My Pampers First Family Photo Booth Visit at Shopwise Libis

Last June 25, I visited the Pampers First Family Photo Booth and Restoration Service at Shopwise, Libis. I also tried having my photo taken on that day to see if the finished photo could indeed last a lifetime. Too bad because my husband isn’t here yet for a vacation and Noa was still in school.

The first thing I noticed is the beautiful set. That wooden sofa filled with soft toys added a colorful and fun vibe to the booth.


I did not waste any single moment so I hit the retouch area. The Pampers First Family Photo Booth was also equipped with all the things you need for “pretty-fying” yourself before you have your shoot.


As I’ve mentioned in the mechanics of the Pampers First Family Photo in my previous post, Pampers would go around in different locations around the Metro to have your family’s first photo taken by a professional. Not to mention, its quality promises to make your family photo last for 100 years!



As soon as my photo came out from printing, it was immediately put to the water test. It was a fascinating thing to watch since my photo was subjected to water drops but the ink did not wash away. The photo quality stayed just the same.

Pampers was also ready to evaluate and restore your old photos at their Restoration Service.


Catch more activities and surprises from them for your whole family by visiting Pampers on Facebook.

Thank you, Pampers Philippines for my photo and I’m looking forward to hearing about your next set of events and surprises for the Filipino Pampers family! ♥

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