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Let Your Child’s Creativity Soar! Join Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo

A wise man once said, “LOGIC will get you from A to B; but IMAGINATION will take you everywhere.”

Today she’s a princess. Tomorrow, she’ll be a ballerina. The next day, she’d be a doctor. No matter what she wants to become every single day, nothing changes the fact that she is my only daughter. I just want her to savor the joy of childhood by letting her imagination soar. Yes, I encourage her to do pretend-play.


Noa’s creativity manifests in several ways. She may not be that artsy fartsy yet like her dad but she never fails to amaze me with how she turns her toys into something that makes me smile.

Being a blogger, I believe she is fully aware that my work requires me being in front of the laptop for hours. Having said this, one past dinner time, she approached me on my working table and gave me this:


“Mommy, here’s your dinner! I made it for you.”

That blue equal sign she said is chocolates.


This is one of her recent creations using some building blocks. Meet “Zoe” and welcome to her house!

This year, she enjoys creating houses, (flower) towers, cars and a lot more using her tubs of building blocks. If there is one toy that I highly recommend investing on to encourage your child’d creativity, it’s definitely building blocks.


My Little Builder in her Sunday School Toddler Class

There are days she that uses random household stuff to perk me up. Just like her version of a flower.


Noa’s Paper Rose for Mommy

Creativity is a very important developmental skill that we should help our kids to fulfil. Creativity is nurtured when children play. It allows them to think out-of-the box and make use of their senses to express themselves. Children learn best through play; so allow them to play while they’re young. As parents, it is our duty to make sure that we provide guidance and supervision (not intrusion) as they play.

Now that I try to look at what my daughter has made all this time, and the fact that I can touch and feel them in my palms, it really warms my heart as a mother. I look forward to the day that she progresses from abstract scribbling to seeing a more picturesque drawing.

 Nesfruta Can Help You Turn Your Child’s Drawing Into Being #RealNaReal

If your child is 7 years old and above, this is your perfect chance to bring his drawing into life! All you need to do is to join Nesfruta’s Make It #RealNaReal Promo.


VISIT: Nesfruta Make It #RealNaReal Complete Mechanics


1. To join the promo, a participant must upload a photo of his or her child’s drawing by commenting on the promo post or by sending a private message to the NESFRUTA Facebook Page. The child who made the drawing must be aged 7 years old and above.

2. All submitted drawings will be pre-screened and qualified for electronic raffle based on the following:

  • Drawing must only have one character.
  • The toy to be created out of the drawing is safe and will not put children at risk.
  • The toy to be created meets quality standards of promo organizers.

3. Participants can send in as many entries as they like, provided that each submission is of a different drawing.

4. Only valid entries will be included in the weekly raffle draw.

5. Deadline for submission is every Sunday at 11:59 PM of the following dates:

  • Period December 16, 2014 (Tuesday) to December 24, 2014 (Wednesday)


There will be  five (5) weekly winners will be drawn to each win one (1) toy replica of the submitted drawing, for a total of ten (10) winners!

Watch how Kendra Superstar of Team Kramer and her classmates got a #RealNaReal Surprise one day in Art Class.

So what are you waiting for moms and dads, this is your chance to nurture your child’s creativity! Join the Nesfruta Make It #RealNaReal Promo now! I look forward to seeing your children’s drawings come to life.

Where will your imagination take you today? ♥

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Nurture Your Child’s Creativity! Join the Nesfruta #RealNaReal Promo! | MomsterTeacher

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