To My Daughter’s Dad on Father’s Day

To My Daughter’s Dad:

Words and this lifetime will never be enough to express how blessed I am to partner with you in becoming a steward of this precious little soul called, Noa.

You may always be far from us as you serve our country but you never cease to be there for us in your own simple ways. Thank you for loving, protecting, providing and caring for us always. May God bless you with strength, wisdom and joy as you also go on your journey to becoming a man after His own heart. 


I know Noa will one day understand you and what you do. Don’t worry about it because I will try my very best to explain the kind of family that we have. You are a great father and don’t ever forget that.

Oishi’s wife in 47 Ronin said, “I am the wife of a Samurai. Whatever your duty is, it is mine, too.”

I am your wife and she is your daughter. Whatever your duty is, it is ours too. We will always be proud of you.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! We love and miss you so much! See you really soon. We will make more beautiful family memories. ♥

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