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The Clueless Parent’s Guide To Visiting Kidzania Manila

Are you ready to enter the Kidzania Manila world?

On July 29, 2015,  my daughter and I couldn’t be thankful enough to be the first lucky ones to enter Kidzania Manila together with the members of the press and their families. I’ve been updating myself on the latest news regarding its coming to the Philippines since I published the blog post, Kidzania To Open in Global City early last year.


So when I learned last week that I could attend the #KZMNLPreview (Kidzania Manila Preview) with Noa, I was very happy and excited!


Kidzania Manila will officially open to the public on August 7, 2015 (Friday).

Kidzania Manila: The City of Children

To give you a short background, Kidzania Manila is a city designed especially for children from 4-14 years old. Kidzania Manila is located at the Park Triangle, 3245 North 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City. Kidzania is a safe, interactive educational entertainment park where children can role play and explore leading independent lives, understand the world of grown-up better, as they pretend to be grown-ups themselves.


Kidzania Founder & CEO Xavier Lopez Ancona graces the Kidzania Manila Preview

Kidzania first came to life in Mexico through its developer and now CEO Xavier Lopez Ancona in Santa Fe Shopping Mall, Mexico City in September 1999. Kidzania’s first name then was “La Ciudad de los Niños” (The City of the Children).

Kidzania Manila Preview

To formally begin the Kidzania Manila Preview, the program host Karen Davila introduced Kidzania Manila’s State Governor Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas to give her welcome message and thank you’s to everyone.

Kidzania Manila State Governor Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas

Kidzania Manila Preview Host Karen Davila

All of us had an all-Filipino breakfast, watched some AVPs, and did the Q&A before we were divided into groups for a guided city tour together with our children.


Noa and I belonged to the Pink Group with Heinz as our City Tour Guide

Kidzania Manila Opening Date & Park Schedule

Before you get hyped and tag your whole family to Kidzania Manila, (again) please take note that they will open on August 7, 2015 following this time table:

  • Monday — Thursday: 9:00AM to 4:00PM
  • Friday — Sunday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM and 3:00PM to 8:00PM


Kidzania Manila Ticket Prices

Here’s the Kidzania Manila’s Visitor Categories and Official Ticket Prices until October 7th. You can start buying your tickets online beginning August 3, 2015 at the Kidzania Manila website.

Kidzania Manila Ticket Price

Important Note: Adults and visitors aged 15-17 must be accompanied by children in order to enter Kidzania. Generally, they are not permitted to enter the establishments unless accompanying an infant or toddler in the RightZKeepers House (more about this place later). They are allowed in some establishments like TV Studio, Theatre to enter and participate as audience.

A dress code is also observed; with a special highlight to not allow entry of people wearing costumes, ripped or transparent clothing, and wedding attire. Also, please refrain from wearing shirts that contain offensive language, messages or content. Remember that Kidzania is a place for children accompanied by caring and responsible adults.

Get Ready To Enter Kidzania Manila!

Okay, so you already know the park schedule and you already have your tickets, here’s what will happen next.




You need to go to the Kidzania International Airport and approach the Check-in Counter so they can issue you a Boarding Pass, a Kidzania City Map and a brochure called Kidzania City Codes. We also got a check worth 50 Kidzos (Kidzania’s Currency) that we could encash at BPI Kidzania Manila branch located inside the city.

Aside from encouraging learning through role play, Kidzania Manila also values the child’s safety while inside the park. To do this, the parent or guardian will be asked some security questions as a part of the measure. Kidzania has also a state-of-the-art security identification system by just wearing a matching bracelet! If you have more kids with you, of course you will wear just one bracelet but your kids’ are all linked up to match yours.

So moms and dads, don’t get praning in case you lost sight of your child while inside Kidzania. But for the “just-in-case” incidents, the city’s got your arm back!

Now Boarding: Flight 5J100 for Kidzania

Here’s what the Boarding Gate of Kidzania International Airport looks like. That wall next to the walk-in security scanner has the elevator/lift door for visitors with disability or if you’ve got a baby stroller/pram. The “able” rest can take the escalator going to the second level where the city proper is located.


Submit your Boarding Pass here! 🙂


Kidzania Manila has a Baggage Counter where you can leave your bags or other belongings. Please take note too that only the following food and drinks are allowed to bring inside:

  • Distilled drinking water (for infant formula)
  • Any food required for medical purposes and medically-indicated nutritional supplements
  • Any food required for special dietary needs
  • Canned, jarred or processed baby food, breast milk and infant formula
  • Liquids including water, juice, or liquid nutrition or gels for PWDs or medical condition


Don’t worry because there are cafes and concession stands inside Kidzania should you need to grab a snack with the family. I highly recommend eating a hearty meal before entering Kidzania because. . .

You need all the energy there is in the parenting world to go through the three (3) floors of Kidzania’s 8,000 square meters of play space! Dress yourself and your kids comfortably because you’d be walking and exploring a lot. Allot one whole day just for Kidzania or else, you’ll find it bitin!

Kidzania Manila: An Overview of the City

Here’s what you signed up for the explore: Check out this Kidzania Manila City Map. You can click on the photo for a better view of the whole city.

On your way to the city, you will see these interesting design pieces and you will pass by Kidzania’s Clinic.


I was holding my breath as I excitedly take my step going to Kidzania. I was waiting to be blown away, really!

Kai, Kidzania!

“Kai” is how you say “Hi/hello!” in Kidzania language.

This RightZKeepers Monument turns blue or purple every now and then. This is the second time I felt mesmerized after our Hong Kong Disneyland experience.


I felt like living in a new world. I couldn’t find the exact words to describe my feeling as Noa and I hop from one establishment to another. Magical. Beautiful. Mesmerizing. Wow! I only regret that as a youngster, we didn’t get to enjoy this kind of educational park. The kids these days are tremendously blessed!


The Visitors of Kidzania

Noa and Her Kidzos

One of the earliest things we did in Kidzania was to visit the bank. Noa encashed her BPI check for 50 kidzos so she could play, eat and use the facilities she wanted.


Noa falls in line at BPI

Noa has been coming with me during my bank trips but this was the first time she approached the teller’s desk on her own. Parents or guardians cannot accompany the child as soon as he enters the establishment to do an activity or perform a job. Kidzania Manila has placed enough seats for parents / adult companions to use while waiting for the children to finish. I really, really like this concept because it teaches our children independence by learning to do things on their own that could translate to a confidence boost.

I was allowed to take photos from outside.

Noa and her 50 Kidzos

Kidzo — Kidzania’s Currency

There are a lot of activities to keep the children busy while at Kidzania. They can make their own pizza, burgers, crafts, do gardening, baking and so much more! You can also go shopping at the department store or supermarket.


Supermarket hosted by Healthy Options

But there’s a catch. Welcome to reality!

Kidzo Doesn’t Grow On Kidzania’s Trees

You need Kidzos to play and buy food like snacks or ice cream because Kidzos do not grow on trees even at Kidzania.


Earn a Bachelor, Master’s or even a PhD by taking the Aptitude Test at Centro Escolar University

There are activity guides posted right on the wall for each establishment that looks like the photo below. It contains the activity’s suggested age requirement, as to how many kids the establishment can accommodate, length of activity and how much kidzos you need to pay for (-) or earn from it (+).


Kidzania Establishment / Activity Guide

In line with teaching our children the value of learning through education and sustaining a lifestyle by earning through a job, they need to work to get more Kidzos. Or, they also have an option to go to a university to earn a degree that will allow them to earn better Kidzos at their chosen career.

Noa’s First Job

So, my dear Noa, when you grow up a bit more, I want to let you know that you first worked at a laundromat in Kidzania. This is your photo when you applied and attended the training as a Laundromat Assistant.

And the training begins.

Noa learned how to sort clothes according to color in preparation for laundry. She also learned how to dry and fold them. It took 20 minutes to finish her shift and she earned 8 Kidzos.

There are a lot of careers to choose from depending on what your child likes. Examples are fire fighter, hotel receptionist, journalist, nurse, gas station attendant, delivery man, pet shop assistant, cashier, cameraman, magazine writer, etc. Allowing them to explore these various job opportunities is a very good way to discover our child’s interests and his possible career path in the future.


Johnson & Johnson’s Nursery inside St. Luke’s Medical Center – Kidzania Manila Branch with its little Pediatric Nurses on duty



At her age, Noa likes watching me wash our laundry and helps me every now and then by hanging the clothes to dry. I think working at a laundromat is the job that she thinks she can confidently do at this point. We tried going to the hospital to work as a Pediatric Nurse or Assistant but she got scared of the (replica) person lying on the surgery table.




All the vehicles inside Kidzania are all real and moving like this Ambulance

If your child is dreaming of becoming a pilot, attending an aviation school or becoming a flight attendant, Kidzania can make them soar high!


A real airplane cabin


Can anything be cooler than being on the cockpit, officers?

RightZKeepers House for the Little Ones

Even if the main attractions at Kidzania were designed for kids ages 4-14 years old, they still did not forget the little ones. There is a beautiful play room for children ages 3 and below called RightZKeepers House, which is also found inside the city. Since Noa is already four, rules say that she is no longer allowed to use this facility. But since it was a preview day, we were granted consideration to let her play.


The RightZKeepers House is packed with beautiful, safe and age-appropriate toys and books that the babies will surely enjoy.




Kidzania also has a Kindergarten Room where the kids can engage in activities like painting, counting, coloring, etc.



Kidzania Manila also welcomes children with special needs. All the Kidzania Manila staff are trained for them so feel free to bring them to Kidzania anytime.

Next to these facilities is a Parents’ Lounge if you feel like taking a break, use the restrooms or check an important email using Kidzania’s free Wi-Fi.



Parents’ Lounge

After almost six hours of going around Kidzania, we feel like we still need more time to cover all the attractions. We will surely be back to try the other jobs and even watch at the theater.

Noa still has 58 Kidzos to spare and I could not think of a better way but to open a Kidzo Savings Account for her at BPI. Yes, we want back to deposit her hard-earned Kidzos! You can use those Kidzos on your next visit to Kidzania.

Noa opens a BPI Kidzo Savings Account without me! #SepAnxAttack 🙁

Real BPI ATMs just for Kidzania Manila dispensing Kidzos!

On Leaving Kidzania Manila

It is a MUST to go to the Immigration Office when leaving Kidzania because it is the only EXIT. It is the only authorized department to remove your Security Bracelet and process your check-out.

Don’t forget to grab a Kidzania Manila souvenir on your way home! (Parents, they are sold in PhP at The National Store) *wink*


After that rather lengthy post (and I wanna thank you if you’ve reached this far), need I say more on why you should visit Kidzania Manila?

Contact Kidzania Manila

There are way more things that you could expect to suprise you and your whole family when you visit Kidzania Manila. So, shall they see you on August 7, 2015 for their Grand Opening? Book your tickets online starting August 3 by visiting

If you have questions or inquiries (they can also accommodate events, parties, *hint – Kidzania Manila Birthday Party!*), feel free to contact Kidzania Manila at or through the following information:


So are you really ready for a better Kidzania world? What do you think of this new educational park for the children? I hope you find this article helpful as you plan an amazing family trip to Kidzania Manila, especially if you’re one clueless parent.

Thank you Kidzania Manila for inviting us to attend this very fun preview! We will never forget this experience we had in your city! ♥



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Hi thanks for this review and details/information about whats inside kidzania and things that need to know. One question tho’ how mch are the foords sold inside even in their national store how mmuch are they ranging from? So i can just prepare myself before my daughter and iwill go there. Thanks in advance!!


Mayette Nicolas


My niece will be celebrating her 4th birthday and we would like to treat her at the Kidzania. I was just wondering if we could all enter so that we could watch her do the activities and play? We are 5 adults, i saw a rate of Php 630.00 on the website for the Guardian however i am not sure if they are implementing 1 Guardian, 1 child policy..

Thank you so much!



Kidzania is heaven to kids. It is a place for children to learn how to make money. Waiting for their turn to go in the activity room is like us waiting for our monthly wage. They have fun and learn at the same time.



I have 4 kids: 7 yr old, 5 yr old, 3 yr old and 18 mos old. My concern is my 5 yr old boy who has mild autism. I want him to experience this but I’m concerned if he do it by himself.



May height limit ba yan?



Hello! We’re super amazed!!! Thank you so much for this information. We’re going to bring our 3 kids there this coming december. Its really exciting to see how kids nowadays can enjoy this kind of place. ?



Hello, I’d like to ask- because we are going there through my son’s school field trip – my husband, 2.5 year old son and me are coming too. Is there a possibility that I can also tour around the city with my 2.5 year old even he is not going to participate in 4+ activities?Thanks a lot!


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Tanya! Yes, you can go around with your 2.5 years old son while inside Kidzania. You can even watch your other son do his activities outside the booth and take pictures. If the little one wants to play, go to the RightZKeepers House! 🙂


John Peralta

Hi Ma’am… am planning for some family adventure for the holidays, or maybe next year during summer… and we had this one on our list… I just want to ask if, do the kids get to try everything (i mean ALL activities) like one-to-sawa? in one sitting/visiting? because we will be coming from mindanao pa… so, they might as well have all the fun they can get…. OR, do we still need to visit again next time to try other activities? I saw different time frames for each activities(some 20 mins — some 45 mins). So I was thinking, maybe they get to try it all under the 9am-4pm I wrong? ^_^

PS… Thanks for the basic infos…really works, like 95% convincing. Kids now are tugging really excited. ^_^



Hi. 🙂 I was wondering by any chance do you have pictures of the toddler room/s since my kid just turned 3. Thanks.



hi quick queston is there a parking area in kidzania?


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Anne! There’s a basement parking and a valet, too (P120). You can avail of those by going early, esp. the regular parking by going early. 🙂



I can’t help but notice the part where kids gets to earn a college degree from the CEU mini building. Did Noa also take the time in trying out the Aptitude Test?


Glaiza Garcia

No we were not able to cover that part Joey. We couldn’t finish going around Kidzania in one day.



Where and what to eat inside Kidzania? Are the food prices jacked up like with other kids theme parks?


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Maimsi! There are food carts inside Kidzania and you can buy snacks like hotdog, chicken nuggets, breads and cake slices from Goldilocks. There’s even a Via Mare inside and a Yellow Cab, too! 🙂 It’s not really super jacked up. I recommend eating a hearty meal before going in to be sure.



Thanks for your blog! Quick question…my daughter is 7, do i also need to buy a ticket so that I can ‘document’ her Kidzania moments? Thanks!


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Ingrid! Yes, you also have to get a ticket to “document” 🙂


Wendy Ramos

Are tickets available only online? Or can i buy through walk in? Thanks 🙂


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Wendy! You can buy as walk-in but I recommend getting your tickets online because these days, it’s always sold-out.



free ba ung mga uniforms or you have to rent it bawat station na ppuntahan?


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Gladys! Free use na rin ang uniform. 🙂


Mommy Lala

Hi. Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting to bring my seven-year old daughter here since it opened. Quick question. Can parents take pictures of the kids inside the establishments? You see, I have no problem having my kid do all these stuff by herself. It’s just that, of course, I want to have these documented. Thanks!


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Yes Mommy Lala! You can take as much pictures as you can, just minimize the flash if possible so it won’t distract our kids. 🙂



Thank you soooooo much. Makakahabol pa 2 kids ko. 12 and 14. Pero yung isa 17 what can we do ?


Glaiza Garcia

Hi Gen! He can still participate as audience or help you document his younger siblings activities. You can also split to cover more attractions. 🙂 He can watch a movie at the theatre, too! 🙂



Hello! If you have a 2.5 year old toddler, is it worth the budget to go here (considering he can only enter the toddler rooms)? Or better wait until he’s older nalang?


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Hi Butch! In my opinion considering your budget, I suggest to wait ’til he gets older to maximize your stay. 🙂



Wow!!! Thanks for these infos Mommy Glaiza!!!


Glaiza Garcia

You’re welcome! Hoping this post helps everyone! 🙂


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This place is super duper amazing! I want to bring my whole family here soon. It’s a great venue for field trips, too. I like the creative idea of the owner. The kids will surely love to be here. Thanks for the post.


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Hi Heart! You’re welcome! Yes please bring your whole family! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. 🙂


Pamela Camia

Oh my god!! That looks super exciting. I wish I experienced that when I was a kid. I wanna go but I’m already 19. Hahahahha


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Hi Pamela! So cool no? 🙂 Tag a niece or a nephew with you, or an inaanak for a play date at Kidzania Manila! 🙂


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