Grandma’s Little Angel: A Heartwarming Story About Family and Success

The love for family is the strongest force that drives us to succeed in life. Our family is the reason why we work hard everyday and even cross oceans for. This love enables us to become more selfless, enduring and preserving. Our family turns us into dreamers.

Today, I met Lola Linda and the fun and curious Kassie in their little piece of heaven called kitchen.


PLDT KaAsenso came up with this Filipino-made video entitled, Grandma’s Little Angel. In a nutshell, the story is about Kassie, a young woman and her grandmother Linda who used to run her own local chocolate shop in Lipa, Batangas.

This short video is about 4-minute long, directed by the award-winning director and cinematographer Dan Villegas, whose credits include local hits such as The Breakup Playlist, English Only, Please, Bride for Rent and She’s the One.

I encourage you to watch it because it will surely inspire your heart and make you reflect on the true value of family and success.

After Lola Linda’s business slowly lost its patrons, which resulted to its shut down, Kassie did not lose heart. She kept the dream, worked hard and looked forward to that day that her grandmother’s sweet legacy will be restored. For Kassie, Lola Linda’s love for chocolate-making is her greatest inspiration to pursue her dreams.


“PLDT KaAsenso has always been about empowering micro-entrepreneurs, who are inspired by love for family to pursue business success,” PLDT VP and Home Marketing Head Gary Dujali said. “For most Filipinos, the personal desire for fame, power and wealth comes secondary. It’s really the passion to provide better lives for our loved ones that drive us to work hard for our dreams. Whatever it is that we do, there’s nothing like family to motivate us, and that’s a Filipino trait that PLDT KaAsenso fully supports and celebrates.”

As PLDT’s micro-entrepreneurship arm, PLDT KaAsenso is committed to providing services that are tailor fit to address the diverse needs of hardworking and family-oriented negosyantes.

Dujali added, “PLDT KaAsenso believes that micro-entrepreneurs need a reliable technology partner for it to thrive in this digital age. More importantly, they need a powerful inspiration that will keep them going through all the ups and downs of running a business, and no inspiration is as powerful as one’s family.”


What does success look like to you? As for me, success is sweeter when you are able to joyfully look back to where you first started and share it with people who fueled you with inspiration to persevere and reach for your dreams.

Who’s the Lola Linda in your Kassie life right now?

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