What Will I Do If I Have One Million for Noa?

What if I win one million pesos for Noa?

Having one million pesos to spend for Noa’s welfare would be a big help for me and my husband in our goal to provide her a brighter future. Here are the few things on my list on how we would want to spend Noa’s first million.

Firstly, allow us to shout, yell and celebrate the winning because it’s a priceless moment. No amount of money is enough to bring back that feeling of utmost joy when winning something for the first time. As soon as we gain our sanity back, we will allot a portion to give back to the Lord as a part of Noa’s tithe. I was also thinking of making a request for this money to go to the improvement of Kids Church or the Family Ministry.


Noa at Sunday School

With the remaining 90%, instead of putting it on time deposit or trust fund where the money will just sleep or earn a little through gaining interest, I will look for an institution or an investment firm who has a specific educational program for assisting kids who want to study but financially lacking. Depending on the terms, we will allow them to use Noa’s winning money to help finance other students’ education. For example, we will be lending 50% to them for x number of years, and when Noa reaches legal age, she can have the full amount back with earnings. She can use it later on to start her own business, educational or travel fund, buy her own car, or a fund as she start her own family.

My husband and I strongly support the cause of HERO Foundation Inc. and we will make a donation on behalf of Noa. HERO Foundation is a non-government organization that provides educational stipends/support to military orphans.


Noa meets the HERO Foundation Inc. Scholars

If I have the money right now in my hand, I will set aside an amount to improve Noa’s new room. As you all know, we are working on #ProjectHappyPlace and Noa has several requests to add in her room.


If we still have money to spare, we will surely take another family vacation abroad. In Asia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore are on our travel list. Travelling is my family’s favorite bonding activity when we have time and resources.

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pampers-first million-promo

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