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Market Made Fun and Easy at Merkado Supermarket

Merkado Supermarket is the newest grocery shopping destination located at the heart of UP Town Center!

On July 31, 2015, Merkado Supermarket by Ayagold Retailers Inc. has formally opened its door to the public. Merkado Supermarket was born from the partnership of ALI Capital Corporation (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc.) and Entenso Equities, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Puregold Priceclub Inc.)


Gracing the Merkado Supermarket Grand Opening are Arvy Cudala (Ayagold General Manager), Cora Dizon (VP for Ayala Land Inc.), Anthony Sy (Puregold President), Junie Jalandoni (SVP of Ayala Land), Susan Co (VP of Puregold), Lucio Co (Puregold Chairman), Herbert Bautista (Quezon City Mayor), Fernando Zobel De Ayala (Ayala Land Chairman & Ayala Corporation President), Bobby Dy (President & CEO of Ayala Land Inc.), Vincent Co (Puregold President), Tony Aquino (Ayala Land Board), Leonardo Dayao (Puregold Board of Director).


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to formally welcome shoppers at Merkado Supermarket

Merkado Supermarket is housing over 20,000 local and imported merchandise in its 3,900 sqm of shopping floor area, manned by their friendliest store staff.

First Look at Merkado Supermarket

Today, let me give you the first dibs of what Merkado Supermarket has to add to the Philippine grocery shopping cart.


Merkado Supermarket is located at the Ground Floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Merkado Supermarket Location

You won’t have a hard time looking for Merkado Supermarket at UP Town Center because it’s very accessible from the main entrance. I’ve been to UP Town Center several times now and I must say that adding a supermarket into this gastro-hub is a very brilliant idea. If after eating your favorite Mango Torte at Dulcelin Gourmet you realized that your pantry needs refilling, then Merkado Supermarket is already within your reach.


When you visit Merkado Supermarket, a concierge is the first thing that would greet you. Anything you need to know about the existing store promos, perks and other shopping related concerns can be asked here.


Notice that their design layout is not what we normally see in a supermarket. It is not intimidating to enter the store at all because their check-out counters are located on the left side of the supermarket, facing the wall. The supermarkets that we know typically have the counters lined-up together with the entrance.

I just also realized that sometimes having the entrance and the counters both placed together in one area repel us from even just taking a look at the store. It doesn’t seem to encourage people to come and shop. Supermarkets should possess a friendly shopping vibe for everyone to feel, and you certainly cannot achieve that if what customers see from the beginning are cashiers.


Health buffs will rejoice because Merkado Supermarket has an extensive selection of fresh produce. This section occupies 30% of the total floor area allotted for their salad bar, cut fruits, and a juicing station.



Fresh Fruit Cuts, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad and Fruit Salad at Merkado Supermarket Salad Bar

Another favorite of mine is the Gourmet Farms herbs section. Can anything get fresher and more organic than growing herbs at the comfort of your own home? I would definitely be going back to Merkado Supermarket to get a few pots for my kitchen.


Gourmet Farms at Merkado Supermarket

There are lots of deals on breads like a pack of 3 baguettes for only Php47. I got a loaf of Walter Sugar-free Wheat Bread and I received a pack of 2 slices of the same kind for free.


Bakery at Merkado Supermarket

The ice cream section was probably the most photographed one among the invited bloggers that day (including me, obviously) because of their delicious selection. Who’d say not to a pint of Twix ice cream?


Imported Ice Cream at Merkado Supermarket

Just like what the clothing brand says, let’s #LoveLocal with my personal favorite, Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. Now I know where to drive when craving kicks in.


Carmen’s Best Ice Cream at Merkado Supermarket


A dessert fridge filled with Dulcelin Gourmet treats!

Prices at Merkado Supermarket

If you’re thinking about the prices of commodity here at Merkado Supermarket, I did a price comparison in my head versus the most recent shopping trip I had at a supermarket in Gateway. I must say that the prices at Merkado Supermarket is competitive! Let’s just put it this way: think about the most expensive local supermarket you’ve shopped at and Merkado Supermarket is definitely lower than that! Get it?


Merkado Supermarket has placed price checkers on the floor, which I always like about supermarkets. It spares you from guessing the actual price of the item you want to buy, or in case you’ve forgotten and wanted to recall for budgeting purposes.

Enjoy Store Opening Promotional Offers

Since I was there during its Grand Opening Day, I was able to enjoy a few shopping perks.


Poultry at Merkado Supermarket

For example, when you visit the poultry section and buy a pack of whole chicken, you’ll get a pack of chicken thigh for FREE!


Another example is when I bought a dozen of large chicken eggs for Php75, I got half a dozen for free.


Merkado Supermarket also has steaks, steaks, steaks!


Who’s game for some Korean or Japanese food trip?


Some of the fishes here, I don’t even know the name or have tried eating but Merkado Supermarket has them!


And there goes your favorite fruits and vegetables.

merkado-supermarket-up-town-center-spam (2)

Look at Merkado Supermarket’s high ceiling!

Another thing I look for as a mom when I shop is how wide the aisles are. I always hate it when I push a big cart and I collide with another cart on intersections because the aisles are too narrow. Or for example, you cannot maneuver your cart to another direction because another cart is parked at one point. Saying, “Excuse Me,” always does the trick but it would be nicer if you can just prevent it from happening by providing wider aisles for the shopper. Everybody happy!


Merkado Supermarket has wide and well-ventilated aisles

“No Imported Section”

Another thing I noticed at Merkado Supermarket is that they don’t have an Imported Section. They arrange their shelves according to product category regardless if it’s imported or local.


Local and Imported Spreads in One Location

See this? All spreads go together in one shelf. So if you find yourself shopping at Merkado Supermarket, don’t ask about an “Imported Section” because the simply don’t have one.


Fresh Ground Coffee, anyone?

Interesting Finds at Merkado Supermarket

Another thing that makes my shopping at Merkado Supermarket fun and easy is when I find interesting products to try with my family like this Tootsie Fruit Rolls. Generally, we are all familiar with Tootsie Rolls, the chocolate-flavored one, but this is the first time I’ve seen Tootsie Rolls that are not chocolate!


Starbucks is known globally for its coffee but I’d be happy if I can try this Hot Cocoa Double Hot Chocolate from them for Php330 for a box of 8.


Kit-Kat Lovers alert! I’ve tried a lot of Kit-Kat variants and the most recent I had was the Cookies & Cream flavored ones. As a cheesecake lover myself, I won’t mind having this Kit-Kat Cheesecake next.


Merkado Supermarket also got your party organizing needs covered!


As I go around the store looking for a new body wash to try, I was approached to receive random freebies and samples. I got a tube of Pantene 3-Minute Miracle (YES!!) and some Sensodyne sachets! Usually it’s the shopper who approaches booths for samples, but Merkado Supermarket has made another difference. There were sample booths inside and outside the store but “approaching-the-shoppers-first” technique is more exciting, especially when deep inside, you want to try the product being sampled but you’re too shy to approach.


Grocery shopping is my favorite household errand to do. As a mom, I consider it as my “Me-Time” so I always see to it that I enjoy my every trip to the supermarket. The ideal supermarket for me is well-ventilated, has wide aisles, houses farm-fresh products and offers irresistible deals and has new items to try to add fun to my home.

All these I found at Merkado Supermarket at UP Town Center!


Merkado Supermarket Store Hours

Please visit Merkado Supermarket especially if you’re in the Katipunan or nearby neighborhood and you’ll experience how they made #MarketFunAndEasy!


Thank you, Merkado Supermarket for the grocery shopping experience!

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