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Books Written for Mothers by Mothers Featured in Mommy Matters

Yesterday, Noa and I had another adventure in Makati City. We visited Powerbooks in Greenbelt 4 for the Mommy Matters Blogger’s Party organized by Anvil Publishing Inc.

Mommy Matters features several books that will guide Filipino parents in their wonderful journey called parenting. These books are written by Filipino moms so we can very much relate to the topics that they wrote about. These little treasures will surely find a way into our hearts as moms and dads since the authors themselves were inspired by their own families and journey as they write the book.

Mommy Matters Book Collection

Breastfeeding Journeys by Zeny Feliciano


Breastfeeding Journeys: Straight from the Coach is a collection of inspiring stories of the many mothers that Coach Z (Zeny) helped have a wonderful experience with breastfeeding. Captivating, original, and moving, these testimonials chronicle the trials and triumphs, the dreams and disappointments, the hopes and joys of breastfeeding moms, and how patience, determination and their sheer love for for their babies made their breastfeeding journey a success.

Learning and Growing Up Wired by Queena Lee Chua

Growing Up-Wired

Growing Up Wired: Raising Kids in the Digital Age in a groundbreaking study, the authors present in this book the findings from well-known international studies as well as personal experiences and testimonials by Filipino students, families, teachers, and experts on why our children have totally different and distinct behaviors and values in response to modern technology, particularly the Internet.

This book also answers common questions on raising Filipino kids today: How can we use social media wisely? How do we deal with our kids’ gaming addiction? How can we motivate kids to read and to socialize healthily? How can we talk so kids will listen? How can we integrate technology effectively in school?


Learning: What Parents, Students and Teachers Should Know tackles how parents are unsure about many things. How can they help their kids with homeworks? How can they discipline their children, yet treat them with love and respect? How can they strike a balance between family and career? How can they ensure that their kids love learning?

Yummy, Mommy by Tricel De Guzman


Yummy, Mommy is a “book (that) should be part of every mom’s kitchen arsenal. In this book, Tricel provides bullets of practical information, arm you with recipes that are easy to prepare, resulting in dishes that will hit the spot even for our young picky eaters. With new knowledge from this book and our effort, we hope to say ‘mission accomplished’ when we see our kids happier and healthier because of the food choices we make for them.”

Early Learning Books by Krie Reyes Lopez and Ana de Borja Araneta

Krie and Ana are moms constantly on the lookout for fun for their curious kids. The Early Learning Books were born out of finding the silly in the ordinary the funny in the everyday and the beauty in many things around us.

I Will Always Love You More by Peachy Concepcion


I Will Always Love You More asks, “What does a mother feel when she sees her children growing up right before her eyes?” Peachy G. Concepcion articulates the experience of a mother watching her children go from little girls playing in the sun to young women going to prom, holding on to the thought of her little babies and yet excited at the potential of her children.

Fun with Numbers by Paz Jensen and Aida Reyes

Real Fun With Numbers provides the connections between process and content. Children are presented with meaningful problems to solve and asked to communicate and defend their thinking to their teacher and classmates. Since play is very much a part of the child’s life at this level, it is used to introduce content concepts throughout the development of their mathematical knowledge.

Given the proper blend of activities and guided interactive learning, the beginning learner will have an excellent foundation in mathematics. The learning of mathematics will be fun, active, and sequentially sound. The pages in this book identify not only the NCTM content standards but also how the lessons align with the Department of Education’s K-12 Mathematics curriculum.

The books are perfect gifts for young parents who need all the advice they can get about challenges and wonders of raising children. They can be found in the parenting sections of all branches of National Book Store and Powerbooks nationwide.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


Zeny C. Feliciano

Hi glam-mama Glaiza, it’s a pleasure meeting you and your fun active daughter that morning! Thank you for featuring our books in your blog… Books written for mothers by mothers



You’re welcome Ms. Zeny! Looking forward to seeing you again around! 🙂


Joan Mae

Hello, there Mommy Glaiza.
Just dropping by. And it’s kinda fun reading this very helpful tips for all of us moms out there. Good day!



Hi Joan! Thanks a lot. I’ve read some of the books I listed here and they are all really good. I highly recommend Growing Up Wired!


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