Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival at Kia Theatre

Watching Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival at the Kia Theatre last night reminded me of the Golden Mickeys show at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Noa has been waiting to see the Disney Live! since last week. We arrived at the newly built Kia Theatre 30 minutes earlier so we won’t miss any happening. In case you are wondering, Kia Theatre is a smaller version of Smart Araneta Coliseum. It is located at the heart of Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City, specifically in front of Rustan’s Gateway Mall, very near Isetann.



Today, I will be sharing with you a teaser on what to expect when you watch Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival. Aside from Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, the show also features three (3) of the most popular and well-loved Disney stories.

Act One: Alladin

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival featured the story of the most handsome street rat Aladdin and his adventures down the streets of Agrabah.



From a street rat to a prince

Princess Jasmine, Genie and Magic Carpet also appeared to dance and sing with Aladdin.



Of course, Aladdin won’t be complete without performing its signature song, “A Whole New World.”


Aladdin and Jasmine take us to a whole new world

When you go and see the show, don’t forget to take notice of Magic Carpet. I salute the actor doing that role because I feel like it is one of the hardest to perform.

Act Two: The Little Mermaid

The story of The Little Mermaid is my childhood favorite. Based on my recollection, it is the first animated movie I’ve seen, even beating Snow White.


Can you make a guess what is hiding behind this huge shell? Watch the show to find out!



Sebastian together with the royal daughters of King Triton opened the set. They performed Beyonce’s song, “Single Ladies.”

Sebastian also performed his famous song, “Under The Sea.”


Before finally introducing Ariel, the show went for a 15-minute break. When it resumed, Mickey and his friends did a little game to entertain its young guests.


Mickey Mouse and his friends hid a seashell under a drum and it was the audience’s task to find them. Noa liked this part a lot. I could tell because she also shouted her answer along with other kids.



Finally, Ariel!!! 🙂 The crowd instantly recognized her coming because of the signature sweet hum playing in the background.




You know Ariel’s encounter with that black, fat sea witch Ursula. This is one of the most intense and beautifully done part for The Little Mermaid so I won’t spoil it by posting a photo here.


“What’s your name?” Eric asks Ariel

Aside from performing, “Part of Your World,” it made me happy that they did “Kiss The Girl.”


It was a wonderful time to relive and revisit Ariel’s world during the Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival.

Act Three: Toy Story

What is the name of Woody’s horse?


Bull’s Eye opened the show as he pranced with the green soldiers of Toy Story. He was shortly followed by Woody, his cowgirl Jessie, and his best pal Buzz Lightyear.


Woody dances with Jessie


Buzz Lightyear

The main characters of Toy Story played a fun game that will surely make your heart skip a little beat. I won’t be revealing what that game is so you better go and see the show.

As for the reprise, all the cast members appeared from all three (3) acts.


One of my favorite performances was when Minnie Mouse, Jasmine, Ariel and Jessie did a dance number to the tune of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.


Disney Girls just wanna have fun!


Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is a show that your whole family will surely love! Sing, dance and have fun with Mickey, Aladdin, Ariel, Woody and all their friends from September 1-6, 2015 at the Kia Theatre.


Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival Ticket Prices

  • SVIP Orchestra — Php3,605
  • VIP Orchestra — Php2,650
  • Orchestra A — Php2,120
  • Orchestra B — Php1,275
  • Loge — Php2,650
  • Balcony — Php900


Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festical Show Schedule

  • September 1 (Tuesday) — 6:00PM
  • September 2 (Wednesday) — 6:00PM
  • September 3 (Thursday) — 2:00PM / 6:00PM
  • September 4 (Friday) — 2:00PM / 6:00PM
  • September 5 (Saturday) — 10:00AM / 2:00PM / 6:00PM
  • September 6 (Sunday) — 10:00AM / 2:00PM / 6:00PM


You can purchase your ticket by visiting Ticketnet Online at www.ticketnet.com.ph. The show runs for 90 minutes including the intermission break.




Thank you very much to Araneta Group for this magical experience watching the first-ever show in the newest entertainment landmark Kia Theatre in Araneta Center!

Congratulations to all the cast members and crew for staging an amazing Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival in the Philippines! ♥

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