Breastfeeding Tips I’ll Tell To My Younger Self

It’s already been a year and a half since Noa stopped breastfeeding. She was 30 months old. Now that she’s four years old, breastfeeding her was one of the things I pat my back for. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to showcase or do “humble bragging” as I post this entry. What I just want to emphasize is that I never regret choosing to breastfeed. And if God would bless us with another child really soon, I’ll certainly choose to breastfeed again.

However, breastfeeding is not a bed of roses. There were moments in the journey that I really wanted to give up. I could still vividly recall the feeling of how my toes curled in pain during the first few months. I am grateful for my husband for constantly encouraging me to hang on.


There are three (3) things that I wish to tell my younger self in terms of breastfeeding. Hopefully on my second shot at breastfeeding, I’d be able to apply and do things differently.

  1. Never buy feeding bottles — If you’re determined to breastfeed, never get a feeding bottle–not even one. I’ve heard some hospitals are banning and (literally) throwing away feeding bottles. This will set your mind to only depend on your breasts in feeding and nourishing your child. Try cup feeding especially if you need to go back to your office work. I have a lot of expensive feeding bottles that are now gathering dust in storage.
  2. Try a Lactation Massage — I never got to try a lactation massage during my later breastfeeding years. As years go by, you will notice a decrease in your breastmilk supply. Aside from stress and dehydration, there is a chance for you to get plugged ducts. To help relax your nerves and muscles and to encourage circulation, call a masseuse that specializes in a lactation massage.
  3. Get a comfortable breastfeeding and nursing chair — A La-Z-Boy chair is probably the most comfortable chair ever made! This is the reason why I always love Gateway Cineplex’s Platinum Cinema because they offer La-Z-Boy chairs for their movie-goers. What if I used a La-Z-Boy then in breastfeeding and nursing Noa? It would surely be very comfortable!

La-Z-Boy: Mom’s Breastfeeding Made Comfortable

One of my complaints during my breastfeeding years was back pain. I recall placing many pillows on my back to achieve the most comfortable nursing position aside from the C-shaped nursing pillow that I use to support my arms in carrying Noa. With the La-Z-Boy, you can already say goodbye to those time-consuming momentsg trying to find your most comfortable nursing position. A La-Z-Boy will find its way to adjust to fit you and your needs, not the other way around.

I got the chance to learn more and try on a La-Z-Boy in their Comfort Studio at the Blims Furniture Store at Glorietta. At first I thought that it is just like any other chair out there. But the moment I sat on one of their chairs, a La-Z-Boy is indeed different.

If you’re interested to see for yourself what comfort I am talking about here, go visit a La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio today. Finding the perfect La-Z-Boy suitable for your needs is free. You are welcome to talk to their product representative about the various benefits and advantages of having your own La-Z-Boy.

Too little space to fit a La-Z-Boy, don’t worry because they have the compact/slim series!

In a nutshell, I’d tell my younger self to provide all the comfort you can possibly enjoy not just while breastfeeding or nursing, but even during pregnancy. If I had only known that there is such a chair like the La-Z-Boy that is not only ideal to sit on while watching TV or a movie at the comfort of your home, I’d surely invest on getting one for myself.

To know more about this very comfortable La-Z-Boy chair, you can check it out at any Blims Fine Furniture branch, or visit their website at

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