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Kidzania Go! Gets Us Ready for a New World

Visiting Kidzania Manila once it formally opens to the public is one of the things that we look forward to before this year ends. I guess we can already consider its Grand Opening as a historic event in the Filipino parenting community. Most of the parents I know are already making plans to bring their kids to this much-awaited edutainment park in Bonifacio Global City.


To whet our appetite, Kidzania Manila decided to give us a foretaste of what’s about to happen when kids enter and become a citizen of Kidzania. They organized Kidzania Go! which kicked-off a few weeks ago at the Glorietta Activity Center. Today, June 14, 2015, they decided to invite kids again to come and experience Kidzania for FREE at the Rockwell Tent, Makati.

Luckily, Noa and I got an invite to see for ourselves what Kidzania Manila is all about.


Let me say this first. In the “real” Kidzania facility, parents are not allowed to follow their kids around as soon as they enter Kidzania. But for the sake of this post, I was allowed to get inside and document the happenings inside Kidzania Go! so I can share it with you.


Our Experience at the Kidzania Go! Pop-up Event at the Rockwell Tent

Even if this is a free event, Kidzania Manila held a pre-registration a few days before the actual event. The parent / guardian must visit the Registration Area where he or she will be given a matching arm band with the child. A security question will also be set together with the parent / guardian that will be used or asked in picking up the child.


I turned over Noa to the bubbly and trained staff of Kidzania. She was handed a paper bag where she could put all her outputs from each session. Afterwards, they led her to a Holding Area (together with the other kids) where they were given a coloring sheet and a pail of crayons.

Also, in Kidzania, each child is addressed as “Mister ________,” or “Miss _________.”


The children were grouped according to colors for a more organized session time with each booth. Noa belonged to the yellow group.


There were 4 main attractions for today’s Kidzania Go namely: Chika’s Bakery (Baking), Vita’s Garden (Gardening), Beebop’s Gallery (Art), and Urbano’s Lab (Science / Experiment).

Chika’s Bakery: Now Hiring Little Pastry Chefs


Welcome to Chika’s Bakery!


Noa likes her cookie pink!


All the participating kids were given all the necessary tools and materials to be used in doing the activity for free.

Vita’s Garden For Your Little Nurturers of the Earth

One of Kidzania Manila’s core values is to help us parents in teaching our kids how to take care of our planet. In a simple skill such packing away their toys after playing or disposing their little trash properly, we can impart the importance of keeping our surroundings organized, clean and green.


As our days become more modern where buildings and establishments are being built here and there, it is important that our environment won’t suffer as we progress. For this reason, in a simple way like letting the children plant, we also plant in their young minds how important vegetation is to our lives.



Beebop’s Gallery to Unleash Your Child’s Inner Picasso

This is literally the most colorful part of Kidzania Go! The children were given their own paintbrushes and palettes and color each picture away!





Love Science at Urbano’s Lab

Can I just say that I love their little Lava Lamp experiment today? I bet Noa also loved it as much!

To formally close the Kidzania Go! program, the children were treated to a special dance number from none other than the RightZKeepers!


Check out this short video that I uploaded on Moomy Musings on Instagram!

Dance with @kidzaniamanila’s RightZKeepers at the #KidzaniaGo Pop-up Event the Rockwell Tent! #KidzaniaManila

A video posted by Moomy Musings Blog (@moomymusings) on

I asked Noa on our way home as to what her favorite part of Kidzania Go! is. She told me, “I like Baking!” So her bet was Chika’s Bakery.


As a mom, I’ve seen for myself how Kidzania works. If you have kids starting 4 years old and up, I highly recommend that you visit Kidzania Manila as it opens very, very soon! As for the final opening date, I will surely let you know once I hear of an official confirmation from the Kidzania Manila Team.


Kidzania Go! has surely made us ready for a new world! Join Kidzania Manila on Facebook to keep you posted on the latest events, happenings, and the much-awaited Grand Opening!

Thank you again Kidzania Manila for always letting us join you! ♥

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