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Patch Buddy: Kid-Approved First Aid Kit

Last Friday, Noa and I received Patch Buddy from Thea of Made Aid to try on. We could no longer hide our excitement so we unboxed the parcel in an instant. Noa immediately recognized its pink-colored pouch with an adorable bunny print on it. As for me, I was excited to explore the contents of Patch Buddy.


I learned about Patch Buddy late last year in one of my Instagram account hoppings. Patch Buddy instantly caught my attention since it’s my first time seeing a First Aid Kit that is locally available and made especially for preschoolers. It is so timely for me as a mom since Noa will start going to school this June. What better way to introduce and educate her about the importance of health and safety at an early age.

I know you’re all excited to find out more about Patch Buddy so I won’t keep you waiting.


Our Patch Buddy in Bella the Bunny


Patch Buddy: Front View


Patch Buddy: Back View


There’s also a pocket at the back of your Patch Buddy pouch where you can put the First Aid booklet.

Currently, you can choose from Patch Buddy’s 4 designs:

  • Bella the Bunny — Pink
  • Micah the Monkey — Yellow
  • Leo the Lion — Blue
  • Patty the Pig — Purple


Each Patch Buddy now comes with a strap

Unzipping a Patch Buddy First Aid Kit

Each Patch Buddy has a total of 41 items including the zip pouch! Let’s do a quick rundown of these items:




It is very easy to get overwhelmed with the cuteness of Patch Buddy but it is VERY important to go through the First Aid Booklet together with your child before using it.


Pay special attention to the labeling icons at the bottom of each item of your Patch Buddy. This will be our guide when and how to use a particular first aid item in our kit.


Patch Buddy has the ability to assist us in doing First Aid in situations like scratches, cuts, small wounds, minor burns, insect bites, bumps or bruises, dog bites and even large wounds.



There’s also a spare pocket inside that you can use to make your Patch Buddy more personal.

Aside from the quick guide on what to do, you can also find some useful emergency numbers at the back of your First Aid booklet. For now the emergency directory number listing is within Metro Manila. In case you are ordering from the province or outside the country, maybe we can request Team Patch Buddy for help on this, or we can find a way to know the emergency numbers in our community.

Patch Buddy: Mom’s Recommendations

I suggest for Patch Buddy to allot an extra blank at the bottom to fill in with our own emergency number. This is a great starter First Aid Kit that we can later fill with on our own. Also, it will also be wonderful if Patch Buddy offers a Refill Kit once the items run out (to free the busy moms from the hassle).


I really like Patch Buddy because it’s very essential to have, easy to store and bring anywhere. It is a very useful lifestyle item to own and use in educating our children on emergency preparedness at an early age. I recommend Patch Buddy for preschool kids ages 4 and up, most especially those who can now read.

I also noticed that the items in Patch Buddy like the Insect Repellent are DEET-FREE and uses citronella instead! Hooray for safe ingredients for kids!


Get your own Patch Buddy First Aid Kit with all its 40 items inside for only PHP650 or $15.00

Get Patch Buddy NOW!

You can ORDER Patch Buddy now or visit Patch Buddy on Facebook and Instagram: @patchbuddy for more details on this one cool First Aid Kit for Kids.


Patch Buddy will also be joining the Top Mom Picks Expo this March 14, 2015 at The Rockwell Tent, Makati City. What a better way to see Patch Buddy in action, right?!

Tell me what you think about Patch Buddy by joining the discussion below. Or perhaps some suggestions or recommendations that you’d like to see in Patch Buddy. ♥

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Jho Tacorda

Ihave seen this in IG as well and I think its really a great idea.Nice way of teaching little kids about first aid and safety. Can’t wait to see one on the Mom Expo!:)


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