Del Monte Launches #DMPineappleADay Advocacy

Pineapple is no doubt one of my favorite fruits to eat. Not only it is very refreshing and sweet, but it is definitely packed with vitamins and nutrients that will surely benefit those who constantly crave for it.


Just two weeks ago, I joined Del Monte as they held a press launch on their newest advocacy called #DMPineappleADay. This advocacy was formed to address the growing concerns of parents and health groups over the alarming decline of fruit consumption in school-age children in the Philippines today. Through this initiative, the parents are made aware and invited to introduce more fruits like pineapple into their children’s daily diet.


I’ve told you in one of my previous posts that there are Three Lessons I Learned About Del Monte’s #DMPineappleADay advocacy. Let’s do a quick rundown:

  • Lesson #1: A Filipino school-aged child’s fruit and vegetable consumption is low both in most urban and rural areas according to Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI).
  • Lesson #2: Two servings of pineapple provide the necessary nutrients, especially Vitamin C that is important for the production of granulocytes–our body’s natural fighter cells.
  • Lesson #3: As moms, we have options now to help our children become stronger by giving them healthier foods like fruits, especially pineapple. We can prepare delicious dishes and snacks using pineapple!


One of the things that I realized from being a part of the #DMPineappleADay Advocacy is that a family’s financial status plays a major factor in the decline of daily fruit consumption. If you’ve been doing the food shopping for the family, I am sure you can relate how fruits are getting more expensive these days. A Filipino family’s typical and priority diet is eating rice (kanin) and viand (ulam). Sadly, due to budget limitations, serving another viand composed of vegetables and a fruit as dessert is usually skipped.


Due to my love affair with this pineapple advocacy, I looked for other relevant information that might be beneficial to us moms. Aside from what I stressed in my previous post about pineapple having vitamin C, which is responsible to supporting the (granulocytes in white blood cells) soldiers of our body, I basically looked for other unpopular perks of eating pineapple.

The Perks of Pineapple

  • Pineapple contains not just Vitamin C but also fiber and manganese. Fiber is an excellent aid to better digestion because it helps flush away toxins in our tummy. On the other hand, manganese is our partner in achieving healthier bones and better metabolism. Manganese is also an anti-oxidant and helps us fight free radicals (cancer-causing cells).
  • Aside from brushing your teeth and flossing, why not add a healthy dose of pineapple to your dental routine? The presence of Vitamin C present in pineapples can lower the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • Pineapples are 87% water, so if you’re having bowel problems, try snacking on some pineapple slices throughout the day instead.


Join the #DMPineappleADay Advocacy Today!

By now, I really have no doubts on how healthy and important adding fruits especially pineapple in our children’s diet everyday. Every moment of their childhood counts so it is crucial that we give them proper nourishment. Admittedly, in this time and age wherein it is very tempting to just grab anything to feed our children, most especially for snacks. We must always remember to choose better than salty snacks and sugary treats.


Whenever we run out of ideas on how to make our pineapple fun and delicious to eat for our children, Del Monte Kitchenomics is just a click away. You can view thousands of tested recipes that our family will surely love.

I also like being creative with pineapples and how I incorporate it in our everyday meals like Chicken Adobo with Pineapple.


Chicken Adobo with Del Monte Pineapple Recipe


Del Monte Pineapple & Mango Cooler Recipe

Today, say yes to healthier Filipino school-children by joining the #DMPineappleADay advocacy. Tell your co-parents in school, neighbors with children, teachers, and other family members that two servings of Del Monte pineapples a day is enough to keep a Filipino child healthy and happy!

To keep you posted on this wonderful campaign, please visit or follow Del Monte Philippines on Facebook.

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