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Kidzoona SM City Masinag: Role Play Town for Kids

Last night after giving Noa a bath, she suddenly posed upside down with her towel on and said, “Look Mommy, I’m a table!” She likes role-playing and hoarding a lot at 3 years old. There are days that she doesn’t want to be called by her first name and opts to be addressed as “Bubblegum,” her kitten name. She always reminds me that her Daddy calls her, “Little Ming-ming.” For those who are not familiar, “Ming-ming” is commonly used to address the kittens here in Manila.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (23)

As parents, our job description includes being silly at times when our children is on play mode. We just have to go with the flow and allow our kids to be what they want to be on a daily basis. Role-playing is an important cognitive developmental stage in a child’s life that we have to support because it stimulates their imagination.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (2)

As a mom, I am persuaded that play is one of the most important aspects in my daughter’s life. I have to make sure that I look for ways, means and places to enhance her growth. I have been to quite a few play areas within the metro and there’s one play hub that I highly recommend for you to take your children for a visit.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (59)

Can you still recall my sharing on how we were able to avail of the Piso Play when Kidzoona Robinsons Galleria opened towards the end of 2014? Now, I’d like to share with you some great news again, especially to my readers living somewhere east. You can now visit the newly opened Kidzoona SM City Masinag!

Noa and I visited them last Saturday and she played for 3 whopping hours! Here’s what I noticed and liked about our visit:

3 Things I Like About Kidzoona

  • I believe in the power of role-play in a child’s growth and development. Kidzoona supports this by providing safe, friendly and appropriate toys in their play area. There are several booths that the children can visit where they can be a chef, fireman, doctor, florist, homemaker, baker, and a lot more! Let your child’s imagination soar high!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” –Albert Einstein

Plus, Kidzoona has a giant swim ball pool that the kids can have fun with. Packed with several slides and monkey bars and with proper supervision from adults, this can improve or enhance their gross motor skills. Since a lot of kids play here simultaneously, it can also be an avenue for our child to socialize and win a friend.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (17)

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (15)


kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (18)

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (25)

They also have a giant inflatable barrel that the kids can enjoy.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (39)

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (10)

  • I love the toys in Kidzoona! Mind you, Kidzoona has really beautiful, safe and educational toys! I’ve personally touched, smelled and felt the toys in my hands and I have nothing but raves for them.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (26)

My personal favorite is their wooden doll house.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (28)

When Noa stays here, even as an adult, I also enjoy playing this with her. I am reminded of my own childhood. Don’t worry about waiting for your turn to play the doll house because Kidzoona has about 3 wooden doll houses if I’m not mistaken.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (27)

I’m one mom who’s particular with how toys smell like. I’m also pretty discriminating when it comes to them having rough edges / poor finishing that might scrape a playing child. Glad to say that I found no sharp edges or loose parts (choking hazards) on any of the toys that we got in touch with while in Kidzoona.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (66)

I also like the town replica with all those trains and railroads.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (36)

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (32)

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (12)

For your musically-inclined little one, don’t worry because Kidzoona has some instruments ready as well.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (38)

I noticed that most toys in Kidzoona are all made of wood, even their beginner puzzles like this:

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (13)

  • Kidzoona has a Parents Lounge. Kidzoona has a designated resting area for tired parents or guardians to relax. They have provided some comfy sofas, free wi-fi, and water drinking station inside the play area. I remember cracking a joke to my friend that I can even bring my laptop and do some work there while my daughter is busy playing!

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (42)

I also noticed some older kids going in here to drink some water. There’s always a readily available set of paper cups and a trash bin for easy disposal of the used ones.

If you are bringing a younger child or still breastfeeding, you can also make use of the Parents Lounge to nurse or for milk time. Just make sure to bring your breastfeeding cover if you’re not comfortable.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (5)

And also, if you have some valuables that you don’t want to bring inside the play area, Kidzoona has lockers and shoe boxes available for free use. Upon registration, a Kidzoona staff will assign this and hand over a key to you.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (51)

Here’s more of Noa’s adventure in Kidzoona SM City Masinag:

My Girl on Fire!

We were lucky that day because we saw Kidzoona’s official mascot, Lalachan, render a dance number for all the kids present.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (45)

As a mom, I highly recommend Kidzoona as one of our educational play area favorites in the Metro. Kidzoona allows our children to learn and have fun at the same time. They support the importance and benefits of role-play in our children by providing safe, educational and appropriate toys and facilities for them. Plus, Kidzoona is also adult-friendly because of the Parents Lounge! Visiting Kidzoona is truly a wonderful experience for every member of the family.

kidzoona-sm-city-masinag (77)

Enjoy 50% Off on Admission Fee at Kidzoona SM City Masinag

Drop by the newest Kidzoona SM City Masinag at the Upper Ground Floor and enjoy 50% OFF on Admission Fee! You can avail of their 1-hour play for only PhP100 or 3-hour play for only PhP200 until March 22, 2015. Only one adult is allowed to enter per child. In case one adult also wishes to enter, an admission fee of PHP100 is charged. Don’t forget to bring your socks — both adult and child.


Upon checkout, we were even given a balloon and some candies, plus a FREE one (1) hour weekday play voucher that we can use until August 31, 2015! Isn’t that great?! 🙂

Please like Kidzooona Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines on Facebook for more news on where Kidzoona Role Play Town will open next! ♥

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post. We paid for our Admission Tickets at Kidzooona SM City Masinag.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


April Ocampo

Hi Glaiza,

I love kidzoona here at SM san lazaro, I will definitely bring my kids back here. Just want to ask where else can I find kidzoona. I have friends who like to spend their time with their kids but the place is so far from them and is their any promos for the place.



hi ask ko lang if how much ung rate pag week ends. thanks


April ojeda

Hi may i know official rate of kidzoona this ber months season?


Glaiza Garcia

Hi April, as far as I know, Kidzoona has a fixed rate all year-round. 🙂



Which is better, the one in SM Masinag or in Rob?



Share ko lang ung nanyare sa 7yr old daughter ko na si Hannah, she broke her left wrist @ kidzooona galleria last Dec 2014.. We ask for kidzooona an financial assistance since I was a single mom, unfortunately untill now no financial assistance for Hannah..


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Krysthene! What happened to your daughter? How did she break her wrist?



Hm rate nyo ng weekdays at weekends?



which is bigger? your branch or Galleria branch?


Cheche Bautista

HI! May pagkakaiba ba sya sa Kidzoona sa Galleria or parehong-pareho lang?


Glaiza //

Wala naman Mommy Cheche, size lang siguro ng play area 🙂



i’m disappointed because they have a misleading posting…when we went there last Sunday, it is not 50% off because I dont have their coupon but their posting did not mention it…


Glaiza //

Hi Mommyloo! I am really sorry to hear that. Did you raise this concern to the Kidzooona Team?


Neri Ann

We really need to go here kahit na 1 year olds pa lang mga kambal ko! 🙂


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