Trend Micro Stands Up for Internet Safety with “What’s Your Story? 2014” Art Competition for Young Filipinos

How safe do you think you, your family or kids are when using the Internet? A few months back, I wrote about some practical tips that we can exercise as parents especially when dealing with the cyberspace in my previous post entitled, Internet Safety for the Family.

I take Internet Safety for my family very seriously. In fact, it is one of the limitations I observe being a blogger and a woman of a military household. My husband would always remind of the perils of proving too much information (TMI) on the web. To those of you who have been following our journey, I know that you perfectly understand the weight I carry in terms of balancing between my desire to give as much information as I can and our personal protection.


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Having this in mind, I am writing to support Trend Micro in their newest campaign to help promote awareness on Internet Safety as they launch a project called “What’s Your Story?” 2014.

What’s Your Story?

Trend Micro encourages the youth to harness their creativity that will translate Internet safety into art.

Committed to keep kids and teens safe online, Trend Micro, the leading global security company, today called for young Filipinos from all school levels (primary to tertiary) to submit posters or artwork designed to inspire others to create a difference in the community through Internet safety. First launched in 2013, this year’s edition of “What’s Your Story?” aims to encourage the youth to harness their talent and creativity to express how they can leave a positive impact in the country through promoting online security.


Internet safety is a significant element in shaping a healthy community. In the Philippines, as a country with 38% Internet penetration rate, a large number of young netizens consume online information, and without proper digital lifestyle education, potential dangers can negatively affect their everyday lives. An offensive Facebook post can emotionally scar a bullied child. Unmoderated use of the Internet can expose kids to sexual predators. Malicious software can steal from a family’s savings account. These threats are alarming, and Trend Micro, as a company, strives to meaningfully use its capabilities and partners with the Filipino youth groups and organizations to help raise awareness.


Trend Micro Stands Up For Internet Safety with “What’s Your Story? 2014” – (L to R): Myla Pilao, Trend Micro Philippines Marketing Director; Anna Beltran, Trend Micro Philippines Digital Marketing Lead; Cyrene Tumaliuan, Trend Micro Philippines eLearning Developer; and Karen Lopez, Trend Micro Philippines Global Citizenship Program Coordinator

“Trend Micro endeavors to spread greater awareness on the significance of online security especially for Filipino kids and families. In line with this, we have worked hard to launch and implement this year’s “What’s Your Story?” art competition so the youth can have a platform to share how they can best create a positive impact through Internet safety,” said Myla Pilao, Marketing Director at Trend Micro Philippines.

Pilao added, “Protecting kids and families online is a shared responsibility. We hope that this campaign will inspire more private and non-private organizations to join us and take sustainable action for Internet safety in the community.”

“Through this art contest, we look forward to the great participation from the younger generation who is highly aware of how to protect themselves online,” said Karen Lopez, Global Citizen Program Coordinator at Trend Micro Philippines. “Young Filipinos who are educated on the importance of online safety are more likely to take steps to keep themselves digitally safe than kids who aren’t. This art competition will help create awareness to those who need it the most.”


Trend Micro employee by day, Internet safety hero by night – (L to R): Anna Beltran (Digital Marketing Lead at Trend Micro Philippines), and Cyrene Tumaliuan (eLearning Developer at Trend Micro Philippines) shared their tips and learnings on how to set a good example to their kids about being safe online.

The 2014 “What’s Your Story?” art competition encourages the youth to speak their mind and influence their peers on Internet stewardship through originally created posters or artwork inspired by the theme, “Creating a Positive Impact in the Community through Internet Safety.”

Trend Micro officially welcomes all netizens to submit their A4-sized artwork, either in digital or traditional format. The contest is open to three categories of entrants:

  • primary school students (grades 1-7)
  • secondary (grades 8-12), and
  • tertiary/college students (years 1-5)

The entries of participants between 13 and 17 must be submitted by a school representative.  The digital copy of the entry must be emailed at while the hard copy must be delivered to Trend Micro Philippines office (8F Rockwell Business Center Tower 2, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig 1100). The deadline of submission is on January 31, 2015.

There will be a grand prize winner for each category (primary, secondary and tertiary entrants). The three grand prize winners will take home $1,000 each. A special “Audience Choice” prize amounting to $300 (regardless of category) will be awarded based on the number of Facebook “likes” and “shares” garnered on the art piece. For judging and public viewing purposes, the entries will be displayed in the form of an art gallery.

For more information on the contest, visit the official contest page at

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