Samsung KidsTime: Fun Learning For Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

September 26th was a day Noa and I really looked forward to because we’re finally getting to learn more about Samsung’s newest educational app for kids, KidsTime.

Being chosen to review KidsTime is truly a joy and honor for me. Having said this, I’m also fully aware of the weight of responsibility that I carry in terms of keeping myself updated not just on KidsTime itself, but more so, how to parent my child in today’s techie age.

Noa and I visited the chic Heima Store in Brixton, Pasig City to film our initial reaction about KidsTime and what an exciting day of adventure turned out to be for the two of us.


Our Samsung KidsTime video shoot location: Heima Lifestyle Store – Brixton

What is Samsung KidsTime?

KidsTime is an app developed by Samsung Asia, which aims to create a safe haven for your little ones while giving parents peace of mind. KidsTime has over 80 apps for kids along with features like parent reporting, and no ads or in-app purchases. In terms of content, KidsTime contains a selection of child-safe and age-appropriate games and e-books in a safe and secured digital environment.


Noa has just woken up for about an hour when we arrived in Heima so she was a bit shy. I was waiting for her to loosen up and unleash her real friendly self. I started loading KidsTime to see her reaction.

Here are my observations and initial feel on the Samsung KidsTime app:

  • Samsung KidsTime’s loading time is very fast. Try counting in your head as you launch the app and it would only take you less than 10 seconds.
  • You can customize your child’s KidsTime profile in your mobile device. You can enter their name, gender, age and choose their own avatar.


  • KidsTime will ask you to create your 4-digit Parent Pin to access and manage the Parental Control, Screen Limits and App Lock features.


  • Before your child can enjoy the app, parents have the final say as to how long their child should use the device through the “Set your mission time” feature. Parents can set the usage time in between 5-60 minutes.


  • KidsTime uses really colorful and child-appealing images in the app’s interface.


  • I didn’t see a single advertorial popping out on the screen during the entire duration of Noa’s usage of KidsTime. I was told this was a permanent feature. Sweet!


Let me share with you Noa’s Progress Path for this week. I really find this feature on the Samsung KidsTime app very useful for me in knowing my daughter’s interests and those areas that she needs to improve on.

Looking at this report, I learned that Noa likes Reading and Language Arts, and I have to encourage her to explore more on Math and Science.


The app is divided into 2 main categories: Games & Books.


Noa’s Favorite Samsung KidsTime Game & Book


“Super WHY” – learn how to write the alphabet, its corresponding sound and how to form simple words


“A Day in the Market” is a dual language interactive book about a little girl’s first trip to the market. You can read along with your child in either Filipino or English and have fun discovering new words together.

As a mom, I find Samsung KidsTime to be one of my parenting allies in this digital world. Through this educational app, I was able to learn more about my child – games that interests her, things that make her laugh and smile, and the books that catches her attention.


More importantly, it is the TIME that we spend with our KIDS is that truly matters. I sincerely believe that at this point, everything we need to know to become better parents to our kids is already made available for us. Even so, no matter how good things are, our involvement as parents in our children’s lives is still the best we can give. We must always do our best to shower them our love, guidance and wisdom as they grow up.

Spending QUALITY TIME with our KIDS is what will bring us the genuine peace of mind that we are always looking for.


There is no doubt that Samsung KidsTime is one of the best educational apps that we have used today. You can DOWNLOAD SAMSUNG KIDSTIME and enjoy one (1) month FREE trial of all its fun and educational contents, or visit

On my next post, I will share our Samsung KidsTime video. I am very excited to see it, and I do hope it gives you more information about how this app has made me closer to my little Noa.


  1. GGT | says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 Setting a limit is a very important so our kids can also experience doing other activities. I limit my daughter’s screen time to max of 1 hour every day and so far KidsTime has really been helpful to me.

  2. Fred says:

    It is hard to balance school time with tablet time! I just hope that this app can hold their attention long enough. There are just too many senseless game apps now competing for their attention.

    • GGT | says:

      I think that is where our role as parents comes in. We are here to guide and make sure that everything is done in moderation. As for me before I download anything, I read or play it myself at night when mu daughter is fast asleep. I think that is one of my best practices for all the apps that we have on the device.

  3. Chel says:

    I’m impressed! With this app parents dont need to worry that their kids are opening the wrong apps, etc. plus its very educational that it benefits both kids and the parents. Good work Samsung!

  4. ava says:

    OMG! This is awesome! My 6 year old will surely love this new app from Samsung. 🙂 I can’t wait to show it to him when he wakes up tom!

  5. Carmel says:

    Your daughter is so cute!!! 🙂 I don’t have my own family yet but thanks for the recommendation. Will download this for our driver’s kid. 🙂

  6. Kim @ Mom On Duty says:

    KidsTime looks like a really nice app! Unfortunately, we’re an Apple family. LOL! I do hope they make an app that has all these. Ngayon kasi we’re using different apps for reading, math, games, etc.

    • GGT | says:

      Hi Kim! Yes please do try it! You know I was so clueless before about the other aspects that Noa needs to improve on like Social, Science and Math. Thanks to this app for letting me realize this. Go and try it today and have access to all the apps. 🙂

  7. Chinky Magtibay says:

    We’ve been trying to limit the screen time of my 2 1/2 year old son but there are still times that we really allow him to use the tablet (to keep him still, usually when we’re out!) So I really am in the look out for educational apps for him. Thanks for sharing this. I will look it up! 🙂

    • GGT | says:

      Hi Chinky! I agree with you on setting a screen-time limit for our lil ones. Whay I like os that Samsung KidsTime understands this need for a disciplined and responsible usage of electronic devices. Feel free to share your comments and about your experience ith us! 🙂

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