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My Dunlopillo Moments as a Mom

Cliche as it may sound but there’s really no holiday or day-off from being a mom. All moms are working, whether you are in an office or a full-time homemaker, we all get tired and strive to give our all for the love of our family.

Sleeping is no doubt one of the best things I can reward myself with for all the day’s work. I see to it that I indulge in complete, undisturbed and comfortable sleep everyday. One of my guilty pleasures is waking up late on weekends (or when it isn’t my daughter’s school day). I also like sleeping with a lot of pillows, placed on both sides, on my feet and I spare a body pillow for me to hug. Mind you, I also have a hard time sleeping with the lights turned on. Playing a song or two on my phone also helps me get in the sleep mode. Don’t forget my favorite malong, too. Give me those things and I will thank you for the favor.

One intimate afternoon, I met moms like Patty Laurel and Kat Arambulo and they shared with us the joys and challenges of their own motherhood.

Dunlopillo Gives Moms the Sleep They Deserve

Motherhood: the word brings in a sense of reverence and warmth. To be able to be addressed as “mother” is both a privilege and a challenge. The gift of family brings indescribable joy and meaning, but with the blessing of motherhood comes the unavoidable sleepless nights.


Patty Laurel-Filart

With the welcoming of a little one, moms face a radical shift in sleeping pattern. You find yourself wide awake at 4am, and dead asleep by 6pm. Suddenly, the next day, the pattern has flipped. This challenge is especially highlighted for new moms with no practical expectations of nights with a newborn. We asked Dunlopillo’s Mom Ambassadors to share some of their experiences.

Tristan is very playful, and it’s very difficult to keep up with his energy,” says model-turned-mother Kelly Misa. “Getting quality rest is important because I’m a working mom. Both my occupation and my job as a mom require it!”

Another new mom with a busy lifestyle is radio DJ & host Andi Manzano, who is learning the ropes of motherhood with her first child Olivia. “No amount of books you read or advice you hear truly prepares you for motherhood!” Andi declares. “Work and home life is a balancing act in itself. Throw in a new mom’s sleeping schedule, and it becomes a circus!”

Blogger, Cat Arambulo’s own child Asher is already 3 years old, and he is a tireless comet who loves to run. “I’m over the major hump in terms of sleep difficulties, but I’m still adjusting,” Cat explains. “I’ve never appreciated catching Zzz’s more! It is so important to me to get the best sleep when I can.”


The frustration and sleepless nights are worth it when a mother gets to live those unforgettable moments that moves them deeply. Seeing your child’s genuine smile. Feeling them grasp your finger in their little hand. Experiencing your child sleep soundly through the night.

Sleep pattern changes are inevitable with motherhood. That is why moms have to make sure that when they snooze, they are getting the highest quality sleep possible.

As one of the world’s most beloved beddings brands in over 70 countries worldwide, Dunlopillo understands good sleep. Through the years they’ve understood that bedrooms are a special place for celebrating life’s special moments.

With over 85 years of scientific research and innovation, Dunlopillo mattresses provide superior comfort and support. This year, Dunlopillo launches a new line of mattresses for modern moms to get the rest that they deserve, giving them more time for bedroom moments.


The NormaBlock is Dunlopillo’s most superior innerspring system, and is the most technologically advanced mattress spring support system in the market. Fully engineered in Europe, it is durable, supportive and at the same time flexible to contour the body’s spinal shape to provide unsurpassed comfort.

Normablock is an exclusive technology by Pikolin Spain. Great news for moms is that its unique total heat tempered spring system guarantees proper elasticity, total resilience and high durability. In addition, its distinctively design spring system provide the right comfort and greater body support in accordance to what every mother needs.

Comfort and support is the cornerstone of those precious bedroom moments. After all, moms provide comfort and support throughout their lives. Moms can finally sleep more soundly at night on the technologically advanced design of the NormaBlock mattress by Dunlopillo.

The Normablock comes in three designs the Catleya, Decora and Lucia – differing in height, levels of support, and the added technology in each mattress.

Dunlopillo’s latest Normablock collection is available at Dunlopillo showrooms at 16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Quezon City, EDSA Cubao and the MC Home Depot Fort Branch

The event was styled by Archipelago Home accents.

As a bonus, here’s how you should choose the right pillow for you and your family!


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Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥

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