Crayola Pick Your Pack: Customize Your Crayon Box

Life is like a box of Crayola, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

Crayola has been a part of one’s colorful childhood, not just in the Philippines but around the world. I remember when I was still a student, I always look forward to buying a box of Crayola before the school year starts. The more colors your box has, the better. I remember how disappointed I was if I only get a box of 8 because it only has the primary colors. Boring! However, I was always fascinated every time I encounter a new color that is un-common. Collecting Crayola’s unique colors excite me so I made sure no one would ever touch my box and break my crayons.




I always say that kids these days are tremendously blessed. One example of this “childhood blessing” is what I encountered a few months ago when I visited the Ogalala store in Shangri-la Plaza Mall for an event. Ogalala houses the most extensive Crayola products so far in the Metro. One of the most interesting offerings that they have is the Crayola Pick Your Pack: Philippine Edition.

Choose Your Own Color

For only Php99, you can choose from over 90 different colors to fill in your Crayola box of 24. Even the name of the colors are fun, interesting and delicious!





Some of the colors unique colors include: Golden Rod, Peach, Mahogany, Burnt Orange, Scarlet, Mango-Tango, Olive Green, Pine Green, Sea Green, Asparagus, Granny Smith Apple, Shamrock, Turquoise Blue, Inchworm, Cornflower, Pacific Blue, Midnight Blue, Cerulean, Macaroni & Cheese, Spring Green, Melon, Bittersweet, Raw Sienna, Chestnut, Sepia, Cotton Candy, Apricot, Aquamarine, Timberwolf, Denim, Robin’s Egg Blue, Laser Lemon, Wild Blue Yonder, Indigo, Tickle Me Pink, Pink Sherbert, Salmon, Mauvelous, Atomic Tangerine, Cerise, Hot Magenta, Copper, Brick Red.




The Crayola Pick Your Pack is my recent favorite gift idea for our family’s little friends. I also did not let the chance pass without getting Noa’s second box of customized Crayola.


I tell you, it is very fun picking the colors yourself. I think this is also a great gift souvenir or giveaway for birthdays or any celebrations (even weddings). You can also give this to your adult friends who are into the Adult Coloring Book craze.

Noa’s Crayola Pick Your Pack Colors

Noa likes pink a lot so I made sure to get more colors around that shade.


From left to right: Golden Rod, Laser Lemon, Spring Green, Lavender, Pink Sherbert, Salmon, Cotton Candy, Mauvelous, Tickle Me Pink, Orchid, Aquamarine, Robin’s Egg Blue, Asparagus, Granny Smith Apple, Sea Green, Denim, Corn Flower, Sky Blue, Wild Blue Yonder, Chestnut, Sepia,  Copper, Mac & Cheese.



Crayola Pick Your Pack: Philippine Edition is available for only Php99 (about $2.20) for a box of 24 at Ogalala World, 4/L Shangri-la Plaza Mall. For more information, you can like Ogalala World on Facebook. ♥

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