FitKids Fitness and Health Summer Camp for Kids

FitKids is one of the first Fitness and Health Summer Camps for kids here in Manila. This will be held at the Greenhills West Clubhouse this coming April 2015. It is a camp for children ages 3 to 10 and will cover 9 sessions of a 3-hour activity packed day. These activities will include Zumba, light boxing, HIIT (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) strength building, basketball, cooking and art activities related to health and fitness.


Summer is a period where children are free from school and are most likely looking for activities that will make their summer more productive and colorful! FitKids is one way for children to keep themselves busy while learning substantial lessons in their live which is what we believe is their HEALTH.

As early as 3 years old, children already have the capacity to internalize the things they hear, see, feel and taste. The age group wherein kids absorb everything they learn is from 0 to 7, therefore concluding that whatever they learn between the ages is crucial. Now, what kind of lifetime lessons would you like your children to acquire?

Fitkids is powered by three powerful brands related to health and fitness ­‐- Elorde Gym, Fruit Magic, and HIIT Philippines. These teams will help your children develop personal activity and fitness behaviors which will allow them to understand why it is necessary to live healthily in their formative years. Our program will promote learning for a better balanced life involving active work that will contribute in your child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional being.


One of the main objectives of FitKids is to promote values like Character -‐ building, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, Fairness, and Good Citizenship. Through the FitKids activities, children will also learn a sense of teamwork and camaraderie as they work hand‐in­hand with other children, their coaches and their teachers. Starting them young is always the way to go! Smart parenting will lead your children to a better place in the future!

FitKids has an Early Bird Rate of P7,500 per child until February 15, 2015. Regular rate is P8,000 per child. For further inquiries or if you would like to enroll your kids, you may email us at You may also contact them at 0917-8800519 or 0917-5138377. See you this summer!

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