamon-It-Yourself Kit is loaded with different toppings, decorating tools and of course a stash of Monde Special Mamon so we can continue the family bonding activity at the comfort of our own home.

Thank you so much, Monde for this really fantastic day! It is one of the best family events that I’ve been to so far.

Monde Special Mamon is available in 2 yummy flavors: Classic and Chocolate with filling. Monde Special Mamon is made with real fresh eggs, imported wheat flour, and milk so we are guaranteed that is it baked to be delicious!

Monde Special Mamon is available in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Go grab a pack today when you do your grocery shopping and start your own great summer mamon decorating activity with your family.


Discover that family bonding is so much better when you #MamonItYourself with Monde Special Mamon.

For more delicious ways on how to decorate your favourite fluffy Monde Mamon this summer, please visit



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Wow. I want this activity with my kids. I’m sure they will love it. Maeenjoy ng anak ko mgdecor at kainin kc gusto nya ng mamon..


Clarinda Santiago

This is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy summer & bond with the kids. Every kids love to eat and so the parents. We get to draw their own uniqueness and creativity…


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