5 Things We Love About Samsung KidsTime

It’s been almost 2 months since Noa and I first tried Samsung’s KidsTime. If in case you missed my previous post about our first impression of this app for kids, you can read it on Samsung KidsTime: Fun Learning For Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents.




Before I share the much-awaited video of our Samsung KidsTime shoot, Noa and I had so much fun exploring all the edutainment apps in our tablet. Noa uses Samsung KidsTime, including other screens like TV for a maximum of 2 hours every day, divided into sessions.

Samsung KidsTime’s Updated Look

A few weeks back, I also updated Samsung KidsTime on our device. You’ll notice a change in the app’s look. Let’s take a look at an example:


Samsung KidsTime BEFORE the update


Samsung KidsTime AFTER the update

Set Your Mission Time

The Screen Limit is one of my favorite features of Samsung KidsTime. By using this helpful feature, we are able to monitor the time that our child spends on the device. This is to encourage discipline amongst children so they still perform other developmental activities.

Whenever you and your child use Samsung KidsTime, I suggest that you set a happy and interactive mood. Make yourself as involved as possible by asking questions about the story you are reading, identifying colors and shapes, counting numbers and even cracking a joke or two. Basically, talk to your child as you go through each of the books and games!

I always tell Noa to sit on my lap whenever we use the device. If she refuses, I assist in holding the device for her so she won’t watch too close.

Choose Your Own Fun, Educational Adventure

What I also like about Samsung KidsTime is that the available apps are carefully selected and categorized into Books and Games and according to the child’s age.


Have I shared with you that Samsung KidsTime has localized content?

There are some e-books that are very Filipino! One example is Adarna House’s “Araw sa Palengke.”  Your child can learn about our rich Filipino culture and language through this book.



Teach our children about our public transport. Let’s ride a Pinoy Jeep!

Aside from learning Filipino through the e-books, did you know that Noa is also enjoying learning the Korean term for the different animals and fruits through this game called, “Gus on the Go!” And guess what, I also learn a new language as I monitor her.



Keep Track of Your Child’s Progress & Activities

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post about the Progress Path Report that the Samsung KidsTime generates on the Parent’s Dashboard.


Noa’s Progress Path Report – Books


Noa’s Progress Path Report — Games

Noa’s Progress Path Report for November 7 – 13, 2014. She’s really interested in reading books. Finally, she’s getting interested in Science and Math – areas that she needs to improve on based on last month’s Progress Path Report.


Parent’s Dashboard: An Observation

The screenshot below is Noa’s Progress Path Report for October. If you notice, the Progress Path is presented using a pie graph and using percentage. After Samsung KidsTime had its update last October 30, the Progress Path is now using a line graph (refer to the screenshot above). As Samsung KidsTime users for almost 2 months now, I prefer to view Noa’s Progress Path Report in a pie graph.


BEFORE: Progress Path Report in Pie Graph in Percentage Value


28-Day  Progress Path Report in Bar Graph

Why? Because the old graph used can easily interpret the Progress Path Report in just one glance. It is easier to look at than tracing different busy lines. Considering that other parents might also like using the line graph, I wish that Samsung KidsTime would just let us choose the right graph (whether pie, line, or bar) that would best represent our child’s Progress Path Report.

Still, I also find the suggested apps (Next for Noa) at the bottom of the Parent’s Dashboard page very useful in guiding Noa onto the next set of games or books that she should be exploring.

Learning Environment

I feel secure that Noa couldn’t visit or click inappropriate websites as there are no ads. I have peace of mind knowing that she doesn’t get disrupted during the use of Samsung KidsTime.

Did you know that no matter what keys that our child presses in the device, he or she will not be able to leave KidsTime without our knowledge? This is all because of the Parent’s 4-digit Safety Pin feature.


The Samsung KidsTime app’s Default PIN code is 0000. You need this to be able to create your Parent’s PIN.

wpid-samsung-ph-kidstime-educational-app-toddlers.jpgLet me just say these important realizations to close:

(1) I recommend setting a screen-time limit for kids. (2) Noting the experts’ advice like the American Academy of Pediatrics, I also believe that we should delay the exposure to mobile gadgets and TVs for children ages 2 and below. (3) Parents still have the final say as to whether to follow the experts’ recommendation regarding the use of any app. As parents, our guidance, supervision and awareness in our child’s life and activities are still the best we can give.

Samsung KidsTime Brings Family Closer

I love the Samsung KidsTime app because it is a tool that I can use to my parenting advantage. I was able to make use of this time to interact with my child and get to know her on a more personal level. Having Samsung KidsTime has indeed made me closer to Noa. Why? Because using this app entails the participation of both parent and child to make the experience more enjoyable and beneficial.

As parents, one of our parenting goals is to create a loving and supporting environment for our children where fun learning abounds in today’s digital world.

Finally, here’s the video that I’ve been wanting to share with everyone with a hope that Samsung KidsTime will also bring you and your child learn and grow closer together.

Samsung KidsTime allows us to get the best of both worlds – fun from play and learning through education. It is one of the many wonderful activities that we can enjoy and learn from together as mom and child.

Samsung KidsTime is more than play because it helped Noa grow educationally since it has expert-curated interactive apps to choose from that allows her to learn best through play. It has also made our relationship as mother and daughter better as we bond while using the app.


Try and Download Samsung KidsTime now and enjoy its 30-day FREE TRIAL PERIOD and have access to 80 educational apps like e-books and games that your whole family will surely enjoy. After the free trial, you can continue subscribing to it for as low as PHP199 (imagine only about PHP6.00/day!). For more information, visit www.samsungkidstime.com.

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