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Unpublished: Threeminio in Hong Kong (Photos)

I can name 4 friends on my Facebook list who are vacationing in Hong Kong right now. It makes me miss the place big time! I almost forgot that I haven’t finished sharing our Hong Kong adventure with you yet. This time, I won’t do much talk. I will just let you peek at our remaining Hong Kong adventure photos that I still haven’t published.

If you got bigger kids, your best bet is Ocean Park Hong Kong. I think this is bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland and it has more attractions like their own Cable Car. You should allot one whole day if you are planning to visit it soon with your family. When we were there, we saw an ongoing MTR station construction. If my hunch is right, there will soon be an designated MTR station just for Ocean Park alone just like Disneyland’s.

Visiting the Panda Village inside Ocean Park Hong Kong was one of the highlights of our visit. In there we saw some pandas up close, even the not widely known red panda.

To get to Ngong Ping Village, you have to ride a cable car for about 30 minutes. Only my husband and daughter enjoyed all our cable rides during this trip since I’m an acrophobic.


MRT Hong Kong Airport Station

This is a stolen shot of me while I was returning our two MRT Airport Express cards for a HKD50 refund each. Can I just say that Hong Kong has the best public transport system? We never took a cab during our stay. Imagine me and my husband with a toddler (and a matching stroller in tow), we survived our five-day stay there taking the bus and the MTR! The experience was so worth it especially when we rode the two-deck bus at night.


On board Hong Kong’s Two-Deck Bus

We were already leaving Hong Kong on that day. We are about 2 hours early for our 7PM flight back home. Hong Kong International Airport is really huge and beautiful. Sadly, it is no match to our airport in terms of facilities and amenities. If you didn’t finish shopping for pasalubong while you were in the city proper, don’t worry because there are tons of shops here including restaurants. It’s fine if you go the airport early for your flight because you won’t get bored while waiting there.


Hong Kong at Night (Avenue of Stars)

Given a chance, we’d surely go back to Hong Kong. We had so much fun there and it was a family travel milestone for us. In the coming years, I’d really like to visit South Korea, Japan or all of Europe with my family again. I hope I come across a Piso Fare promo again for that big savings! Traveling these places is on my Bucket List.

Where would you like to take your family for a visit? ♥

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