#ThankYouBaby I Became A Woman

Sushmita Sen once answered, “Being a woman by itself is a gift of God which all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother and is a woman and the woman is the one who shares and shows a man what love, caring, and sharing is all about. That’s the essence of a woman.”

To my dearest, little Mover,

When I first gazed at you 3 years ago, I’ve never thought that this beautiful quote would come so alive in my heart. My life drastically changed on a positive note, and I’ve learned to sort out my priorities in life. Having you is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me in this lifetime.

I fell in love with your nickname, Noa, since it bring forth a couple of wonderful meanings — movement in Hebrew, and my love or my affection in Japanese. Yes, you indeed moved me to change for the best and you captured my affection, my one true love. Through you, I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman, wife and mom. Having you allowed me to discover my hidden fears and the strength that I didn’t know I have.


The world suddenly became a better and happy place since you are in it. There may be days that you drive me crazy when you throw tantrums, but I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else but beside you. I won’t ever regret leaving the corporate world because what I really want is to be part of your little world.

Each waking day with you at home is my bliss. I love it when you sing, “Good morning, goood morning, good morning to you…” every time you wake up ahead of me as you poke my face. You are mommy’s sanity. I don’t think I will ever survive my relationship with your Daddy when you are not around. You are my greatest comforter when you always say, “It’s OK, Mommy, don’t cry, Noa’s here.”

We will have differences, shortcomings and fights in the future when we both become older, but always, always remember that you can always go home no matter what. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I only have one thing in mind for you: I pray that your life will always be filled with love, wisdom and joy. Discover who you are, soar high and reach for your dreams, and we promise to pray for you always and guide you into becoming what God wants you to be.

Thank you baby for becoming my essence! I am your mother.

With so much love,

Mommy Glaiza

What are you thankful for as a mom? Celebrate your joys as a mother. Thank your baby today.


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