Just Sharing: Full Moon Zoom Test 101

Day 2: Exploring the features and capabilities of my Sony DSC-HX300 bridge camera through a Moon Test.

If you’ve been following Moomy Musings on Facebook, you probably saw the moon photo I posted last night. I was so blown away that I actually saw the distant moon THAT close from our house. It was really amazing to see the moon’s surface and some of its craters, made possible through the 50x zoom of my bridge camera.


Here are the shots that I took for the last 2 nights.



Mind you, I did not use any tripod in taking these shots. I have shaky hands, too! This simple zoom test proved that the Sony DSC HX300 image stabilizer really works! I am not a professional photographer either. I am just a rookie photography enthusiast who’s still familiarizing herself with the many different functions of a bridge camera (not ever a DSLR). I am really impressed to be practicing with an entry-level camera such as this.

And yes, I took a very quick video of the little zoom test I made. It’s only about a minute long so please watch it in HD to appreciate it better.


I am really enjoying my bridge camera these days. I do hope you also enjoyed looking at the moon through the lens of an amateur like me. I do hope you loved it to the moon and back. Thanks to Sony DSC HX300. ♥


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