4 Simple Ways To Care For Baby’s Sensitive Skin

I would never forget the time that we received a pack of diaper as a gift to Noa when she just turned one. It wasn’t really our diaper brand of choice; but since it was a gift from someone who is really close to us, I thought it would be impolite not to use it or give it away.

We received this huge pack that could last us about 3 weeks but to my horror, Noa developed a serious diaper rash that prompted me to get rid of those nappies in a snap! I could still recall Noa crying at the top of her lungs as  I clean her every after poop time. From that day one, I swore to be really careful in selecting only the best diaper for her because our baby’s skin is extra delicate and sensitive.



How do you protect baby’s sensitive skin?

Did you know that your baby’s skin is thinner than adult skin? It’s more delicate and more sensitive, so it’s important you take extra precautions to protect your baby’s skin. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

1. Use products that do not irritate baby’s skin.

Be more discerning about products you use on your baby, such as soaps, detergents, and diapers. Soaps and detergents may contain harsh ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin. Opt for gentle cleansers and detergents which are hypoallergenic and will not cause your baby’s skin allergies. To know which skin product is best to use on your baby, you could do a simple skin test on your arm. Products that are too harsh for your skin may cause redness or even tingling, causing even more irritation on baby’s skin.

2. Choose soft clothing. 

Consider the materials your baby’s clothes are made of. These come in direct contact with their skin, so pick those with a soft, smooth material such as 100% cotton instead of other fabrics that can chafe and mark on a baby’s extra-sensitive skin.

3. Keep out of the sun. 

As much as possible, avoid leaving the house with your baby during peak hours, 10AM  to 4PM, as this is when the sun can get ultra-hot. Harmful UV rays will not only darken baby’s skin, but possibly result to dryness, blemishes and even worse, sunburns which can turn into blisters.

4. Use a diaper that has 5-star skin protection.

Your baby’s bottom is even more sensitive than skin on other parts of his body because it is exposed to pee and poo every day. Prolonged wetness on baby’s skin makes his skin prone to irritation, causing diaper rashes and other allergies. It is so important to use a good quality diaper that will make sure the skin on baby’s bottom is protected every day, even if it is exposed to continued wetness.


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