Fly Ace Corporation Hosts a Juice Party for Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021

Our child’s school canteen is an extension of our very own kitchen.

This is the realization I got after attending the Juice Party hosted by Fly Ace Corporation a few months ago. As a mom of a soon-to-be-student, I learned to put into my scouting checklist  to visit the canteen of our prospective schools for our daughter. Come to think of it, no matter how healthy the foods we serve to our kids are, they will spend most of mealtimes in his or her school canteen. We have limited ways to monitor what they buy to eat for lunch or dinner, even during snack time.

I am really glad that two women rose up and co-authored the Healthy Beverage Options Act of 4021.


In support of the Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021 of the Philippines, Fly Ace Corporation launched its first healthy beverage fete, entitled “Juice Party”, a celebration on healthy living which aims to educate Filipinos on the benefits of drinking 100% fruit juice.  

What We Need To Know About the Healthy Beverage Options Act of 4021

Authored by Camarines Sur 3rd District Congresswoman Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and Dinagat Islands Rep. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao, House Bill 4021 or Healthy Beverage Options Act insists on the need for the regulation of the availability of beverages to children in schools.


(L-R) FAC Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Larry Cochanco, FAC Product Manager Jasmine Capule, FAC Marketing Manager Teresa Conde, Congresswoman Leni Robredo, Daniel “Chip” Gatmaytan, Multiple Intelligence International School’s Founding Directress May Joy Abaquin and FAC President Jun Cochanco

The bill applies to persons, institutions and entities that provide basic education and prohibits provision and selling of:

(1) soft drinks, sport drinks, punches and iced teas,

(2) fruit-based drink which are less than 50% real fruit juice,

(3) fruit-based drinks with additional sweeteners, and

(4) drinks containing caffeine

It also encourages provision or selling of (1) water, (2) fruit juice with at least 50% real fruit juice content and (3) low- or fat-free milk and calcium fortified milk.


Guests were able to sample the various juices throughout the event

Fly Ace Corporation Marketing Manager Ritchie Conde shared the objectives of the Juice Party in her opening remarks, ”With this Juice Party, we aim to raise awareness on the different types of juice – some juice are healthy and some, while perceived to be healthy, are actually not. By doing this, we hope to educate our consumers to make better choices that will lead to better health.”

There are different types of juices and 100% fruit juice is the healthiest as it has 100% real fruit content and is the direct juice from any fruit. Nectars contain 25% to 50% fruit juice content with additional water and sweeteners such as honey, corn syrup, sugar and citric acid. Lastly, fruit drinks contain a small proportion of juice content and sugar additives such as artificial flavors, colorants and stabilizers.


Daniel “Chip” Gatmaytan and Prof. Luchie Callanta 

Board Member of the Philippine Association of Nutritionists Professor Luchie Callanta RND discussed the health benefits of drinking fruit juice. Oranges helps build a stronger immune system and helps prevent cancer. Dark grapes lower cholesterol and increase the skin’s collagen strength. Cranberries have natural antioxidants and rid infection in the urinary tract while plum juice has numerous heart and gastrointestinal benefits.

Guest Speaker Congresswoman Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo shared the history of the bill which started as a plea from Daniel “Chip” Gatmaytan who was also present in the event. The young student at Multiple Intelligence School was lobbying for the bill since 2011.


Daniel “Chip” Gatmaytan

If the bill passes, Congresswoman Robredo cited the participation of DepEd and DOH to work hand in hand to formulate and promulgate the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the law. She mentioned that a lot of schools in the country do not even provide water which is the most important fluid for the body.

Trade partners, the media, and global principals were greeted with a citrus scent upon entering the venue at Annabel’s in Tomas Morato. Overflowing fruit juices were served with Fly Ace Corporation’s 100% fruit juice brands Rauch Happy Day, Old Orchard, Mott’s, Welch’s, and Jolly Fresh. A sumptuous buffet was served as guests watched a short skit from Mad Science Philippines highlighting the unhealthy effects of caffeine and soda in our body.

Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager Jasmine Capule imparts, “The Juice Party event is just the start of our support to the bill. We will support the bill through educational campaigns in schools, partnership with hospitals and by continuously participating in health and awareness campaigns about 100% juices.”

A glass of fruit juice a day surely goes a long way in ensuring a healthier life.  Make it a habit, and share it to others. The Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021 ensures that our children do the same in school.

How We Can Help as Parents

If you believe in this cause of making another important institution apart from our home a healthier place, please support the Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021 by talking about it in your own spheres of influences — home, workplaces, among meetings with friends and families, even your child’s school’s administrators and faculty members. You can also get in touch with your area’s congressman by writing an email, visiting their office asking them to support the bill in Congress.

Let us join hands for this cause that will greatly impact the health of our children and the whole community of  young Filipino students. Thank you Fly Ace Corporation for standing up for this healthy cause!

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