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Sing, Dance & Learn with Hi-5 Philippines on TV5

I am one happy mom because Hi-5 Philippines can now be watched on TV5. Starting on June 15, 2015, we can now sing, dance and learn with an all-Filipino cast from Monday-Friday at 8:30AM and 3:45PM. This is a first for the series franchise in Asia.


When Noa and I got the invitation to attend the Hi-5 Philippines Media Launch yesterday, they received an immediate yes from me! My reason for supporting a show like Hi-5 Philippines is simple: I believe that the coming of Hi-5 Philippines to free TV will allow more Filipino kids to have access to educational yet entertaining show.


These days, it saddens me that parents like us are left with little to no choice when we open the TV, trying to look for a child-friendly program to watch. I wish that our TV networks will join hands in producing more educational TV shows to be enjoyed by the young Filipino audience. Do I hear the likes of Batibot?

Speaking of Batibot, if the kids were so happy to party with the Hi-5 Philippines cast, guess where the parents went for a photo op?


Siena Olaso, aka Ate Siena of Batibot is Hi-5 Philippines’ Program Director!


Anyway, let’s move on and allow me to introduce to you the newest Ate’s & Kuya’s of Hi-5 Philippines. I heard that they went through a really tough audition to get the spot.


Gerard Pagunsan, Aira Binas, Rissey Reyes, Alex Reyes and Fred Lo are the cast of Hi-5 Philippines. They are set to bring a Hi-5 House Party to our homes everyday as they interact with kids in both English and Filipino! So if you’re curious, we still get to enjoy the Hi-5 hits that we’ve come to love like L-O-V-E.

To personally say welcome and congratulations to the cast of Hi-5 Philippines, Hi-5 pioneer member (with Filipino roots) Fely Irvine also joined in the celebration.


Hi-5’s Fely Irvine

Fely will also be joining the rest of Hi-5 Philippines tomorrow, June 13, 2015 at 1PM as they visit SM Megamall Atrium. The admission is free so I hope to see you there!


Gimme5 Ates Rissey, Aira, Alex and Kuyas Fred & Gerard for singing, dancing and learning with Noa at the Hi-5 Philippines Media Launch!

Watch every episode of Hi-5 Philippines with your kids starting on Monday, June 15, 2015 at 8:30AM & 3:45PM on the Happy Network TV5. Hi-5 Philippines will surely make learning fun and exciting for kids through songs and dancing.

L-O-V-E ❤ #hi5philippines #Hi5OnTV5 @hi5world @tv5manila #Hi5

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rc guevarra

Hi, Great blog 🙂 I wanna know how to join and watch hi-5 live in tv5? I have a baby girl loves to watch hi-5 🙂 Your response is very much appreciated.


rc guevarra


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