Raising Healthy Family One Drop At A Time

Raising a healthy family is every mom’s goal. Apart from providing safe, happy and loving environment for our family, we also make sure that they remain in the pink every step of the way. Most of the moms I know are very careful with what food their family eats or products their children use. I am blessed because my family is not observing any special regimen or diet plans to keep going but there is one thing that I am very sensitive and careful about. I will license you to call me maarte with how we choose the water that we drink because I don’t settle for anything less than pure and 100% safe for my family.


According to a study conducted by Manila Water Total Solutions (MWTS), 8 out of 10 customers in Metro Manila do NOT drink water from the tap.

2 Main Reasons Why People Do Not Drink Tap Water

  • Lack of trust in after-the-meter reticulation systems. — According to the survey, customers hesitate to drink water straight from the tap because they mainly do not trust the corroded or rusted steel pipes connected to their faucets.
  • Taste Preferences — Water coming from the tap is giving inconsistent taste, sometimes unwanted color and un-welcomed particles.


As a result, a lot of people saw an opportunity to open up water refilling stations to answer this need to provide clean and safe drinking water to Filipino households. Unfortunately, as days pass and more and more people find the growing demand for purified drinking water profitable, the industry was neglected and turned deregulated.

I will ask you some straightforward questions because I’ve asked these to myself. How sure are you that the water you and your family drink everyday is indeed pure and 100% safe? Have you also considered looking at how water refilling stations clean their bottles before refilling it? How does the water delivery man look when he comes over to your home to bring your purified water? When you need to air some complaints regarding the purified water delivered to you, where do you go or what number do you call?


(L-R) Officers from Manila Water Total Solutions: Sharon D. Marcial (Product Innovation and Development Manager), Ferdinand M. Dela Cruz (President), Robert N. Baffrey (Product Innovation and Development Head)

No matter how pure and safe your water is but if you’ve got issues on how humans handle your water before it even reach your door, then it’s still not safe. There’s no half-safe because half-safe is still considered as not safe at all.


Healthy Family values excellent quality and customer service up to delivery.

Before you fret for reading this blog entry of mine, let me share with you what I learned about Healthy Family Purified Water last week at the Healthy Family Movement Media Briefing.

What is Healthy Family Purified Water?

Healthy Family Purified Water is the latest product of Manila Water Total Solutions–a subsidiary of the AYALA-LED Manila Water. Healthy Family is their answer to our need for pure and 100% safe drinking water in our homes. How is this possible?


  • Healthy Family’s quality is assured by our country’s Department of Health (DOH) and the Food & Drug Adminstation (FDA).
  • Healthy Family is analyzed by full-time in-house microbiologists and daily sampling through an in-house laboratory.
  • Healthy Family has an innovative palletized storage system to protect the bottles.
  • Healthy Family’s every drop of water goes through a fully-automated purification process. It has absolutely NO human contact or recontamination.
  • Healthy Family has a safe, one-time use cap.
  • Healthy Family provides high quality water + peace of mind at a competitively low price of Php40 for a 19-liter water bottle.
  • Healthy Family Purified Water is backed up by no less than Manila Water.


This I leave to you before I end this blog post. I am going to switch to Healthy Family Purified Water as we move to our new home. I am asking you to #JoinTheHealthyFamilyMovement and let us raise a truly healthy family by providing them only the pure and 100% safe drinking water that need not be expensive.


Healthy Family Purified Water is continuing to reach more homes! To keep yourself updated on their growing list of partners in your area, please like Healthy Family on Facebook.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



We have an existing big dispenser, can we use it with your bottles?



meron po ba kayo sa kapasigan, pasig



Did they mention (Manila Water) if this is recommended also for the newborns/ babies? So that I won’t buy separate distilled water from the drugstores or boil a tap water… Thanks


Glaiza Garcia

Yes, pwede for kids. All members of the family! =)


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