Health & Wellness Deals That Will Make You Fit & #LoveSnR

A mother is the world’s greatest juggler.

Most of you will have to agree with me that bouncing back to our pre-baby body has become quite a challenge. With the various tasks and responsibilities we have in our hands, we unintentionally tend to neglect taking care of our own wellness and health. We barely find time to hit the gym, or even do a 2-km run. No wonder when I go to Instagram, I could not help but feel a little envious when I see moms of 3 or more kids sporting and maintaining that to-die-for body.

Let’s take my envy to the next level. Here are my three (3) celebrity mom top #FitSpiration picks:

FitSpiration Mom of 3: Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario

Aside from being Lexi Schulze’s younger sister, Georgia is a mom of 3 little girls and wife to Armand Del Rosario, a football athlete. In her early 30s, Georgia is still able to snag lingerie and bikini endorsements and modelling stints.


Her secret to staying fit and healthy? Aside from working out using cardiovascular equipment and keeping a balance diet, she is also into sports.

FitSpiration Mom of 4: Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known Tweetie De Leon as Vic Sotto’s leading lady in the TV sitcom, “Okay Ka Fairy Ko.” I’ve always seen her as someone so queenly, glamorous and beautiful playing the role of Faye. Based on my IG-stalking-her-account-moment, Tweetie is into yoga. She also maintains an active lifestyle in her mid-40s by participating in selected fashion shows, hosting, supporting advocacies and travelling.


FitSpiration Mom of 5: Ina Raymundo-Poturnak

Where in the world is justice knowing that someone like Ina confidently rocking this kind of body even after having 5 kids? This Sabado Nights Gal is into Zumba and Cross-Fit.


#LoveSnR for a Healthy and Fit You

If you’ve been inspired by Georgia, Tweetie and Ina like me, it is never too late to redeem our fitness, health and confidence back. If you #LoveSnR just like me, they are currently having September Healthy Deals highlighting wellness equipment and workout gears.


Perfect your push-up, planking and achieve your zen as you do yoga with this deal on the mat and stable metal bases.


S&R also has Performance Towels for only Php379.95, Twist Stepper and SJ-0019 Bench both for only Php3,697.95 each.


As moms, we cannot take care of our family well if we first don’t take care of ourselves. Remember, we cannot give what we do not have. We cannot teach our family about wellness and how to take care of our health if we don’t model it. This month, when you go visit S&R to shop, please check out these deals because they will surely help us be the best fit and fab mom that we ought to be.

Yes, we may be juggling a lot of responsibilities to our husband and kids but we must not forget that we also have a duty to love, protect and take care ourselves as a woman. Because there’s a woman in every mom who deserves to live well and be healthy. And of couse, don’t forget that shopping is also a sport! So let us walk around our favorite S&R store branch to shop and continue to#LoveSnR! ♥

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