A Peppa Pig Birthday Party for Noa

Our little girl already turned four. Just like any other parent, I also ask the same question, “Where did the time go?” I feel like it was only yesterday that I was calling out for my OB-GYNE’s name from the delivery room because she was attending the mandatory flag ceremony. Talk about giving birth in a military hospital on a Monday morning!

Just like what I told you previously at Noa Turns 4: A Happy Birthday Weekendwe decided to throw a simple Peppa Pig Birthday Party at school with her classmates. But before that, let me recap Noa’s past birthdays and what we did as a family to celebrate it.

Noa’s Birthdays Revisited

Let me list down briefly what we did on Noa’s past birthdays.

  • 2012 — Noa’s First Birthday was a Giraffe-themed party at Jollibee A. Rodriguez because of a love-affair with her favorite teether, Sophie the Giraffe.
  • 2013 — We opted to do a whole day family getaway at Avilon Zoo, watched an animated movie and blew her second birthday candle at Conti’s Restaurant in Katipunan, QC.
  • 2014 — Last year before we left for Hong Kong, she blew her third birthday candle on top of Wicked’s Twix Cheesecake at my parents’ house. She requested for a mermaid costume while visiting Disneyland. You can read more about that series by typing the word Hong Kong on the search bar found on the right side bar of this page.

Noa’s Peppa Pig Birthday Party Partners

Aside from documentation, my other reason for doing this post is to personally thank all my friends for helping me out with Noa’s school party. Having a Peppa Pig birthday party was really adorable but I faced quite a few challenges in looking for party favors and giveaways. It must be safe to say that even though Peppa Pig is already a popular cartoon character among toddlers, the supplies and merchandise we have here are still very limited.

If you are planning a Peppa Pig Birthday Party for your child, let me highlight some of the wonderful things and places I discovered while preparing.

Peppa Pig Fairy Princess Birthday Cake by Hummingbread

My friend, Grace, the mommy I featured here who did a water birth delivery on her second baby is the mompreneur behind Hummingbread. She’s one great baker and cake stylist/artist! Check out and drool while visiting her page.


Noa’s Peppa Pig 4th Birthday Cake by Hummingbread

Peppa Pig Bento Box by Nanay Lunches With Love

As a mom, I want to make sure that I feed Noa’s classmates with healthy, safe and home-cooked meal the fun way. Des of Nanay Lunches With Love was my first choice to do the job. For Noa’s Peppa Pig Birthday Bento Box, I didn’t even tell Des that Noa is head-over-heels with spaghetti and chicken nuggets! For dessert, Des added in a George cookie for my little girl and her classmates to munch.


Both my husband and sister (yes, adults) loved Des’ homemade chicken nuggets. As for the spaghetti, my ever-maarte / frustrated chef / spaghetti monster brother said, “The spaghetti is delicious,” twice that day. I rest my case.

For your bento catering needs, send Des an email over at Nanay Lunches With Love on Facebook and she’ll surely get back to you quick.

Cupcakes by Let’s Bake Manila

Another good friend, Roxi, mommy blogger baker behind Let’s Bake Manila supplied Noa’s favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes.


Roxi would love to bake for you, too! She also has French Macarons, Buttermilk Puto, Banana Cake, Chewy Brownies and more. Get it touch with her by visiting Let’s Bake on Facebook.

Party Balloons and Giveaway Bags by Celebrations Party Central

If you’re just buying a few balloons and paper bags for your party giveaways, going to Divisoria is not worth the trip. I run to Celebrations Party Central in SM Megamall for my hassle-free DIY small party needs.


You can visit them at the G/F Ayala Fairview Terraces, 4/F Mega Fashion Hall, Megamall,  3/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, 3/F Festival Mall, Alabang, Celebrations Bldg., 3890 Araro Street, Palanan, Makati City (Showroom Store).

And for my party planning wild card where I scored Peppa Pig Coloring & Sticker Book and Playing Cards….

Peppa Pig Party Giveaways by Regina’s Gift Shop

I happened to be at the Greenhills area one day and decided to check out Regina’s Gift Shop. I’ve known this store name for the longest time but never really had the urge to go around Greenhills to find them. Roxi took me there and it changed my party planning game. I found Peppa Pig gems!!!

Peppa Pig Coloring and Sticker Book for Php29.00 and Peppa Pig Playing Card Game at Php20.00 from Regina’s Gift Shop.

I tell you, Regina’s Gift Shop will solve most of your cartoon characted themed-party problem, just like what it did with my Peppa Pig’s. It’s easy to locate Regina’s at Shoppesville. It is just right beside Kamiseta (yes, the Kamiseta ladies clothes brand used to be modeled by Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes and China Cojuangco!)

I also spotted some Peppa Pig Lego-like mini-figures, pens, stuff toys, temporary tattoos and stickers. I just didn’t buy them because I was eyeing to buy something educational for the kids.

Together with this Peppa Pig items, I bought a few of Noa’s favorite treats like Hello Panda, wafers, Potchi and Nips to go with the Play-Doh she gave out to her friends at school.

Thank you, Daddy Pig!

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my husband for coming home to celebrate Noa’s birthday. Living as a military family, one of the things we don’t always enjoy is celebrating occasions together. I told my husband he can miss on all the family happenings (yes, even his or my birthday or our wedding anniversary) BUT Noa’s birthday.


So far he’s been home for Noa’s past four birthdays. I am hoping he’d get to stay here for good when Noa turns five.

I do hope you enjoyed this story on our little girl’s school party with Peppa. I’m sorry if I cannot post in here the fun celebration photos with her classmates. Those children are private individuals and I have to ask permission from their parents first if I can include them in here.


Noa enjoys her bento while wearing her pink Peppa Pig Birthday Top from Mothercare (BGC Branch) and gray tutu skirt from SM Kids Fashion

Please let me know if you need more information on this Peppa Pig Birthday Party for Noa. Just use the comment box after this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you everyone for all your help, greeting, presents and most importantly the time, love and prayers you shower upon  our little Noa. It means so much to us! ♥


  1. Mariss Ferrer says:

    I would like to buy peppa pig sticker book. is it possible to send me the item? im in cebu just add the freight charge. how many pages are there in one booklet?

  2. Heart says:

    It’s so cute! I have a niece who is die-hard of Peppa Pig, too. It’s simple yet sweet. I like the Bento box idea. I think I’m gonna use it in my niece’s upcoming birthday party, too. Thanks for sharing!

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