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Celebrate Season of Togetherness with Lady’s Choice Macaroni

I couldn’t help but feel emotional after seeing the Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise Advance Noche Buena video that was shared to me for this post. Being married to a soldier for the last 4 years, I see myself in their shoes. We all have one thing in common. We long for a complete family every Holiday season.


Truth be told since I married my husband, I’ve never experienced spending Christmas with him yet. I think our family could also be one of the perfect candidates for the Lady’s Choice Advance Noche Buena video. My husband couldn’t go home to us for obvious reasons. He has a sworn duty to fulfill. No matter how he wants to come home to celebrate Christmas with us, he needs to stay back to make sure that your family is safe while enjoying the Holidays together.

This is the very reason why I appreciate Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise for supporting families who will have to spend Christmas without a loved-one. These featured families have at least a member who needs to work on Christmas Eve. Thus, it is impossible for them to be home and join the Holiday feast with the rest of the family.

Lady’s Choice visited three real families and gave them a chance to spend an advance Noche Buena together.

De Velez Family: the Seaman who never saw his son on Christmas Day

The De Velez family shared how they’ve never spent Noche Buena together.


Mommy Jennifer on her son Zeke: “He doesn’t have any idea how to celebrate Christmas with his dad.”

For the past six years, the father, Zandro has been working as a chef onboard a cruise ship. His youngest son was still a baby when he started working away from home. So for more than half a decade, his wife Jennifer and their two kids would always spend Christmas without Zandro.

Delfin Family: the Daughter Nurse to Leave Home for a Long Time

In the Delfin household, they’ve reluctantly accepted that Christmas meant that they won’t be complete as a family.


Mommy Sally on her daughter Leslie: “She can’t refuse calls regardless of the occasion.”

Their oldest daughter Leslie Mae is an on-call nurse who was required to work regardless of the occasion. Just recently, Leslie just got a job offer outside of the country. So once more, the Delfin family will be apart this coming Christmas.

Valtiendas Family: the Husband Who Came Home to Miss Another Christmas

Finally, Emma Valtiendas narrated that for years, she and her husband Julio, who was based in Bahrain, were forced to spend Noche Buena away from each other.


Emma on her husband Julio: “The last time we were complete on Christmas Eve was back in 2008.”

But when he returned home, he started working in the night shift which meant that he will miss Noche Buena with his wife and three daughters again.

Little did these dedicated loved-ones know that Lady’s Choice together with their families, cooked up a big and delicious surprise just for them. Lady’s Choice helped the moms of the household style their homes with Christmas decors. They also prepared an advance Noche Buena Feast. And of course, any Noche Buena won’t be complete without the staple Macaroni Salad on the table.

Watch this video to see for yourself how they reacted to the surprise prepared especially for them:

The reaction given by the surprised family member was heart-warming. Zandro finally got to spend Noche Buena with Zeke.

Leslie Mae was speechless and did not want to leave the country anymore because of the love she received from her family. Some of her relatives even came from different places just to take part in the surprise.

Julio, who was expecting a surprise for someone else, felt very happy and even teary-eyed while reading his wife’s letter.

Finally, these families get to spend their Noche Buena together.


Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year for the family. No wonder that togetherness is an important aspect that most families long for to have. Being a mom of a household who’s missing an important family member this season, I strongly feel for the De Velez, Delfin and Valtiendas family. I know exactly how it feels like not to spend Noche Buena with someone you love.

Lady’s Choice believes that it’s better when families come together. It’s a brand that advocates food prepared with love by moms with the help of the whole family. It also stands for being “real”. It’s not only about the 100% real ingredients it contains but the real moments of love it values.


All year-round, we only use Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise in preparing our favorite Macaroni Salad in our home. I can vouch for its quality to make only the moist, creamiest and salad smooth Macaroni Salad for my family. My husband loves the Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread a lot as well. He always likes it with any bread during breakfast or snack.

I know one day our time as a family will come. But with brands like Lady’s Choice, it is comforting enough for me to know that someone cares and is willing to help bring families together, especially on Christmastime. Thank you so much Lady’s Choice for sending us an advance Noche Buena basket that we can all share with the family. Did you know that I am even contemplating to send it to my husband’s base camp so he can share it with the other soldiers on duty on Christmas day?


Thank you Lady’s Choice for our advance Noche Buena basket! 🙂

To my husband: you may be far from us again this Christmas, we’d like you to know that we understand you. We will always stand as one family in service. I also extend my well-wishes to the rest of the Filipino military families who can’t be with their soldier this Christmas.

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful year 2015 ahead! ♥

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Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥

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